For 10 million baht, Aump will pose in a bikini

“Aump” Patcharapa Chaichuer revealed she will attend ex boyfriend “Todd” Sina Oontornpan’s monk ordination ceremony if she’s free. However, she won’t be carrying the pillow at the event because he is just a friend. The actress also added that there would be no bikini photo shoot for her this summer, unless someone is willing to pay her 10 million baht, then she would totally be up for it.

Despite breaking up from ex boyfriend Todd Sina for many months now, but actress Aump Patcharapa is still constantly linked back to her former younger boyfriend. The latest news revealed Todd is about to become ordained as a monk and people are wondering if Aump will attend the ceremony and whether or not she would be carrying the pillow. (usually a significant female in the monk’s life will carry the pillow at the ceremony i.e girlfriend, wife).

Will you be attending Todd Sina’s monk ordination ceremony?

“If I have the opportunity I would want to go. He told me about this already, did he invite me? No, he didn’t invite me he just called me to tell me that he was getting ordained on this and this date. It’s going to be very soon and if I don’t have any work going on, I will go”

Are you going to carry the pillow for him?

“I wouldn’t carry the pillow for anybody, it doesn’t matter who it is, but I’ll try my best to go”

Do you still have good feelings for him?

Aump pauses for the longest

What’s your relationship with Todd right now?

“We’re just friends. No chance for progress, I see him sometimes when I’m free, sometimes he comes to see me too”

This is a good year for you, financially?

“This is considered to be a good year and I want every other year to be like this one”

A psychic said from this year onwards you will become very wealthy

“I don’t know, but a psychic told me my luck is not that great till May and then it will get better so I’m confused because it’s been good so far”

Gao Jirayuth said he’s very proud that he’s going to star in a lakorn with you

“I like him a lot too (smiles) but I don’t want to make news, this is nothing”

He seems very shy

“That’s good”

Are you going to pose for a bikini photo shoot this summer?

“Bikini, no, but normal fashion, yes. Have I ever thought about posing for a bikini, yes I have but I’m not brave enough for it”

Apparently you said you would do one if someone paid you 10 million baht

“If someone is willing to pay me that much of course I would pose for 10 million (laughs) I don’t like to wear too much make up. I like natural and when I do wear make up, it’s natural tone. Right now I’ve been contacted for bikini photo shoot offering in the 6 digit figure but I haven’t decided. I would be crazy to say yes to a 7-8 digit figure, money can’t buy everything, not if the money’s not good enough (laughs)”

The concept is not good?

“I still don’t want to. Nowadays my sexy photo shoots are almost like a bikini already so there’s no need to do a bikini”

Source via Gossipstar (Thairath)

30 responses to “For 10 million baht, Aump will pose in a bikini

  1. Aump already did some shoot with daisy duke short. That is no different from bikini. So why pay more for. Not worth the money.

  2. ^^true, rainbow4life. she had done shoots where it was close to a bikini shoot so to see her actually in one wouldnt be a big shocker. once her fame dies she might consider doing it

  3. LOL that’s exactly what she said “Nowadays my sexy photo shoots are almost like a bikini already so there’s no need to do a bikini”.

    • Wow, I don’t even think Aum’s worth it. But that’s no surprise, Aum never shows her body for free. She makes sure she gets every baht for every skin she’s revealing. If I was a magazine industry or whatever, I would not waste that much money just for Aum to do a bikini shoot for them. They probably won’t even get back what they spent to hire her. $300,000 in USD is not little. That’s the price for a nice house nowadays.

  4. I don’t get it.
    She’s not brave enough to do a bikini shoot
    but she is brave enough to pose in lingerie or half naked most of the time. huh…

    • cuz she thinks that if she continues to tease the media, the more they will wanna pay her. thats business, so i can understand that…but what i dont understand is why shes considered to be thailands sexiest. her head is about to explode…people stop it!

      • So true Sassy. I don’t thing Aum is pretty or sexy at all to receive that title SEXIEST OF THAILAND. This title should go to Srita Jensen. She have the looks the body.

        • I agreed. Aum is just decent looking to me. I don’t see any sex appeal on her excpet for her flashing boobs. Rita and other actresses are way sexier than her.

  5. Aump is 100% thai, unlike sarita, sooo aump deserve the title sexiest of thailand, plus she is sexy!! if they have the sexiest mixed thai title in my opinion sarita def. deserved it.!! don’t get me wrong though cause i am a fan of sarita. She is gorgeous!!

    • Aump may be 100% thai, but all of her surgeries has made her appear to be a “luk kreung” or western in general. So does she still deserve the title? When I look at her face I don’t really see a hint of thai. Yes, most stars do get something done, but at least keep a part of your natural self. I think she looks like an Asian Heidi Montag in the face, both women were beautiful pre-surgery. I agree her photo above is stunning, she has natural makeup with a hint of wow. As for her sexy shoots, I think she should not do one for a long time. It gets old after awhile.

      • Sorry but Aum still looks WAAAAAAYYYYY BETTER than heidi montag!. Comparing aump with heidi is the most ridiculous thing. Heidi really has nothing left..She’s like a messed up barbie doll..Aump on the other hand still looks Thai and is still pretty. People might say she isn’t consider sexy but i beleive she’s still pretty if not sexy…

        as for Rita, i think Rita is gorgeous! haven’t seen much of her lately though…

        • I totally agree with you missSunshine.. why compare her to Heidi?? Just something about Aump that makes her sexy in her own way…I like her!

          As for Rita, she is pretty, but not sexy..her sexy pose on the motorcycle was tasteless..

      • Well well…Heidi Montag face is plastic and boobies too. Aump is the same thing. We are talking about Sexies Of Thailand now. It does not have nothing to do with bi-racial. For my point of view. Aump try to much to be sexy. Rita on the other hands is not.

    • Michelle, how do you know Aump is 100% thai. She might be mix with other Asian country. We never know. We only knew Srita look mix because we can see thru here.

  6. there’s no point in seeing aump in a bikini. she dun flashed everything for everyone to see already. why u gonna pay money to see what you’ve already seen in public?

  7. Who cares….I picked up IN Magazine with Nanny (Girly Berry) on the cover. Nanny is beautiful and its an awesome bikini photo shoot!!! She is far prettier than then Amup.

  8. lol why stop @ 10million baht why not go 40 million baht and get equivalent to 1mil dollars lol

    onli joking, man i wouldnt pay dat much for her seriously, i’ll use that $300,000 US to book a shoot for a hollywood star to be on the cover of cosmo thailand, or vogue thailand or a popular mag.

    I dunno just seems like shes askin tooooooooo much. But for someone to pay dat $$$ sure has money and also if shes willing to go in a bikini for dat much im pretty sure shes willing to pimp out her body for double or sumfin.

  9. “Nowadays my sexy photo shoots are almost like a bikini already so there’s no need to do a bikini”

    lol… I was about to point that out until she said it.

  10. LOL she obviously said that as a joke, she knows its a lot of money to pay and maybe only one in a million can afford it thus that’s why she said it.

    “Nowadays my sexy photo shoots are almost like a bikini already so there’s no need to do a bikini”

    I love the honesty lol.

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