2010 Nang Aek vs. Nang Rai; Battle of Sexiness

[Susie Nanna, Jennifer Politanont, and Nannie Girly Berry shows off their sexiness]

You can say that 2010 has started off with a “BANG” as summer rolls around the corner Thailand’s actresses battle it out with each other to prove that they are sexy and show off what their mama gave them! Not only are the actresses showing off their goodies, but singers are joining in!

The first person to show off her sexiness would have to be Sirita Jensen as she’s in a bikini posing on a motorbike with her jeans dangling down her legs. Even though she had gotten flack for posing like that for charity and Ch 3 Exec, Prawit Maleenon  wasn’t too happy with it, but said they (Celebrities) have the right to do whatever they want, but he’s not happy with it. We’ll have to wait and see if Rita’ photo shoot will have any impact with her having any lakorn roles in the future.

Next we have “Pei” Panward Hemanee. She is no new comer when it comes to being sexy. She recently came out to say she was seeing Big Tongpoom. for Valentine’s day promotions, but what came as a shocker was that she did a photo shoot with Andy Nielsen for her latest bikini photo shoot. Even though she has been gone from any swimsuit photo shoots for 2 years, but when she returned she returned back with a “BANG“. Word around is that she got paid a 6 digit figure to do the photo shoot.

This next person is no one new to being sexy at all, but her pose in Image Magazine last month issue has been causing quite an uproar. Where she’s laying down and her ass is sticking up in the air. Ah some might not remember this, but this pose was already done by Pang Ornjira when she started to do “sexy” photo shoots. Aump Patcharapa Chaichuer may have not have done a full swimsuit fashion shoot yet, but the truth to the story as reported by Dara Daily is that Aump was asked to do a fashion shoot 4-5 years ago and she accepted it, but when it all came down to the process, Aump backed out. Said she couldn’t do it even if she was getting paid an outrageous amount to do it. Even if we don’t see Aump doing a swimsuit photo shoot (or in this case never) a guru fashion like Aump is bound to break out and do it someday.

[Pang Ornjira Lamwilai donning the same pose] Who do you think did the pose better?

But Praew Magazine is one of the magazine that the Nang Aeks will choose to show of their sexiness. Praew was the one who grabbed up Ploy Cherman Boonyasak who did her 2nd swimsuit photo shoot with them. You can say that Ploy is like a crown that they all want.

After her 1st swimsuit photo shoot, Ploy has never done another one again (until recently). It was said that anyone magazine company who snatches up Ploy other magazine companies will pour out their money for that company. It was said that Ploy was paid 300,000 baht ($9,069 US Dollars) up front!

[Source: Kapook/Daradaily]

22 responses to “2010 Nang Aek vs. Nang Rai; Battle of Sexiness

  1. Hate to say it but from these pics, the sexiest would be Aum. I like Ploy but that pic doesn’t do her justice. Same with Rita. Hate the dangling pants look. As for Pei, way too much that its near NC-17.

  2. I have never been a fan of the “face down ass up” pose, that’s just me, BUT to stay on topic, between Aump and Pang, Aum look good in the shoot. Not a fan of hers, but I give credit when it’s due 😉

    And I think Sirita should stick to just modeling.

  3. I like the cover of Susie except for the part where her bikini is about to fall off, besides that she is hot, and yep Aump looks the hottest out of all of these pics

  4. I have to say Jennifer looks stunning-sexy..and Aum looks classy-sexy, and Pei is the cute-sexy! the rest no comments..

  5. I know that every nang aek is not perfact as I’m think, but I still love thai lakorn. PS no matter what I still want to be thai ..?..

  6. oh and one thing why every nang aek want to show thier body, because money or to make them fantastic. pok chun tee(please tell me).

  7. seem like in thai industry its about selling sex nowadays. some werent even famous until they started showing off their bod. its not even about talent anymore. the older gen. would work their butt off to get where they are at now

  8. Maybe it just me. But I don’t think Aum is sexy. I love Rita. I like Rita pose. As for Aum. That pose is doggie style pose. That is so yukky.

  9. Not all the photos are sexy. Some are trashy. But I personally think Aum looks better in her picture. The colors are better, the lighting, quality, etc…are all better. I can’t even see Pang’s face in her picture. Plus socks with stilettos with printed shorts?–Not hot. But I do like how Pang’s picture is reflected with her eyes closed. That Nannie Girly Berry looks 13-15! Eww. Pei is so white! She needs a tan.

  10. Jennifer and Aum…the end! Everybody is else is either trying to hard or showing to much.

  11. i m a recent ”consumer” of thai lakorns and i noticed how many of the moviestars are lightskinned or almost white look alike-i guess some of them are even mixed with caucasian people….this is so racist and i believe thai and asian people are much more racist than european .americans or latin americans …p.s. i know how dark and mongoloid look the r e a l thai /philipine/ondonesian/chinese people so stop lieing that these lightskinned or almost white look alike stars really ”represent’ you = ))

  12. The pose by Sirita, Aump & Pei are suggestive to the point of being vulgar. If you have sex appeal, it’ll ooze of you even with a teensy weensy sexy pose. All these poses leave nothing to the imagination. No sensual allure. What a shame, when these girls have beautiful bodies.

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