Pancake to replace Anne as Princess of Entertainment

Actress “Pancake” Khemanid Jamikorn was recently dubbed as job snatcher in the gossip press. But the other day, in the cyber world, she was voted by netizen to be the next Princess of Entertainment replacing Anne Tongprasom.

According to a report by TV Pool, as of a result of the votes from netizen, fans of Princess Anne were not too happy with Pancake – they feel she doesn’t have what it takes to be The Princess of Entertainment.

“Thank you so much but please don’t think anything like that. I only just got into the industry and there are new things all the time, and more and more people as well”

“I believe if you love someone, that person will obviously be your number one so therefore I just want to continue to do my job. However, I’d like to thank those people who have been following my work and supporting me”

Some people say you’re not suitable for the title

“I believe nothing in life is easy, therefore not everyone will agree with everybody. It’s impossible but I believe everyone has the right to criticize or express their opinion. And in every topic, there will always be two sides – one that will agree and another that will disagree”

“Personally I am not expecting to be given this title, not at all”

You’ve been compared to Anne, do you think you can compete?

“Noone can be compared with anybody, everyone is diffferent. As for me and P’Anne, I admire P’Anne, she is a good senior role model in the industry”

What if you were given the title in the future?

“Oh! I don’t want to think about that yet. I just want to do my job and it would be a good thing to get but at this stage it’s best not to think about it yet”

139 responses to “Pancake to replace Anne as Princess of Entertainment

  1. wtf is so important about being the next Princess of Entertainment? I rather someone not put me on a pedestal. Pancake is okay but the girl can’t act. Seriously, I don’t think that title deserves to be given to anyone period.

  2. puahahhahaha.. pancake replacing anne? can they think of anything better than this? lol!! *sarcastic*

  3. i’ve never seen any of pancakes lakorns… how is her acting anyway? i did see that one gum commercial she did a few years ago, and i must say i am still bothered by that smile. haha. anyway, what is up with these damn titles. like highschool at the end of the year for the yearbook. GROWUP THAI ENTERTAINMENT. i guess they’re just running out of gossip, but how is that possible when everything is considered wrong there… bf/gf holding hands or kissing, bikini shoots, exchanging numbers with coworkers, or simply just being friendly.

  4. How the hell pancake replace ann. her acting level not even compare to aump, yui, kwan,pinky. this crap. whatever.. i dislike pancake period.

  5. lmao…pancake replace anne? that’s just hilarious! pancake is not all that great with acting. most of her dramas are snooooty roles! her cry is unrealistic, like forceful. nothing like anne or aff taksaorn! I think she should be voted as next comedian bc she’s quite funny to watch. no one will ever be able to replace ann! aff taksaorn is right behind anne 🙂

  6. i think she can replace ann or kob replace other older actors too..beside ther up and down..ann was all that great actor with she was young too ..

    • u’ve got to be kidding me the girl is nothing compare to Ann the body, the face, and most importantly is the act.

      • wait wait, dont bring KOB into this, i am a KOB fan and Pancake does not compare to Kob or will ever match or be better than Kob.

        I say the same thing about Ann I like Ann as well, and Pancake does not compare to Anne. Pancake is still a newbie, they shouldnt give such a title to a newbie who hasnt been in the industry that long. I hate pancake i dont think she deserves all these attention and ppl put her on a pedestal.

        The next princess should be given to someone who is not that new and has been in the industry for a while like “Rita” Sirita Jensen or Janie Thien…….. u know who im talkin about. Both are well known and have the experience and still have alot more years to act. Heres My rankings of Nang ek era’s

        To me theres the experience and senior well known actors like,

        Cathleeya Mcintosh
        Joy Siriluk,

        hese actors are well known and are in the same class and there time period is almost over

        and then you have the middle experience if u get what I mean,

        Sirita Jensen
        Ploy Cherman
        Buachompoo (if she wasnt married)
        Anne Alicha
        Vicki from fai Ruk Asoon

        Yes I understand there maybe more in this catergory but its really what I think, u guys might have other ppl in mind

        And then the newbies.

