Bee & Kelly Not Ready to Tie The Knot

Sweet couple “Kelly” Thanapat and “Bee” Namthip attended HomePro Expo at Muang Thongthani. At the event, Kelly & Bee openly talks to Rakdara about their 4 years romance.

Kelly: “I’m in the process of building a house, it’s in the renovating phase at the moment and HomePro has been a real big help”

Are you planning to use this home as your future wedding home?

Kelly: “Maybe, it’s something in the future. But when I bought it I didn’t plan for it to be my wedding home. But if I did get married this could end up being my wedding home. Is it going to happen this year? We haven’t discussed when yet but I obviously won’t be marrying anybody else (laughs) if you ask if it’s going to be a long time before we get married, no it won’t be. We have been with each other for a long time and it’s better this way than to rush into a wedding, we think about this because we don’t want to end up breaking up with each other”

Bee Namthip: “Honestly we always talk about marriage but we’ve always been busy doing things. We’re waiting for a good moment. But truthfully, I do want to get married but right now we’re saving up first”

How does your family feel about this?

Kelly: “They’re not rushing us but I’m very happy because my family adores Bee very much. One time my auntie asked when we’re going to get married, I like this girl, I approve. I was shocked when she said it because no one has ever said that to me before and so I was really happy”

Bee: “I’m happy too. As for people in my family, my mom said she wants grandchildren (laughs) but she’s not rushing or anything, she just said I’m getting old and I told her I want to save up and wait for my older brother to get married first”

Kelly: “I’m okay with whatever but like I said, right now I want to work first. Honestly, if we had kids I could probably still keep working but with Bee, if she gets pregnant she would have to be off work for at least a year”

Bee: “I’m not stressed about when I get married and have children. In the future, whether I will still get to play as a leading actress or an actress, that’s fine. I just want to be able to continue doing what I do”

How is your romance now?

Bee: “Still the same, maybe even better. In the past 4 years, P’Kelly has been very consistent”

Are you planning to do a swim suit photo shoot together?

Kelly: “Bee has been getting a lot of offers but not so much for me. If we were to do a swim suit photo shoot I would need to get fit and work out first. I wouldn’t want to do one and get criticized”

Bee: “We can do a normal photo shoot but swim suit,  no not yet. I don’t think it’s necessary”

9 responses to “Bee & Kelly Not Ready to Tie The Knot

  1. That was a very good interview. I don’t think a bikini photoshoot together is neccessary either. Why do couples have to do that to show off their relationship? Of all people, I would have never imagine them two coming together. I was so shocked! lol. But I like them as a couple. They seem really genuine around each other. I don’t hear scandals or bad news about them often either, which is good. I really hope they last. I love Bee. She is an amazing actress. ( :

  2. i dont know i’ve always felt like bee and kelly were the REAL and GENUINE couple. theyre not together for publicity like some other couples.

    best wishes to them 🙂

  3. YES i m okay with you omg ; it’s a real and genuine couple i like them very much include Ken& Noy ; i HATE the couple Wier&Pancake very very much !!!!!!

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