Vee Veeraparb Denies He’ll Be Replacing Poh Nuttawuth

Handsome Phra Aek, “VeeVeeraparb Suparbpaiboon came out to deny rumors that he will be replacing “PohNuttawuth Sakidjai on ‘Jun Pun Dao‘, he doesn’t know how the rumors started when asked about it, he was confused.

There are rumors that you will take up a hosting job replacing Poh.

“I really don’t know about this yet. Personally, I, myself have no clue about this because I’ve been on my lakorn set for , ‘Tawan Yor Saeng’ everyday. So, I haven’t heard about this yet.

Has the big bosses called you up to discuss this mater?

“No, they haven’t. This is actually the first time that I’m hearing about this. I’ve guest hosted for ‘Jun Pun Dao’ before while Poh had knee surgery. I hosted about 5-6 show taping.  It was quite fun. Hosting is a fun job, but I’ve done a lot of guest hosting. I’ve even done it for ‘Wun Waan Yung Waan Yoo’ also.

If they really contacted you, would you be OK with it?

” I have no problem with it at all, but it’s up to the big bosses. If we were to talk about ‘Poh‘ he’s an a skilled expert already and those who are going to replace him has to be skilled also. I’m OK with it if the bosses would like to give the job to me.”

[Source: Kapook and INN Online]

6 responses to “Vee Veeraparb Denies He’ll Be Replacing Poh Nuttawuth

  1. Vee would be a great replacement to Poh on the show because he’s pretty natural when interviewing people and he’s quite funny.

    From the picture I can’t help noticing his wonderfully white straight teeth. 🙂

  2. I have to admit his smile is so gorgeous but I really don’t like him. I think Por is better because he’s been in the industry for so long. He has a great sense of humor and I just love his goofiness. His acting is just WOW!

  3. OMG! What wrong with the Thai entertainment business? Poor Poh. He should leave Channel 7 now. They are screwing him over.

  4. omg vee replacing por >_<.. oh noooo..

    i rather have the show be cancelled than have vee replace por eek.. i thought they were gonna cancel it if por leaves .. eek…

    • I don’t think it’s fair to cancel the show just becuz Poh is no longer the host. I mean what about Kob? Maybe she still wants to continue doing it. I think Vee is a good choice. He’s not that good of an actor but atleast he’s charismatic, funny, and hosted the show before. Plus he and kob get along since they work with each other before.

  5. LOL. I beg to differ with the previous post. I think that’s a hideous shot of him.

    As a lakorn watcher, I don’t like Vee. Something about him just irritates me. But whatever happens, happens. Por’s awesome, Vee’s not. Those are so pretty big and epic shoes he’s got to fill in.

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