“Weir & Pancake” – The Job Snatcher?

From the incident surrounding upcoming lakorn remake “Douy Rang Athitarn” where leading stars “Poh” Nattawuth Sakidjai and “Pinky” Savika Chaidech were replaced by favorite on & off screen couple “Weir” Sukollawat and “Pancake” Khemanid – rumours circulated that “Poh & Pinky” are so upset by the decision, they plan to move to channel 3.

In an interview with TV Pool, Weir was asked about the incident

How do you feel about being Poh’s replacement in ‘Douy Rang Athitarn’?

“Oh..a replacement? Honestly actors don’t really know which lakorn they’re going to get at when etc etc. For example, in Douy Rang Athitarn, I only just found out that I got the role, and I have heard that there were a lot of other people considered for this role but in the end, it turned out to be me and I didn’t even know P’Poh was supposed to be in it. I don’t know who’s supposed to be in what”

People are saying you’re not suitable for this role, you’re not old enough to play the lead

“Yes, I think so too. But the executives saw it different, they felt that if I played the role, I could play him as a young guy and as an old guy too. That’s how they saw it. My job is to play this role to the best of my ability and I see this role as something challenging because I have to portray this character at 19 and at 39, both stages are very different and I have to try and do the best I can”

Did you know that Poh really wanted this role and he’s so upset by it that he’s thinking about moving to channel 3

“I don’t think this reason is big enough to influence such a decision. I don’t think so, I think everybody has their own reasons and I don’t think this is it”

Could this impact your relationship with Poh and Pinky?

“Not at all. We are all still co-workers from channel 7 all the same, no problems”

In the latest news, Poh said he’s not the number one Pra aek of channel 7 anymore but Weir is number one, he seemed upset, how do you feel about that?

“No it’s not like that. I see every actor as family. I don’t see us competing against each other, wouldn’t it be able to be competitive over other things?”

43 responses to ““Weir & Pancake” – The Job Snatcher?

  1. I agree with the public’s sentiments… I think he is too young for he role. Don’t get me wrong, he is a good actor, but I don’t know if he wil be able to pull it off and make it believable. Oh well, who knows. It could either be a success or a big failure. It may be a repeat of Ch. 3’s mistake with the remake of “Dark Castle” when they casted a really young guy for the lead role.

    And what is up with all the remakes?? Are the producers/directors running out of ideas? This is one of the classics… it should be left alone.

  2. Oh NO NO NO please change the Nang EK !!!! NOT Pancake !!! Wier OK but NOT Pancanke , there are so many actress like Aump Patcharapa , Kwan Usamanee ,Pinky …..who are very suit to Wier !

  3. PLEASE PLEASE …..Please………………NOT Pancake ! ! Choose another Nang Ek TangMo, Bee bamthip,Pimmada ,paula TAYLOR,Pu Playa……..ect

  4. ughh these two again? they are so overrated. i dont think they are a cute couple at all..obviously ch7 has no other older actors so their best option would be weir. i doubt that they care if he’s suitable for this role or not just as long as him and pancake could pull in ratings for them.

    why would pinky move just for this reason? if she was actually loyal then she woudnt switch channel over something lil. it happens all the time where many actors/ress are offer the same role..

    • I agree. Pan and Weir ARE overrated. All ch7 cares about are ratings. I’m so tired of seeing the same actors/actresses over and over again in ch7 dramas. Drama after drama is Pan, Pan, Pan. *rolling eyes

      I don’t think Pinky is gonna move to ch3. She’s consider it before, but never left. I think it’s just a rumor. But if I were Pinky, I would move to ch3. Ch3 has better pra’eks (*wink, *wink) and ch7 is unfair. All their dramas are just given to Pan and Aum.

      • Too ‘xox”
        Speaking of Aum, at least she can act and her lakorns are very good. She also has variety like she can act in any role
        Pancake however cannot and you see in the same lakorns over and over, ‘Annoying Rich Girl’ roles, and anyways her acting is no way compared to Aum

  5. I don’t think Pinky is upset at all. If she didn’t have to go to India for her movie she would’ve still be the Nang Ek that’s the only reason why Pancake got it.

  6. I can’t seem to get used to them. Weirs acting is tolerable but pancake’s acting…I don’t know the word for it, dull, emotionless, expressionless. She doesn’t put her all into the character she is portraying, all I ever see is pancake, the nang ek who is playing the character, never the character itself, it’s weird, but I would like to see some emotions, but who cares, she’s a favorite among ch7 and she pulls in ratings, that’s why she gets the job. Hopefully she can improve but it’s been years, her acting is still dissapointing. I would have preferred poh and pinky, I think poh would be able to portray the role because his acting is good and he would be able to pull off an older character. Pinky’s acting is more developed than pancakes, maybe because she’s been acting for years, but I like pinky’s acting more, but she can improve too and I’m sure she will in the future. But who cares now, they got the job, you can’t change it now, poh can move and I’m sure he’ll still get jobs. Being in different channels, you can’t always be loyal, you have to do what’s best for yourself, and if she’s not given an amount of opportunities, it would be best for her to leave and go to a differen channel who is going to offer more deals…It’s about making a living, it’s not neccessarily called being disloyal, they’re just doing what’s best for themselves.

