“It’s a set up” says Andrew’s (adopted) Mom

Andrew Cronin is ecstatic after he was bailed out of jail for drug charges. The actor is scheduled to go to court on the 23rd of April for the hearing. On his way out – Andrew refused interview but Dara video will hold a press conference in the next 2 days. His adopted mother revealed, her son’s arrest, was a set-up. Someone is bullying him and the reason why his drug urine test came out positive is because he’s been taking cough medicine.

As for a follow up to Andrew Cronin‘s arrest for possession of drugs – Manager revealed the results from Andrew‘s drug urine test came back positive – his urine samples contained traces of Methamphetamine and  Andrew was later taken to court to remain in a locked up facility.

However the actor is still adamant he is not under the influence of drugs. Andrew claimed the condo is owned by a  friend and he was only living there temporarily and was unaware that there were drugs on the premises.

Yesterday Andrew appeared to be in better spirits. He seemed happy and stress-free. The actor even told reporters that he would be willing to answer all questions as he was heading off to his cell. Later his relative filed a request for bail – which has been approved and the actor was released on bail after paying 10,000 baht. Although he will still need to return to the station for more questioning. But no drug rehabilitation is needed, as there were little drugs in his system.

Upon released Andrew left his cell with a broad smile on his face but he refused interview with the press despite telling them before hand that he would be up for an interview.

A representative from Daravideo revealed there will conduct a press conference in regards to the future of Andrew with channel 7 in the next two days.

Andrew‘s adopted mother who was also at the station to show her support revealed she has been under a lot of stress over the arrest. She said Andrew has been very upset over his break up with girlfriend of 7 years. The mother said, her son has been posting so many heartbroken comments on his facebook and the two are only just starting to talk to each other again.

The mother also added that she would like the officials to investigate this matter very carefully because they will find that Andrew has been set up. But she refused to comment on the person who is responsible for this.

Andrew’s adopted mother also said on the night of the incident there was a party at the condo – as the police were informed. But that condo is owned by a friend and by the time Andrew had arrived to the condo, everyone had already left the premises. By the time the police arrived, Andrew was the only one left – she believed – this whole incident was a set up.

As for the reason why his drug urine test came back positive is because Andrew took cough medicine. And Andrew will not need to undergo any form of drug rehabilitation as he is not a drug taker, says adopted mom.

10 responses to ““It’s a set up” says Andrew’s (adopted) Mom

  1. But there’s no Methamphetamine in cough medicine right? So how did that end up in his urine?

    Anyway i really really hope he didn’t do it because i really like him. He was doing so good with his move to ch7 and all.

  2. Andrew’s adopted mother need a reality check and stop blame’n thing on other people and pay attention to your crack- head son ..

    stop blame’n his friends , his ex girlsfriend and the police

    the police obviousily are arresting him because not only he was the one in the house with drug but he also has drug in his system..DUH!!

    she ask the police to do an “investigation carefully because her son is innocent ” but it seem like she already said it all when she told the press .

    Her son been stress over his break up with his girkfriend of 7yrs, and he has a crack – head friends, that he been doing drug with! i’m sure they influence him .

    also he was to heigh to realize the police are coming while everyone took off he still in his wonderland lol….

    i’m sorry to Andrew fan..but the mom piss me off she need to see it like it is and get help for her son .

  3. Hey we don’t know the whole story. He could have been set up. And isn’t meth made with cough medicine? So maybe the traces of meth were the cough meds. And they said that he had very little drugs in his system. I hate it when ppl r quick to judge && assume they know what went on.

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