        Pui Praya
        Vil Wonarot (I think shes just beautiful and personally think she should move to ch 7 cos she has that look where its captivating)

        Theres heaps more of actresses out there who r nang ek but im sick of so many one hit wonders or girls who become nang ek for one lakorn just because they know someone in the industry. Thats why I dont really like ch5 actressess especially the new ones.

        So all in all i think ppl on the net should think about voting pancake as princess of entertainment, she realli has nothing special and her beauty is not even pretty. JUST my opinion and her acting isnt that great.

  7. before i did’nt like pancake , after i watch a fews of lakorns i become addited and in my option pancake and weir are hotest couple in thai enterment

  8. i laughed reading the headline. pancake cannot replace anne either in beauty or talent wise unless anne is no longer in the biz.

  9. i don’t think ann is great i like kob much better. i watch fews of ann lakorn it’s ok and she is old now to receive the princes title. sorry it my option if someone disagree find with me.

      • I think Ann is great too. I also like Kob alot alot…they both are my favorite actresses for all these long years…

    • prefer ann compare to kob, I watched kob’s old lakorns and honestly her acting is never improved much all these years, but yes she is much better compare to pancake. My no. 1 favorite artist is Ann 2nd is Kob.

  10. Sorry to say but i totally Disagree.
    Pancake can never replace Ann….
    Nor can anyone replace each other.
    Ann deserves to continue having that title name..
    Even when she’s out of the industry, that will still her her nickname. (:
    To have that kind of nickname, you got to be an actress for many years and talented…act in many different kinds of roles.
    Now that is the Princess of Entertainment. 😀 lol

    Pancake’s acting is okay/good according to my opinion…
    but that’s in her generation….after awhile of seeing her
    all the time and none of the other ch7 actress, it gets
    really boring and annoying. Sometimes her character overreacts and so….but that’s just what i think.

    • no lie.

      this is hilarious/outrageous. I agree that things will eventually change in the entertainment business and that new stars will rise and be crowned the next best thing…but PANCAKE? get out of here! She’s cute, and her acting is alright..maybe annoying at times but shes definitely not up to par with Ann’s level. If a younger star is supposed to take this title, I think Kwan would probably be a better choice than pancake…but then again, Kwan has a bad rep, and in order to be the Princess, your image has to be squeaky clean.

      Sorry to all the pancake fans out there. I’m not a hater but i’m just stating my opinion.

  11. People really hate Pancake for some reason, but i like her very much, as for Ann i like her but i admit she is getting old, she is still gorgous but she was more pretty 10 yrs ago, i wouldn’t really mind Pan a princess of entertainment!

  12. Pancake will never be able to replace ANNE! Her talents can’t even compare to Anne. This is just BS!

  13. No Offense to anyone but Pancake can’t match up to Anne, i mean pancake facial experisson isn’t that convincing as Anne, when pancake cries or when she plays snobby hi-so girls in lakorn how to she to act mad her face expression just eh i don’t even know if it makes sense, i guess pancake tries to hard and it shows and not in a good way.

  14. Are people dumb enough to vote for her as the next Princess of Entertainment!?!?!?! She is NOTHING compared to Anne, her acting skill isn’t even a third of Anne’s!

  15. i love pancake! i think that she will fit the role of a princess of entertainment! i have to admit that from the start i didnt like her myself. but now i do because i have seen her lakorns and all and she has improved alot to me! she is a sweet and loving girl! why do people got to hate for?! come on! i love ann too but like someone said above. like ann and kob and them replace the older generation, pancake is doing the same. so many shouldnt hate on a girl that didnt do anything wrong but just doing her job! love that girl! 😀

  16. I don’t think she is at that level yet…no where near it. I don’t like Weir for some reason and for those of you who disagree and think Weir is hot, talented, sweet, or whatever, thats totally your opinion…To me, Pancake is just okay. Anne has been in the entertainment industry long enough to play different kind of roles and she has done a superb job on all of them! If there was a poll, I think the following women would be at the same level to compete for the title: Cherry, Aom Phiyada, Pinky (I think she is competitive enough since she started out as a child), Kob Suvanant. If I left out anybody, lemme kno yo…

  17. hmm, i don’t think it’s outrageous and pancake is definitely all over the place right now but i don’t think she’s quite there yet. maybe in a few more years? to me, ann will always be the princess of entertainment. ‘nuf said. 🙂

  18. I agree with most of the comments…I have nothing against Pancake but it’s laughable that she is compared to Anne. Maybe she can have the title after several years but now she has yet to prove herself.

