Dan wants Patty to be his last love

“Dan” Warrawech Danuwong

is overjoyed when “Pat” Aungsumalin declared her love for him as her First Love“. The former member of “D2B” revealed sweetly in return that he would like Pat to be hisLast Love“.

How’s that for romance?

Interview via Thairath

Pat said you’re her first love, how do you feel about that?

“I feel happy. I want to try and take care of her first love as much as I can (laughs shyly)”

This is Patty’s first love and your last love?

“I hope so”

Do you want her to be your last?

“I feel comfortable when I talk to her. She gives me moral support in a lot of things”

You send each other romantic messages all the time?

“I don’t use face book, twitter or MSN. I talk to her using my blackberry, and we talk about general stuff”

How are your fans taking this relationship?

“They’re okay. They said whoever I love, they will love too. But I want everything to be as good as possible. We’ll have to wait and see, love takes time”

So your fans approve?

“Yes, from what I know”

But not all of them approve?

“It’s bound to be that way and I don’t know what to do about that”

Have you met her family yet?

“Yes I have, it was good, fun. Her parents were cute and cheerful, we can talk easily”

How’s your relationship now after you made it public?

“Comfortable. We can go out with each other comfortably. It’s like we’ve shown respect for one another (by going public)”

Will you accept work together?

“Not yet. I didn’t go public for work. I went public to make everyone happy. Like I said, if you see me with someone, I will tell you about it. I was just keeping my promise”

Does Patty inspire you with your song writing?

“Sometimes (laughs shyly) with writing love songs”

Have you sung your written love songs to her?

“Yes I did when I had the opportunity”

So when are you going to sing it to us?

“(laughs) Soon I think”

16 responses to “Dan wants Patty to be his last love

  1. I must be super slow…but isn’t she the chick from Bangkok Traffic Love Story? She is, isn’t she! hehe I think she was so funny and cute in that movie. I’m glad she and Dan are together.

    • Yeap! That’s her.
      I hope so too that she’ll be his last love, but who knows relationship is relationship and guy is guy.

  2. Omg.My man Dan is so cute!Can’t believe he have a girl
    now.Next minute you know he’s getting marry to her.ha.
    First,it was Ken,then Tik,and now him.Whose next my
    man Aum! =( -They make a cute couple.

  3. “I don’t use face book, twitter or MSN.”
    Dan dude your facebook and twitter links are on your official website! lol But now i know why it is empty and never updated. Thanx for clearing that up.

    Wow Dan is just…. all rainbows and butterflies. I wish them all the best, he deserves to be happy.

    • you’re so funny.. LMAOOOOO

      i know it’s there. Dan has “his team” updated things for him. Only in dandiary.com i think, that he sometimes go in and update things sometimes.. but heck.. he has a team there and update things for him as well -_-

  4. Awww, they’re sooooo cute. I’m just happy for Dan that he found someone special for him. Luve him!!!

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