Pat Napapa weighs 44kg

Actress “Pat” Napapa Tantrakoon admitted she has thought about rhinoplasty, chin implants and breast implants. However, the fear of pain is stopping her from going under the knife.

You seem more beautiful?

“Maybe because I’m older now so people can see improvements so that’s good. Thank you for the compliments”

Have you lost weight?

“Maybe because I’ve been working 7 days a week, I get home around 10-11pm and I go to bed at midnight. In the morning I get up at 6am the next day. When I’m at work I don’t even have enough time to eat till I’m full because I have to get back to work again, maybe this is the reason why I’ve lost weight”

There’s a rumour that you went and got a nose job

“Honestly I do want to get one but I haven’t yet. And the reason why I want to get it done is because someone told me it’s good โหวเฮ้ง ‘Ngoh Heng'(chinese Phisiognomy – face reading). But there’s been negative and positive comments about it. But honestly I really want to get it done but someone told me it would hurt like getting smashed by a truck so that’s why I’m not brave enough yet”

Did you get your chin done?

“No not yet, I haven’t done anything yet. I plan to but I’m putting it on hold because of fear. I’ve been asking a lot of people for advice. Some people are saying no don’t get it done, why would you need to, my mom doesn’t agree with it either but personally I want to get the part below my neck done first but fear stopped me and before when I seemed to have a lot of it I weigh 48 kilos now I’m down to 44 so I’m losing that (boobs) with my body weight too”

Source via Rakdara

30 responses to “Pat Napapa weighs 44kg

  1. damn she looks really good up there.. better watch out Aump. lol .. she looks better with longer hair; more mature and she looks more like a pro

    • Yea, she does look good up there, but if she goes through with surgery, who knows how she’ll look in the future. lol.

  2. omg. she better not get all that plastic surgery done. shes already pretty! & i think she got too skinny -_- shes like roughly 97 lbs & she’s tall? haha idk. she looks tall sometimes. but thats sooo light! :O she’s one of my fav. actresses. I love watching her with por !

  3. it’s funny how aum’s name gets brought into topics when it has nothing to do with her. why can’t both women be beautiful? why do they have to compete? i like both women. why do one have to choose one over the other? if one doesn’t like aum, just ignore her. don’t follow her stories or read about her. that’s what i do with celebrities i don’t like. spend time on the things you like and ignore things you don’t care for. just saying.

    • how is it funny? yeah i type her name in because both woman are BEAUTIFUL and sexy. Who ever said that both girls aren’t? i like aump, shes interesting and shes hot like Pat. Seriously, if anyone doesn’t like the fact that i brought up her name in a topic that doesn’t include her, then dont talk about her in your Own comment. it’s as easy as that. And btw im not picking who is better, i was being sarcastic about the Aump watch out. They both work in different channels so they wouldn’t need to worry as much on getting roles besides shoots. aump and pat are On List actresses of me, however though aump may have some bad rumors about her, she still good to me. If anything includes Aump and Pat, im willing to read it and leave my comments.

  4. I don’t mind people comparing Pat with Aum. That’s because they’re both lovely and pretty.

    I like Pat though. Cute! And I don’t think she should need to undergo any plastic surgery.

  5. Haven’t seen her around for awhile now that you can see the mature of her.
    Really beautiful!, bother woman is beautiful and hot.

  6. I give her A LOT of credit for being honest about the whole plastic surgery thing. But I completely agree that she’s already really beautiful and doesn’t need any work done.

  7. LUVN the hair but cannot stand the fact that shes only saying all this for people to say, “omg! shes so blunt!” & “oh no! youre pretty the way you are!” We all know she aint gunna do it. As for her weight… OMGEEE, that is nasty.

    • i’m also loving her hair! she’s becoming so sexy and gorgey now a days 🙂 but i still like aump better. she’s just has that sexy natural aura. hahah. i don’t know how to describe it….but back to pat, she’s getting beautiful. too bad she can’t look like this in her lakorn roles.

        • like when janie got skiny, she got that part with Nok. im guessing 🙂 hopefully she can act with por with that hair style and hopefully her character is a sessy Confident nang ek XD

  8. pat looks good with long hair 🙂 i think yeah when you work a certain hour and come home a certain hour, you do tend to lose alot of workin, i know by personal experience! but i STILL LUV PAT SHE’S a GREAT ACTRESS!!!!

  9. pat looks good with long hair 🙂 i think yeah when you work a certain hour and come home a certain hour, you do tend to lose alot of workin, i know by personal experience! but i STILL LUV PAT SHE’S a GREAT ACTRESS!!!! oh not to metion she’s funny too 😀

  10. She will play evil role in a lakorn with Benz and will be a n’ek with Boy Pakorn in 3 huajai.

    I like her more than Aump. At least she’s not plastic.

  11. Pat looks more gorgeous than ever, and i hope she won’t go under the knife
    I don’t see why celebrities have this need to be perfect when they are already are!
    I just hope Pat comes to her senses and realises that she is already a gorgeous person, with a hot body and a famous job so what more does she want?

    & if she is scared of the pain, she should want Nip Tuck, that show put me of plastic surgery for good.

  12. She is so brave and honest to admit all this! Wow! But why doesn’t she ever look that good in dramas? In dramas, she looks so “country” and boring and average? So weird. If she’s smart, she should just keep the look that she has now (like up there in the picture) and not get surgery. Surgeries aren’t always flawless.

    • i totally agree with you on this. she looks gorgeous in this picture so i don’t understand why she can’t look like this in her other lakorns. they always (will usually) give her cheap looking clothes especially the one where she was paried up with por with short hair.

      if ann, aum or aom can rock as a poor average girl, then so can she!

      • Yea, that’s why I never watch her dramas. She looks so boring and plain. She doesn’t stand out in her dramas. She looks more of a side character. Everytime I catch some part of her dramas, I’m always like “who’s the nang’ek???” then I’m like “that’s her????”. lol.

  13. I think Pat is maturing and looking naturally beautiful. She doesn’t need any plastic surgery and I hope she doesn’t get any.

  14. i am a fan of pat but please pat no plastic surgery. embrace your natural beauty. lolz. anyone one of she going to have more lakorn where she n’ek.

  15. pat did got prettier and much more mature looking.. why go on surgery.. well lets hope she doesnt or did she already?.. wella her hair grew! thats suprising for me. her hair grew so fast so long.. i just cut mine a month how to grow it back its to my neck. so short and messed up and ugly.. but pat is fine like that she dont need surgery..
    what it up with celebrity these days?? surgey..truth looks are quite pretty and better. careful of cancer and killers..

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