Aff didn’t wear a bikini in Maldives, says Songkran “She doesn’t suit sexy”

Even after they escaped for a vacation to Maldives but hot couple “Aff” Taksaorn and “Songkran” Taechanarong can not break away from rumours. The latest gossip to circulate the media press reveals – there’s a private photo leak of Songkran holding a girl named “Ni“.

“A photograph of me and a girl named Ni? Really? (smiles) I was embracing her in the photograph? I don’t know who she is. If I had a leaking photograph it’s probably with a girl called “Mi“, as in a manager named Miki (laughs) I don’t think Aff will mind because it’s normal to be involved in rumors in our position”

Are you afraid Aff will get jealous?

“Not at all. I don’t get jealous either. I think she understands that gossip is normal in the Entertainment industry. It comes with the job and lately we’ve both being getting alot of work too. It’s hard trying to find time to see each other but whenever we get the chance we always meet up”

A psychic predicted that your romance with Aff is not going to last?

“Well that’s up to whether you want to believe psychics or not. Personally for me, I believe half and half and at this stage we’re doing fine, no problems”

Apparently Aff was wearing a bikini in Maldives

“She went diving, so I don’t think she can do that in a bikini. She was wearing a wet suit and I wore shorts and T-shirts on the beach and when I went diving I wore a wet suit”

“Do I want to see her in a bikini? She’s a prim person so it’s good for her to stay as she is, she doesn’t suit sexy”

Source via Khaosod

16 responses to “Aff didn’t wear a bikini in Maldives, says Songkran “She doesn’t suit sexy”

  1. WHAT! They went to the Maldives! I always wanted to go there! Funny too because I wrote a FanFiction about ATEAM going there for their honeymoon. LOL. But anyways, good thing she didn’t wear a bikini, she needs to hide her sacreds.

    • i’m glad and happy to see that Songkran’s still defending aff .. poor couple, i hope ppl would give them a break .. and just when the rumor die — another one start .lol

      • I agree..she seems to be very happy with him despite those neg rumors..I would be happy too, to have someone pampers me like that. Good for you Aff for following your heart and not get easily influence by the media.. happy for them!

  2. Wow…I haven’t heard about this couple for awhile. Which was good. Anyways, Aff as already broken her “prim” image, so why not go all out and wear a bikini?? lol. I think Aff can pull off sexy, since she did do a “sexy” beach photo cover with Aum. But that was a really nosy and stupid question for them to ask Songkran that. Gosh, they might as well ask if Aff wore a thong as well.

  3. I thought these 2 broke up already, i guess i was wrong, when the hell will she start filming Plerng Boon?

    • LOL missmonica, right when the hell will she start filming Plerng Boon? I wanna see the ATEAM once again!! Stop vacationing and romancing!!! LOL

  4. what is wrong with wearing a bikini?? if Aff wore that while swimming in Maldives I don’t see what’s the you want her to wear a gown?? 😀

    BUT contrary to what this guy said, Aff can do sexy..she has a curvaceous body 😀

    • i believe any men would say this about their women b/c they want the person to themselves to see, no one else. he’s just playing the protective bf LOl —

  5. I don’t know why people kept saying that she doesn’t have the prim and proper image anymore. I don’t see her doing anything that is not prim and proper. Okay, maybe she’s a little more open about her relationship now than before but that’s because the damn media kept asking her questions about her relationship.

  6. “Do I want to see her in a bikini? She’s a prim person so it’s good for her to stay as she is, she doesn’t suit sexy”

    really???look like you not bad boy anymore..=p

  7. why does someone have to be something to wear something??? thats stupid. wear a fukn bikini if you want, whether your sexy or not. lol.

    • I’m pretty sure she did wear a bikini. But he’s just lying to cover up for her. Either way, it’s none of the media’s business anyways. If he admits that she did wear a bikini, then that’ll just be giving the media what they want. ( :

  8. All i can say is, IF I HAD A BODY AND PRETTY FACE LIKE AFF!


  9. Woowwww… That’s really bogus. He didn’t HAVE to say Aff doesn’t suit “sexy”. personally, i think she does, but she’s great the way she is.

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