    • Agree ka. Since Anne replaced Nok Sinjai a few years ago as the queen of lakorn, I wouldn’t mind if they give her another title as Queen of maya.

      Plus, Pan is pretty cute and lovely^^She just need to improve her acting, it’s the only thing she should do.

  19. Pancake Can Never Replace Anne! Just Look @ Her, She Can’t Even Compare To The Likes of Kob, Aump, Aff, and Aom!!

  20. i think channel 7girls are just pathetic!!! non of them can act… and all their pictures just portrays HOOCHIES!!! anne is classic, graceful she can take any roll head on and do beyond greatness. love ann!!!! pancake hoecake!!!!!!!

  21. This is absurd!!! Pancake replacing Ann for that title…YEAH RIGHT! I dont really care about the titles, but the fact that people think Pancake is comparable to Ann just ticks me off. Pancake isn’t even halfway to becoming what Ann is today, which is way beyond talented. No offence to Pancake fans, her acting is horrible, no emotions, no expressions, dull as compared to Ann. Ann has achieved so much, playing all of these diverse roles, crazy, bitchy, funny, weak, psycho roles, etc. and to be compared to someone who can’t or barely knows how act is an insult. I dont know, but Pancake better be happy as hell if her acting talent is being compared to Ann. I could find way more people who are more talented than Pancake, but I guess she is just popular with the Thai community, her acting makes me cringe. Ann’s acting makes me cry, laugh, hate and more, no one can compare to her. I believe Ann’s acting, she is so immersed in her role that she just makes it so believable, you don’t see Ann when she’s acting, but you see her character more so the real person she is in real life, with Pancake, you see Pancake onscreen reciting lines, not believable, that’s is what she fails to do, she fails to make the audience see the character, she’s lacking a lot as an actress. I will never understand why she is so popular, but one thing I know for sure, she will never be comparable to Ann.

    For those of you who thinks she’s old to be in the industry as a nang ek, really? I never knew there was a age limit to being talented. She may be old, but she’s still beautiful and her acting talent is light years away from some of the nang eks in the industry right now. Age doesnt matter, as long as she’s still beautiful and talented, then she’ll always be a nang ek, and she’s proven she’s worthy enough to be one of the top actresses in the industry with her talent alone. Pancake looks old compared to her real age, do you see me trying to tell her to stop acting, no, I will tell her to stop acting because her on screen roles make me cringe.

    Ann over Pancake anyday!!!!! Sorry I had to be cruel to Pancake, but it’s still the truth nonetheless.

    • LPK, totally agree with you.. Anne has always been very talented since the beginning of her career.. She became my favorite actress starting from the lakorn Songna Ree and Jao Jom…and of course her recent lakorns makes me like her even more.

      Pancake is okay, I don’t dislike her or anything..but she cannot be compared to Anne!

    • YOu are so right. Talents have no age limit. Sheh proved on screen she still got it. How could Pancake be compared to the bautiful Anne?

    • Yeah the thing about the age thing, I think ive said this before here or on some forum. Sadly thailand entertainment industry is not like Hollywood where women in their 30’s, and 40’s+ are still getting roles and winning academy award.

      Unfortunately Thailand entertainment industry is not very tolerant, ESPECIALLY if a woman (nang ek) gets married. Then they either get big sister roles or any other role that plays a big part BUT its not a nang ek role.

      Im not saying once they hit 30 they become talentless or they arent allowed to act but everyone knows the younger, the fresher is more appealing (well only in some cases). And its very sad that the thai entertainment industry thinks that way.

      Only the true fans of a certain actress will only remember and try to get updates on their favorite actor/actress. Even though Kob, Ann, and the girls I mention on my earlier post are getting older towards the 30 mark, their age would be perfect and considered really young in Hollywood.

