Kwan is difficult on the set of Hong Fah: Clip Vs Interview

And we thought this year “Kwan” Ausamanee Waitayanon is not scandalous since negative publicity hasn’t been coming her way in the past few months.  But unfortunately her non scandalous phase didn’t last long because recent news revealed Kwan Aussamanee is being a difficult diva on the set of her latest drama “Hong Fah”.

According to a report by manager the actress allegedly refused to jump into a river to film a particular scene because she doesn’t want to get ‘dirty’. Also in her crying scene, Kwan will often refuse to cry and disobey the director’s orders.

Here is what Kwan has to say;

“The director didn’t tell me to get in the water. I’m an actress, I have to follow the director’s orders but the director didn’t tell me to do it so I don’t know why I need to jump in the river”

“Where did this news come from? It sounds like it came from someone on the set but people on the set shouldn’t be harming other cast members. Especially if they work for Kantana

“I practically grew up with Kantana, I’ve been here ever since I was a child, I don’t think any one from here would want to hurt me”

“As for the news claiming that I refused to cry on the set, well I have said no sometimes I was just kidding. When it’s time to cry, I always cry. Do you see me cry in my lakorns? I always say I wouldn’t cry before my crying scenes but in the end I always cry because it’s my job”

“Don’t take me seriously, sometimes I’m just a kid and I joke around but when it’s time to work. I always work”

“I always say no more I’m not going to cry before my crying scenes. I get tired, but in the end I have to do it, it’s my job and it’s part of team work. If I don’t perform Auntie Dang won’t give me any work”

Kwan is not afraid producers will be put off from hiring her as a result of bad rumors

“It’s okay. I think it’s good that this news went out, so now people will know that this is normal for me. Normally on the set of my lakorns I always get to work with the same people. People I’ve know since I was a child so I’m comfortable with them. I’m not afraid they will criticize me”

“And say if the director wanted me to jump off a cliff or a river, I will do it”

How did this rumor start? Refer to clip from MCOT (from nineentertain)

Apparently in the clip – director asked Kwan to jump in the river and Kwan refused. She said something along the line of “There’s no need to act realistic in lakorns”

26 responses to “Kwan is difficult on the set of Hong Fah: Clip Vs Interview

  1. And this is why I always feel like Kwan’s dramas aren’t worth watching. If Kwan feels that there’s no need to act realistic in lakorns then she’s not worth watching. I don’t remember the last time I watched a Kwan drama. But like it says up there, Kwan doesn’t give a crap about rumors like this; it doesn’t itch her skin so who cares.

      • agree.. i used to like her because she looked Different.. But then i found out she has a lot of scandals and Most of her interviews, she doesnt seem to give a rats ass and could careless even if their talking about her career on the line.. that girll… needs to talk to a veteran in the biz

  2. People take things to seriously sometimes. It’s so obvious that Kwan was just joking! When paparazzis are always watching you like a hawk, there’s always going to be some sort of news. What’s the point of being serious all the time when people are going to end up writing things about you in the news anyway? People will always have something to say, why not make the most of your life and not worry too much about gossip?

  3. I agree with XOX…
    If she doesn’t want to act realistic, why would I waste my time watching her lakorns? I rather go watch Ann’s lakorns since she always gave her best.

  4. Well said kwan!!! Seriously everybody is forgetting she’s still young, and sometimes you gotta joke around and have some fun, but from the interview Kwan is really dedicated to her job!! well this is just my opinion!

    • I’m not picking on you, but Kwan said it herself that she doesn’t want to act realistically in a lakorn and that really makes you think “uhhh, okay?? are you stupid??” If she jokes around, I don’t care, that’s her; but the director and all did look annoyed. So it’s Kwan’s words against the director’s reactions. And according to Kwan’s interview, I guess she grew up with the cast members so she’s too comfortable around them and not professional.

  5. it’s all from the 9 entertain news where they compare Kwan & Pinky. When Kwan is being difficult, Pinky does the best on her role. look at the director and Tle faces. They’r all sick of Kwan.She’s the nang’rai in real life. This won’t be her last story. There’ll be more. It’s fun anyway. I want to know what will happen next with the director, Tle and 9 entertain coz Kwan’s got Tvpool as her back up. anyone who is her enemy will be in trouble.

  6. I really like Kwan, I think she’s a good actress BUT the clip and the translation are there to disprove her claim. I find it very rude.

    I hope she matures and learn how to get along with the casts most especially the director…

  7. Kwan like to kidding around a lot. And I know that Thai reposter don’t really Kwan so. I like her of who she’s. Everyone have mouth so they could saying whatever they want to say. I don’t care who saying what. I still love Kwan.

    • me too 🙂 the news will always publish more bad news than good news… that’s their job. kwan likes to joke around a lot and many people don’t know that.

  8. There’s always gotta be one or a few BAD rumours and tabloids of kwan every year. Im not surprise at all. Don’t get me wrong, I like kwan. Maybe it was a little bit unprofessional of her but whatever. What’s said and done is already said and done. The only thing Kwan can do right now is to show and prove other’s wrong that she isn’t as bad as what other people think.

      • I think it ALWAYS has been like that. In the E-biz there is never a time where there will be no rumours. When i quote that she just needs to prove herself, i was reflecting to her role in Hong Fah. Whether she is being difficult or NOT, it doesn’t matter. Just get the job done and show other’s regardless you were being a difficult or spoil person like they say. As long as you can still get the job done then that’s that.

        Other than that it’s all on Kwan to make sure she doesn’t do anything that will make Khun Duang upset and not give her any more job.

        • i agree with you! i also agree with kwan, too… even if there are things in your job that you don’t like, you have to do it anyway. it goes for everyone… i’m sure other people have some things they don’t like in their job, but do it anyway.

  9. that is rude of her to do that. even if she is joking she needs to know that they are her elders.

    i seriously wish she would stfu with the “i’m just a kid” excuse. how old is she now 21 or 22? she’s still using that same damn excuse? i think it’s time for her ass to grow up and act mature.

  10. i wish she would stop using the “i’m a kid” excuse. how long has she been in the industry? it’s not like she’s some newbie. she should know how things work by now

  11. I’ve never really liked Kwan anyway, soo I’m not surprised about this kind of stuff. She has no ethics- which isn’t good! She’s soo unreal with herself, her career and the people around her.She thinks she’s being cool about things- which makes her sound dumb! And I of also many people wouldn’t take her as a serious person- obviously that interview is the proof.

    Don’t be heartbroken young fellas she’s TOTALLY not worth watching! Only the pra’ek in the lakorn is…

  12. wow, that is very unprofessional of her….she been in the biz long enough…there a time and place to joke around and it not when your working….I’m a child excuse is getting old…

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