‘Fon & Fan’ announced their break up


25th Feb, famous couple Stefan Veraboonchai and “Namfon” Kullanat Preyawat announced their official break up to the media press. The couple revealed they have been apart for more than one month now.

‘Fon & Fan’ confessed their broken romance while promoting ‘Arrow’ on stage and exchanging rings & flowers as part of the shows concept.

Off stage, they were asked if this show is a practice run for their up coming real life wedding. ‘Fon & Fan’ were speechless for a moment before confessing “there will be no wedding”

“Me and Fon are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s hard for me to come out and say this. We have been apart for sometime now but we accepted this job together before we broke up”

Can we say you’ve broken up with each other?

“Yes, you can say that”

Namfon, who was standing beside Stafan also added;

“Yes, you can say that. We have discussed this so many times, but we seem to get along and there’s no 3rd hand in the relationship, this is about 2 people”

Namfon. You don’t seem very sad at all?

“I am a little sad, it’s normal. I have been sad but we’ve been apart for a month now”

Stefan added; “It’s been a month already. During filming for our lakorns we didn’t have time to talk to each other. When we were talking about breaking up, it was mutual. We’ve been together for so long so we can communicate with each other. Some people assume we probably had a fight in the process, but no, we talked about this normally”

What made you decide to break up? Is it over a scandal?

 “We have a scandal?” Stefan asked, confused.

 “It’s got nothing to do with it. We broke up because of things he’s not telling me” says Namfone

Stefan continued “On the outside I might seem okay but this is hard for me to get over and the hardest part is answering your questions. It’s very exhilarating. I chose to tell you this today because the concept of the job is about wedding and there’s no point lying to people, I can’t lie”

 If say you guys didn’t have to work today, would you have told us?

 Namfon: We were planning to tell you in March because we didn’t know how to contact you, but coincidentally we have this job together

 Source via Khaosod

13 responses to “‘Fon & Fan’ announced their break up

  1. Forgive me for saying this, but… is this some sort of publicity stunt? Why do celebs feel the need to “announce” their breakups?

    I actually forgot about this couple and their existance.

  2. This is pretty sad…they’ve been together for a pretty long time. I really thought they’d be getting marry in the future. Namfon is not getting any younger.

    • How it that so? Breakup to get more famous I doubt it considering the length of times they’ve been together, the feeling involved and everything. Every relationship has an expiration date, just love alone can sustain a relationship. It’s sad that they have broken up but they are still on speaking term so hopefully the break up does not affect their business relationship.

      I think it’s professional of them to go on with an event they have promised prior the dissolution of their romance. It was probably uncomfortable for both of them. They were bombarded with marriage questions and I think it was very honest of them not to lie about term of their relationship.

  3. I always thought that they weren’t going to last because it seems to me like Fon is the type that wants a marriage but Stefan is the type that doesn’t really care about actually getting married.

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