      So yeah….its sad….that nang ek in Thailand only have certain of years. BUT to keep to the topic i agree that Pancake cant act and I think she has no talent whatsoever, and ch7 promoting her to be the next ch7 number 1 is a big mistake. And for the title, I do think its stupid to have titles like that, but since there is one, I dont think it should go to any NEWBIES!!!!

      Sorry to make u read alot LPK and the rest of you lol

  22. HAAAAAAAhAAAAAAA Pancake replacing anne? can they think of anything better than this? LOL !! *sarcastic*NO You are SILLY !!!!!

  23. All the comments here are lols-worthy.

    Who cares if she does or she doesn’t! A title doesn’t mean anything if you don’t deliver. There shouldn’t even be a ‘princess of entertainment’ anyway.

  24. I think it’s not because of her acting coz she’s not that good at acting though all of her works reach high rating. I think it’s more about her image.

    I think she’s a bit like Ann when it comes to her personal life and image. She’s got an award in international league(top model), comes from warm and noble family. gets in to the best university of Thailand which means she’s a good student and clever. And in almost 10 years in this industry, she’s got only one boyfriend, Weir.

    compare to Kwan who’s in the same age as her, we can see Kwan’s got bad image with the leaked drug, smoking clip. And that one with her kissing lesbians and an unknown guy. And with beating up another actress, Bee. She even has issue with Pinky, Pancake & Yardthip. man a lot of enemies.

    Yeah.. Pancake can be one of princess with the clean image. she can be a role model of teenagers with that image but not the acting.

    • Why did you have to bring Kwan into this? I swear, everytime I hear Pancake’s name, Kwan ends up coming into this out of the blue. Almost every actress from ch7 has scandals, so why pinpoint Kwan. She wasn’t even considered or compared to Ann, so why bring her up. This is about Ann and Pancake not Kwan. And we wouldnt know if Pancake only had one boyfriend, what we only know is that she went public with only one guy, which is weir. I dont think Pancake’s squeeky clean image appears what its suppose to be which is innocent. There is drama for a reason, it doesnt just come from one person, there has to be two people involved to hate eachother, which i know Pancake does hate Kwan, she can deny it all she wants, but the way she acts says it all. I like Kwan, she’s blunt, and she’s not afraid to say stuff that can mess up her image, that’s the difference between her and pancake, pancake relies on her clean image to make money because if she says one thing or do one thing that can screw up her clean image, she wouldn’t be that “IT” girl anymore. And plus, I think Kwan is a better actress anyways, she’s improving nowadays. From what I can remember, people who held the title in the past including Ann right now, they all had one thing in common, they can all act.

      • I bring up Kwan’s name coz 3 comments above me bring up Kwan’s name. And it sounds unfair for Pancake coz she doesn’t seem to have any fans in here at all. And it does seem when her name appear, Kwan will be brought up to compare.

        I’m not Pancake’s fan but I found Kwan’s fans are harsh to this actress. They hate Pancake just because of Kwan. If you don’t want me bring Kwan’s name up do not mention Kwan first.

        For Kwan, I don’t think she’s blunt or honest. She’s kind of fake too coz I see her in person already. She’s a good actress but she’s not a nice person. We’ll see. people can’t hide their true nature anyway.

        • And ask Ann between Kwan & Pancake who she will like to be campared with, I’m sure Ann would say Pancake. I swear Kwan is not loved by her entertainment colleagues that much. She’s just bad.

          • And…What’s your point, that Kwan has a bad reputation, so. Like who doesnt, most of ch7 actresses all have bad reputations. All least Kwan is upfront about her reputation, and what if you seen her in real life, on the account of one person, you want me to believe that she’s a straight out bad person, yeah right. And people can hide their true natural way, Pancake’s doing it right now. And yeah she can’t act, i said it, just because she is supposedly nice, she’s considered more talented, nope, cause Kwan’s acting is still better, isnt good either, but at least Kwan is improving. Believe me, theyre not my favorite actresses, not even close to some of my favorite actresses, but when I say Kwan is better at acting, I mean it, just because someone thinks she’s a bad person doesnt mean her talent cant compare to squeeky clean Pancake. And Pancake’s fans can be just as harsh if not harsher, I have seen harsh comments being made about Kwan because of their past drama. And I will never be able to ask Ann who she would rather pick, but I believe in her mind she would pick neither, because both their acting talent is not even close to Ann, I bet she would rather pick Taew and Aff as the future princesses of entertainment (I find the title stupid), Taew’s a newcomer, but her acting is far better than Pancake and Kwan. Just because Kwan’s not loved by colleagues doesnt mean she’s not talented, she may be a bad person in your eyes or other people’s eyes, but she can act better than Pancake. They both still can’t compare to Ann in terms of talent.

