Nat says ‘not yet’ to working with Aum

Recently actor “Aum” Athichart came out to say “Nat” Myria took great care of him when he was ill in India and he bought her a bracelet. However Nat is still adamant their relationship is not ‘boyfriend & girlfriend’.

Aum bought you a bracelet

Honestly, we bought stuff together and this was something that was sold in front of a temple and he bought me one”

Will you be wearing it all the time?

“Not all the time, but I’ll wear it some of the time”

It is a sentimental gift?

“No it’s not, it’s like he bought himself one and decided to buy another for me too”

It’s matching

“Really? I didn’t know that because when he bought it I was over on the other side”

Any progress in the relationship?

“Any progress? It’s still the same. Nothing much. We went to the temple to do good things”

Aum was sick while he was over there and you took care of him

“That’s normal. He was sick, he had tonsilitis and we were overseas so I asked him if he needed medication. P’Pok took care of him too, I think it’s normal that when you go on vacation with a group of people, you always have to take care of each other when someone is sick”

Aum said you might accept work together as a couple

“I don’t know but honestly we have been getting offers but we’re not ready. I want to wait for a more appropriate timing. I don’t want people to misunderstand. Right now everything is going well already I don’t want to rush into anything and we both already have a lot of work so we don’t need to accept work together. However I am not saying no, I’m just saying not yet”

Source via Innnews

19 responses to “Nat says ‘not yet’ to working with Aum

    • I agree with Nana, Pinky is wayyyyy pretty than this woman, i am disapointed in Aum i thought he had better taste in women, if i offend anyone with this comment this is my own opinion if you have a problem deal with it!

      • Well here is my opinion and hopefully no one gets offended either, Nat is a good person. In looks, I think Nat is a beautiful woman even in at her age right now.

  1. However Nat is still adamant their relationship is not ‘boyfriend & girlfriend’…

    Nat is trying to be hard to get or what?

    • That’s exactly what I’m saying! Afterall, Nat “is” a divorcee. So she better take him or leave him! I’d say she’s pretty lucky to be a divorced woman and have some like Aum fall for her. So whatever reason she’s still hesitating, she better hurry up and make it official.

      • sometimes guys like that type of women..hard to get..they like challenge..but if im Nat,i grab Aum and said he is mine!!! haha~ =p

  2. I am so tired of celebs denying the fact that they are seeing someone. I’m sorry to me you either are BF/GF or not there is no in between. I know people have a dating phase when they first start to see someone, but that phase only last a few months before you decide you want to see that person one on one or not. A lot of these celebs see each other for almost a year or longer and is still saying they are not BF/GF.

  3. Looks do not matter when it comes to love. It’s the inside that counts. Nat is a good person and they are lucky to have each other. He is not that good looking himself either, so this bashing on Nat is not necessary.

  4. I’m so sick and tired of fans not admitting the truth like Aum&Aff fans, Ken&Anne, Weir&Pinky, and Chakrit and stuff. It’s so annoying because they all have their own life and own romance so deal with their relationships because they’re probably happy otherwise they wouldn’t be with that person, get over things, it’s not a lakorn where you get what you want.

  5. i have to disagree.,… nay myria is beautiful!!! and is one of the nicest, down to earth celebs in the industry… i think Aum is VERY luck to have her… who cares about age…

    pinky was just too childish for aum

  6. i am not starting on pinky but from what was reported they broke up because one would sook and they wouldnt talk for some time… pinky is still young so thats normal… and aum is older… maybe he wants more of a mature relationship..who knows.. all i am saying is nat is also a nice choice

  7. I’m just glad that nat is divorced from tao..he was such a jerk…
    best of luck to her with whoever she chooses…as long as he’s good to her.
    she’s such a good person, and deserves someone who will treat her well. 😉

  8. whatever works for them :)) when i saw that pic i was like “wats that???” had to tilt my head a little. lol then i figure it was her hand.. thought it was her foot lmao

  9. I am glad that aum chooses Nat over Pinky. They are not suitable to each others in personal believes. However, I think Aum actually have his eyes on Aff but Aum made all the wrong moves to have one girlfriend after another without any breaks as a real single guy in order to show Aff that he’s really sincere and had only Aff in his mind and heart. No real good woman would jump into the relationship as triangle love and at that time Aff had his ex-boyfriend as his boyfriend while she had to get involved with the insincere or playboy like Aum. Songkran has done everything good and right from the begining until now. I hope they would get married and be happily ever after, forever.

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