  7. i dont know but their love doesnt seem real or shall i say natural. its like they try too much to show the public how in love they are and its becoming annoying. seem like they are in it for the spotlight or something

    • You just now notice that? LOL! They’re everywhere together, they might as well get marry already. Hope they get marry and retire soon. ( :

  8. WTF. I have got enough of Pancake and Weir things.

    They are bored to death. This is the end of the day for CH 7.

    I am not going to watch them. Jesus Christ!

  9. I actually like their works. But yeah.. like you guys here, I can’t stand them off screen esp. when they’r together

  10. Yeah, this couple is in it for the money. They’re kind of annoying. And honestly Pancake really isn’t that pretty.

  11. Omg!Weir & Pancake looks so CUTE together!
    I can’t believe I’m saying this.I’m not a fan of them
    at all but that picture of them together with the teddy
    bears are so CUTE!Maybe its because of the teddy

  12. They can be cute all they want but Ch. 7 is going crazy with them, over over exposure, it’s like 4 lakorns of them each year! That really needs to stop. Ch. 7 is going to have a lot of problems in the future. Their lakorns already suck to no point of return, now they’re just promoting 2 main people as leads, that is so unwise and short termed.

  13. ever since ch.7 started promoting those two i stopped watching their lakorns. the only ch.7 i watch is Aum P and Kwan.

    • It’s the same for me. The only actresses that I like there are Aum P & Kwan.

      By plastering Pancake and Weir every where, it seems like Ch.7 is saying that they don’t have very much confidence in their other actors. Which is sad, because they’ve got really great talent there.

  14. I think I am kind of sick of Weir and Pancake at the moment. I like Weir but when it comes to Poh. I choosing him (Poh) hundred percent. I just don’t like Pancake. She (Pancake) just doesn’t have nang’ek materials.

  15. NOOOOOO!!!!! i wanted poh and pinky!!! i wanted to see them in a lakorn shesh, im soooo FREAKIN PISS AT CH. 7 and im usally a big fan of ch. 7, but there decision here is a dissappoinment to me 😦

  16. I’m a fan of Weir but this couple annoys the heck out of me!
    Yes they both are stealing other actors and actresses’ roles, and i have a feeling they are going to ruin this lakorn :/
    Weir stealing Poh’s one in this lakorn, huge fan of Poh and he might not get a chance to work with Pinky anymore!
    (Since he’s a free agent now?)
    And Pancake, well she steals everyone’s role, recently the lead role from Sammie, starring with Stefan

    • haha it not pancake who steals the role it was pinky..the drama air rigth now.do we call her Job Snatcher too? taken the role for Sammie..^^

      • That’s understandable though, because Sammie’s acting isn’t all that great. Sammie’s not nang’ek material. But I wish they didn’t replace Sammie with Pinky though, because Pinky and Stefan doesn’t make a good pair.

  17. I prefer Poh and Pinky!…I like Weir but seriously, the guy is wayy tooo young!…and Pancake does not fit the role at all. I don’t think its fair to the other actors and actress from Ch 7 also because they do have other talented people besides these two…

  18. both pancake and pinky don’t fit the role at all…
    weir is too young for the role…
    pancake is talented and she can actress…as for pinky she been in the actress for a long time it have improve much ..(not a fan of both)…oh well they got the part so …..nobody make you wacth it…(happy the yui drop out of the cast she too, to good as n’rai for paancake or pinky)

    ch 7 don’t have have ever that fit the role..but oh well..i did like the older ver but my sister do she like weir but never see pancake work yet..so she may wacth this show…

  19. Eww, if they are the the two pra’nangs then I’m not watching it. I loved the original and Weir and Pancake will ruin it.

  20. Weir and kwan or Pinky, anyone but Pancake…ugh, can’t stand her…otherwise, leave the lakorn alone, like everyone said, its a classic, should be left alone. Por would be good for the role too w/ pinky.

  21. I’m so tired of hearing about this couple! Their whole life story is online; from Weir’s plan to quit smoking for Pancake to comparing Pancake with Ann, it’s just so tiresome hearing about them. One, they can’t compare to the other actors and actresses that has been in the industry for so long. Yes, they’re young and pretty new and all and should be given a chance but we don’t need to know everything about them. As for the job snatching issue, geez, I totally don’t understand why anyone would come up with the idea of them replacing Por and Pinky (or even anybody else) in lakorns. Pinky’s been on set since she was a kid and Por has the total package plus we need to see more of Por and Pinky anyway so there…

  22. as for my opinion, this is a stupid reason for Poh and Pinky to get upset. Its up to the executives and who they want to play these roles. and I say its also up to the fans of who they love best CUZ THEY’RE ENTERTAINING THEIR FANS! and also I think its so Weir & Pancake can have more time being together so their relationship lasts. and screw CH3! Fricken hate that channel like frick! CH7 is best. Realli cute pra’eaks and nang’eks. and Poh is fricken getting old, replace him already with a younger and cuter actor.& all these opinions about Weir and Pinky and Kwan, oh come on its never gonna happen between them! Weir is with Pancake. PERIOD!

    • Nobody want to watch there lakorn every where I go I hear people talkin shit about this girl pancake n why is that people want to see her?? I jux dont get it.. N plus I think she freaken ugly…


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