          • right! I think between these two, Ann’d prefer to be replaced by Pancake if any.
            At least Ann never ever beat her actress friend, smoke (and denie it), call another actress husband, clubbing like what Kwan did.

          • ok! my point is that being a princess in Thai entertainment, you need to have a good image coz you’ll be an idol for thai teens too. the 1st princess was Mam Cathereeya and not becuz she can act but becuz she’s from a noble fam, her lakorns are all popular and she’s got good image.

            Now Ann get the position becuz her lakorns r popular, ppl love her, producers love her, her personal life is always good.

            Now Pancake.

            When ppl said she doesn’t deserve I point it might not be becuz of her talent but image.

            I bring up Kwan coz ppl said Kwan’s better. So I point that Kwan can’t be coz she doesn’t have good image

            get my point?

          • When people brought up Kwan, they didnt talk about her image, they simply stated she was a better actress than Pancake, they didnt bring up image or scandals, they didnt even say she was a contender to be princess of thai entertainment. But out of the blue, you brought up Kwan’s image and how people see her, why? Nobody stated how Kwan was gonna be the next princess of thai entertainment, which i still find stupid, they just said she is a better actress. People know Kwan cant be it either because her image and her acting isnt even that good, so I dont get the comparisons between Kwan and Pancake’s image. They also stated Aum, and loads of other actresses who are better too, so why not talk about their bad images too, so no i still dont get your point, you just found the need to put Kwan into your comment because of their past controversies together and how you think thai entertainment and colleagues hate Kwan and made Pancake out to be this sort of angel.
            Now do you get my point?

          • No I don’t get your point coz when ppl bring Kwan up, they say if anything about this title, Kwan should be named not Pancake. Check again pls.

            If they said oh Kwan is better actress blahblah then it’s ok but they said it should be Kwan not Pancake.

            And this topic is about PRINCESS hey! and this title is about image. So why do you guys bring Kwan up here and said she’s better actress and blah blah when we are discussing about Princess which means image.

            You guys bring her name up first in the topic of pancake & ann. and saying things about acting which is not about princess about this topic at all.

            So why can’t I say mention Kwan’s bad rep too

            get over it! you can’t hide the truth your beloved Kwan is an evil in real life. If you want to praise Kwan, go to Kwan topic. Do not bring Pancake dow by praising your Kwan.

          • If you still don’t get my point on your beloved Kwan I’d say.

            my need on mentioning Kwan, not Aum nor Pinky or etc is becuz #1 you guys mention Kwan first and her names appears a lot compare to any other celebs.

            #2 I want to point that pancake might get this title coz of her image so I need to give example why another one don’t get this title so I need to mention someone with bad image and mentioned here too & it’s Kwan.

            #3 Can I give Aum as an example of bad image girl when she is much older than Pancake? it’s not fair for Aum. And when it comes to Pinky, does this girl have that bad image? The only bad rep I can see from her is only about Songkran.

            #4 I want to point that this title is all about image not about acting skill. compare Kwan with Pancake you’ll see why Pancake not other celebs who’s got better skill.

            I’m not Pancake’s fan but seeing you guys throw harsh comments on her and bring Kwan up to make her down make me want to support her more.
            Making Pancake being hated by netizens is a successful strategy of TVpool (who back up Kwan) just like what they did to Kob, Poo Praiya, Poo Manthana, Dew (Golf’s new girlfriend), Bee Matika etc. notice that those I mentioned are all Kwan’s enemies. See your nang’ek who is nang’rai in real life!

