Nadej Kukimiya Is Rising Fastly

Half Thai and Japanese model/actor, Nadej/Nadech Kukimiya is quickly rising to the top as he has been picked up to be Phra Aek for Channel 3 in their upcoming lakorn, “Ngao Rak Luang Jai.”

This 18/19 year old handsome hottie has been causing such a ruckus amongst the female crowd that we can not miss the opportunity to gather as much information as we can on Nadej. Standing at 181 cm (5 ft 9 inches) and weighing at 65 kg (143 pounds), hailing from Khon Kaen Province. He has the nickname of “Barry“, but since he has entered the entertainment business he used “Nadej” as his nickname also. Not many know of this young lad’s nickname except his friends and family.

What type of girls do you like?

“I like a girl who has a good personality over one who has looks. In my own opinion, I like a girl who has charms then one who has beauty, like Nicole Kidman. I like it that her eyes give out a seductive feel. When I look at it I get impressed with it.”

What is the first thing you notice about a girl?

“I look at her eyes. I like a girl who has very seductive eyes and when you look into her eyes you can truly see what she’s feeling or thinking. I like a girl who has sharp looking eyes, but from what I’ve noticed it seems that they are more evil (laughs).”

” I like it when I look at a girl and there is something secretive about her because every girls eyes can tell you what they are thinking about you. If it has to be about body, I like a girl with curves in her hips, I think that’s sexy.”

How do you flirt with a girl that you like?

“I really don’t know how to flirt with a girl, but when I try to I usually will use my eyes to be the bottom of the flirting. I will look at her until she will realize that I am looking at her and turn around to look at me back.”

How do you view love?

“I view love or love in my view point that love isn’t just words, but also by actions. See we wouldn’t have to say we missed each other every day, but when we are around each other we will express those actions by doing things with them and asking about them, so this is one way of expressing love to me.”

What is something a girl can do to turn you off?

“A girl who get’s drunk and throw up all over the place. One time I went to eat with my friends at a restaurant and there was a girl that I kind of liked. She was having problems with her boyfriend and she was drunk, so she came and sat with us and started talking. Well she turned around towards me and threw up all over my shirt. I was thinking, WHY DID SHE HAVE TO THROW UP ON ME!? (laughs).”

We can’t deny that Nadej is quite the charmer. We now know why all the girls are after him. Being only 18, Nadej has a long way to go in the entertainment industry.

[Source: Kapook, Thairath, and Pantip]

12 responses to “Nadej Kukimiya Is Rising Fastly

  1. He’s actually half lao and Japanese. He said so on one of the thai show with his manager. But whatever I guess It’s cool to ignored that part and be accepted by the Thai people.

  2. he’s so smexy! the only reason i’ll be watching this lakorn is because of him. are you sure he’s the pra eg…i thought it was the other guy who played in prik thai’s MV with ploy chermarn?

  3. He’s from Khon Kaen so I think there’s a high chance that he’s part laotion. I’m waiting for his lakorn now Ngao Ruk Luang Jai and Duangjai Akanee.

  4. I like his responses. he’s handsome, but i think his personaility is hard to read, because he seems like the type who tells you what he wants you to know. He’s smart, that’s why he’s in control. At least that’s what he seems like to me.

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