Stefan never wanted to marry Namfon, “I knew we’d break up with each other some day”

“Stefan” Thasit Sinkanawiwat claims actress “Aom” Pattamaporn Rattanapakdee is not his new fling, he’s only to close to her on the set of his lakorn “Ruk Son Lot” and has no intention of pursuing romance as she already has a boyfriend. As for the rumor that Namfon is still calling him constantly, Stefan dismissed the claims clarifying that he hasn’t spoken to her since the break up.

The actor says there’s no hope for him to get back with Namfon because while they were together – he always knew, he’d break up with her some day!

“There’s nothing between me and Nong Aom, we’re just people who know each other. We don’t talk sweet with each other at all, we talk to each other normally and I’m not courting her”

“I don’t even have her number so I don’t know where the rumor came from. If you ask if we’re close, well on the set we are close. She’s a cute girl (smiles) but I wouldn’t hit on her because I think she already has a boyfriend, I’m sure she has”

“As for the rumor that I broke up with Namfon because she used to call me constantly. Well she used to call me like how every other girlfriend would call their boyfriends. I think that’s normal. And it’s normal for actors in the industry to be involved in rumors. I can accept that, if I couldn’t accept rumors then I probably shouldn’t be in the industry right? (laughs) I think 3rd hand allegations is such a normal accusation among the celebs but in my case I didn’t break up with anybody because of a new person”

Stefan admits since the break he still hasn’t spoken to Namfon.

“I still haven’t spoken to her since the break up and as for the chances of us getting back together, I don’t think there is any. But as a friend, I could still work with her but  I don’t think we could go back to be boyfriend and girlfriend again, but you never know, the future is uncertain”

“A lot of people are cheering for us to get back together, thanks for that. But nothing is certain in life and we’ve never made plans to marry each other. I knew we’d break up with each other some day. I don’t know what was missing but we honestly broke up with each other for real. Some people say perhaps we’re doing this for publicity and I don’t know why we would do that. If people break up, they would break up for real and I’m not serious about working with her. I can segregate between work and personal”

Source via Manager

Reference to old interview;

Stefan plans to elope

18 responses to “Stefan never wanted to marry Namfon, “I knew we’d break up with each other some day”

  1. OUCH! She’s a bit older than him and seemed to want to get married one day. Why waste her time if he knew he was never going to marry her?

  2. I read somewhere that he doesn’t believe in it’s good that the Namfon got away from him..what’s the point of wasting your time with a guy if he doesn’t marry you in the end?

  3. wow, that’s pretty jerkish of him to say. i hate it when people in relationship are together knowing that they will eventually breakup. i have a friend like that and it bugs the heck out of me.

  4. Namfon knew that Stefan didn’t believe in marriage so you can’t hate on him she wanted to stick around and he’s just telling it the way it is

  5. dang, this guy is such as a$$! i also dont get whats the hyped about him. hes not even cute and cant act at all. on top of that, hes a jerk.

  6. i thought they were gonna be on good terms still after the break up but he sounds like such an ass >_<..
    i thought they were a cute couple – ish but after hearing that from him.. i think it was a good thing they broke up!!! NAMFON IS TOO GOOD FOR HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Why date a girl if you knew you’d break up with her later? It’s weird that he said he knew that he would break up with her someday…Why couldn’t he do it from start, that probably gave namfon false hope that she would one day marry him, that she could probably change his views on marriage. Oh well, she’s free now, better now than later. She’s still beautiful, she can do better, she doesn’t need him, he sounds like a jerk anyways.

  8. My thoughts exactly! What a JERK! She wasted all her time on him and he just used her and then when he got tired of her, he dumped her. He at least didn’t need to say that out to the public.

  9. He’s an asshole, he use to say if our magazine sell for 1 million baht i will marry her
    It’s good that she’s not with him

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