          • oh and I can say if Pinky will leave ch7, that’s not because of Pancake & Weir. It’s because of you know who.

          • What your saying is total bullshit…Like seriously, first you say you brought up he name because people mentioned kwan…Now you say it because they mentioned her the most. Seriously, you brought her up because you know these two are enemies. And yeah, people said she was just a better actress and that she would be a better contender, not that she should be okay, so you go read again. You didn’t bring up Aum’s bad image because of her age so it wouldn’t be fair, sure that’s the real reason. Like I said, you brought up kwan solely because of how she is always compared to Pancake and their controversis. And no Pancake isn’t going to get the title…Ann still holds it and plus she can act. Princess means the whole package, clean image, acting, and a good person overall, your lovely pancake is missing one which is ACTING. So go ahead and put your lovely pancake on a pedestol and treat her all high and mighty, but she still can’t act which is one thing that is should be required in the acting field. If only Thai entertainment would hold auditions instead of reserving a lakorn for their chosen actress, then all the bad actresses would be weeded out…That would include pancake. And don’t make it out to be that your not a pancake fan cause you know you are by the way you speak of her. So treat her like your princess and hate kwan all you want which you seem to do good at. I still go by what I say…Kwan’s a better actress. And what the fuck does pinky leaving have to do with this all…Does it have to do with the fact that you hate kwan, Duh! Let me state this, if anything, she is leaving because ch7 is focusing on pancake the most not because she supposedly hates kwan! And no I still don’t get your point…So keep replying all you want cause I’ll do the same.

          • I’ll tell you again that it’s you ppl here just hate Pancake. And I wasn’t her fan but I am now. I’m not even Ann’s fan. And ppl who read this topic would know you guys just love Kwan and bring her up when it’s about ann & pan. you don’t see my point that’s fine. I know you’r blinded with your beloved Kwan but I will still reveal the fact that Kwan is evil and she will be the reason why Pinky will leave the channel. Ok I admit I hate Kwan but that’s not because of anything about pancake. I just hate her because of her behaviour.
            But with that hatred I never ever go to her article and say oh Kwan is badass & Pancake is better. never ever do it like what you guys do in Pan’s topic in this site (check other pan’s topic comments, huh?)
            you guys are just too harsh so I can’t bear it anymore coz the real evil one is Kwan but she still is loved ppl which is fine for me. but what irritates me is that those ppl always attack her enemies who is now Pancake. It’s not fair. So I want to be a minority who protect her.

            Again, what I want to say in the first place is that Pancake might get this title coz of her image. She’s not that good at acting so there’s not other reason but her image. and why not Kwan, coz Kwan’s image is BAD. That’s my point!

            And again, I’ll tell you guys if pinky will leave ch7, it’s not because of Pancake, but Kwan. Pinky is Pancake’s close friend and Kwan’s enemies. but Kwan’s got a big media to back her up so it comes out like pan steal pinky’s role which is not true. anyway, the truth will be the truth. goodness will prevail evil. If you think pan hide any truth, then find one of her hidden truth. But what we’ll find later will be Kwan’s true colour. Let’s see what’s happening.

      • It’s pointless. Kwan will be compared to Pancake, Pancake will be compared to Kwan. It just that more people know these two than any other actresses. Pancake is known for being overrated/talentless; Kwan being a bad person.

        • Sorry to say but i’ll have to agree with LPK!..she proved her point and OBVIOUSLY everytime Pancake comes up Kwan gets brought up, it will ALWAYS be vice versa….

          Either way, I think Pancake should stick more to modeling….She’s not actress material, but when she’s modeling and singing, we all can see she’s good at that and has the talent. As for Kwan, I think she’s improved alot in her acting and even if she’s have that bad past reputation, that doesn’t mean that she can’t always work her way around it. The girl is still young and she has time to grow and mature…….

          • It’s fine but I think that’s becuz you just love Kwan. Yeah, she’s good at acting compare to other actresses in her age. For pancake, I dont’ think she’ll be in this industry that long coz her acting can make it only in a short time. That’s why she needs to get as much as she can at the moment. I think she will leave the industry earlier than others but at least she’s one of good people. For Kwan, her works make ppl love her but what she has done to others is bad. This is not lakorn, but I hope goodness will prevails bad things in real life too.

