Andrew Cronin Arrested For Drugs

Channel 7 actor “Andrew” Supamol Cronin from lakorn “Nuer Manoot” was arrested at his condo in Bang Ken for possession of drugs. The officials confiscated party drug “Ice”(crystal meth) amongst other drugs at his condo. Despite the evidence, the actor pleaded not guilty on all charges and claimed – the drug infested condo is not his home, he is only temporarily looking after it for a friend.

At the station, Andrew was made to under go a drug urine test, before the results of his uring test was publicized, Andrew revealed through Manager;

“I have nothing to do with this. I was resting by myself in my friends room. The drugs are not mine at all. I don’t buy women and lure them into drugs in this condo. I plead not guilty in all charges. I confirm I don’t take drugs. I’ve done a health test and I confirm I don’t take drugs. I think this is a misunderstanding”

At the station, Andrew’s mother who refused to be identified revealed;

“This is a misunderstanding. The condo belongs to his close friend. Andrew is waiting for his own condo is finish renovating. Andrew only sleeps at this condo regularly. And on that night, he was there alone, his friend wasn’t there with him”

“Andrew said he doesn’t know that there were drugs in the room. The police didn’t find drugs on him, they found it in the condo. It’s a misunderstanding between him and the officials. This is not his condo”

“He is only residing there temporarily, he doesn’t take drugs”

More news today revealed (via Khaosod) – his drug urine results came back producing the colour “Purple”. More news and blood tests to follow.

22 responses to “Andrew Cronin Arrested For Drugs

  1. damn that sucks for andrew. he just barely move to ch7 too. hope everything going ok with him. i like him too 😦

    • No it his urine purple not his blood. That mean he have drugs in system. It suck to be him right now.

      • ic thanks for replying , now i understand why is mom doesnt what to take picture with him…lol

  2. Not really surprised. So many high profile actors have been busted for drugs in the past. Touch and Namfon to name a few.

    I just hope it’s not true in his case. He sounds adamant about it. He have been drugged. You can’t trust friends. But the thing is they need to investigate to see if what he’s saying is true.

  3. if that’s him at his hearing, then he doesn’t look as if he is taking the charges against him seriously. instead, he’s throwing peace signs and smiling. not a good way to at least lie (that’s if he’s guilty) that the drugs weren’t his. i wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t a “misunderstanding.” i did like him in the drama with rome and janie though.

  4. i bet channel 3 is glad about him moving to channel 7… i just had to say that. haha. he looks cute in those pics though. lol.

  5. His story doesn’t sound credible at all. And he does appear high. Oh well, he did it to himself and they’re is no one to blame but himself.

  6. Omg!My man from YLM.I read this yesterday on S.F.
    I was like omg he can;t.B/C he is one FINE a** Actor!

  7. awww poor andrew i like him too well i still like him!! but why Andrew did u gotta make ch. 7 look bad!!! but hey everybody makes mistake i hope its a lesson learned!!! But like i said earlier i STILL LIKE HIM!

  8. Maybe i’ve been watching too much Thai Drama but could it be that he has a jealous friend who drugged him then called the police to check out the place to mess up his career? I don’t understand why he would deny taking drugs if obviously he knows the results were going to come back positive if he took those drugs on his own. Or not..

  9. I’m not saying that he did do it but I have a feeling…he did. But he so hot and I think he is pra’ek material.

  10. that’s too bad…i like him…there are some prescription meds that can make your urine positive for drugs.

    But let’s face the reality that some celebs in show business really use party drugs like meth..

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