          • Sorry for what? But sorry to say this to you, I didn’t disagree with LPK, I am just saying it’s pointless to tell others to stop comparing these two. They will always be compared to each other and other people.

  25. Pan is nothing compare to Anne. As far as looks, talents, etc…Pan is still an amateur. Anne has been in this industry for at least a decade, and she deserves to be where she’s at now. Pan’s acting talents can’t even compared to Anne. Even if Anne was to step down from that title, Pancake wouldn’t be on the list for the next Princess of Entertainment. There’s just something about Pancake that just makes me feel like she doesn’t deserve it. She has the looks, the man, the lakorns, the ratings, everything. She has it all too good for her unlike other actresses (like Anne, *cough *cough) who worked hard for it and has played tremendous roles. Pan’s too busy dwelling with her man, so let’s just leave it at that.

  26. haha this is clearly a joke, right? Anne has been in the entertainment business for so long and she just got the title and how many years has Pancake been acting? She’s just going to swoop down and replace Anne just like that? She can’t even act that well and sure she might replace Anne or other older actress in the future but definitely not anytime soon. This girl still has a longggg way to go.

  27. Though Ann is getting older, she still got what it requires to be a princess of Entertainment. No one can replace her yet at this point. Maybe in the next few years…we can talk about it again.

    • I so argeed. No one can replaced her for the next 3 years. Anne is still very beautiful. Pancake will never be this good.

  28. nah… i dont think pancake can overtake ann, i love ann but i have to admit that she is getting older but her face is still beautiful and she keeps her figure but her arms are a bit big and you can slightly see the aging signs i mean not wrinkles maybe but theres something i cant really make out that shows it, but i respect her because at this age shes still a narng ek and she does her job greatly. Maybe a few years later there might be someone.

    • i dont think Pancake is that bad, i think she can act but shes not best at it but she can act. some people are saying they dont intend to be harsh, but the words are really bad for talking about someone whom youve never met before. Kwan is a GOOD actress, i think shes really cute. Ann is awsome, i respect her a whole lot.

  29. WTF, how can Pancake replaced Anne. I haven’t never seen any of her movies but I could tell she sucks. Even her looks is nothing compared to my beautiful Anne. I want to know who are the voters…..they suck!!!

  30. I agree that eventually Ann will be replaced with the younger generation but at this point in time Pan is no where near Ann’s league. People should not even be compairing the two at this moment. Pan has a lot of improvements to do before she is anywhere close to Ann’s league. To me Pan does not have a noble side to her like Ann does. Ann’s acting is great, image is clean and most importantly she is not lost in herself. In my opinion, Pan is to full of herself, she comes across as a type of person that thinks my shit don’t stink.

  31. Pancake does have a point. Although she can’t act, I still like her. About 2 to 3 of her lakorns in the past isn’t bad, but for her to replace Anne- no… I never really like using the word “replace” but can she become as good as Anne. Maybe in the next 10 years? Who knows?

    She is popular among Thai citizens, if not all, the majority and that was just a poll base on popularity/favoritism not real talent.

  32. Princess of Entertainment Pancake PLEASE….LMAO She can’t act for shit. Don’t even compared Ann to her. Ann is a way better actor who won sooooooo many award for her action. Ann alll the way! Pancake can suck it!!!!!!

  33. how sad…..PAN WILL BE HATED BY ALL OF ANNE’S FANS! sure all anne fans are upset by this…i have nothing again Pan but i don’t think she deserves to get the tittle.

    • nah.. I don’t think so.
      Ann’s fans are more mature than that. I think Ann’s fans understand things and they won’t take this too serious. People here are just Pancake’s anti fans. Poor girl! she just born rich, pretty and successful in everything. People like her will be easily hated. lol

      • lol, i guess some what that is how it is….Pan’s pretty and has the perfect height and figure but so far, her acting hasn’t really sparkled in my eyes.

  34. pancake can never compare to ann thongprasom, aom piyada or any other a-list actresses that’s been in the industry longer than her. i like pancake, but if i compare her with other actresses, she is uncomparable!

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