Ploy in a Bikini; Now Vs Then

In 2002, “Ploy” Chermarn Boonyasak became ‘hot commodity’ after the release of a bikini photoshoot with Sudsapda Magazine.

Today Ploy makes  a comeback in a bikini once again – posing for the latest issue of Praew.

It’s undeniable, she’s a sexy girl with curves in all the right places.

However, netizen are debating whether she was more sexier then… or now



Some comments from Pantip

“I don’t like it. I prefer her old white bikini photoshoot from years ago”

“Too much make up. I prefer the fresh look”

“The photoshoot she did with Sudsapda magazine was mesmerizing.I really liked the old one, She was curvy back then, but not like this”

“I like this one, it’s beautiful. I’m tired of scrawny models”

“She looks beautiful, like how a real woman should look, with some meat on them”

29 responses to “Ploy in a Bikini; Now Vs Then

  1. i’m glad she’s not super skinny, but she’s not fit. too flabby! i agree, the old ones are better. the new ones, she looks stiff and not at all really attractive.

  2. She looks good even though she’s showing too much skin here. She’s showing more than Aum lol I hope some of you that diss Aum won’t be a hypocrite and praise her for this. Sexy doesn’t equal showing too much skin but it doesn’t mean it’s not sexy.

    • The difference between Aum and Ploy is that Ploy never said she won’t do swimsuit . She did it before and now she’s doing it again so no surprise there. Aum on the other hand said she won’t do it but then later on said she might one day. So we’re no hypocrites if we praised Ploy. Also she’s in a bikini, of course she will be showing too much skin, did you expect her to wear retro swimsuits that they wore in the 60’s?

      • what is your point honey? so Aum can’t change her damn mind? lmfao! nobody is perfect and Aum never claimed that she’s perfect. Poly show a lot skin when she isn’t wearing bikini too. I’m sure when Aum wears a bikini like Ploy some of you would still hate. But w/e haters gonna hate.

  3. I like the old one instead, she looks like she’s into the photo shoot. The new right now, looks like she has to suck in her stomach to make her look skinny.

    • Danggit, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think Aum is sexier. Ploy is too, but like some are saying, she looks a bit flabby. I dislike Aum, but I’m not gonna lie that she’s not hot. She is, but we all just hate how she carries herself and flaunts her body all the time. And that gets really old then she tries to play dumb. To me, Ploy has a very fierce face and a flabby body. And Aum has a very nice body but has the same sexy face all the time and there’s something about her forehead and her lips that bothers me. Okay, I’m done criticizing for the day. ( :

    • Poly is Poly lol Aum will always be Aum. Poly tries too hard as much as Aum or even hardier. But I see nothing wrong with trying hard it’s better than not trying at all.

  4. bikini or no bikini ploy still has a hot body. even with clothes on she still looks sexy. that is what you call a natural. agree that aum tries too hard to be sexy. and then she have the guts to say that she doesn’t think she’s sexy? then why are you always showing your chest. i find that so annoying.

    • Hmm Poly show her damn chest in mags too. Aum doesn’t need to show skin to look sexy tbh. Most of her fans thinks she look sexy when clothes are on but it doesn’t mean showing here and there is not sexy. Also, there’s nothing wrong with aum saying she doesn’t feel she’s sexy.. just because most people think she’s sexy doesn’t mean she have to agree with them. I’m sure if she said she find herself so damn sexy you would still hate.

      • Obviously her fans are gonna say she’s sexy in everything, fans support and that’s what they do. I can see your a fan too because you’re replying to anything that has aum in it. By the way she flaunts her assets, you know she knows she’s sexy, because insecurities show, but you don’t see any of that plastered on aum’s face or body language, she’s confident and she knows she’s sexy, or else she wouldn’t even have the guts to show that much skin in the first place. And you’re right, there’s nothing wrong with trying hard, but trying hard doesn’t mean it’s gonna come out the way you want it to look, people prefer natural sexy. Natural sexy is when you’re sexy in anything you wear, it’s that natural aura that comes off right away, so if the person you replied to thinks that ploy is naturally sexy, then even when she’s showing her chest, that person would find it naturally sexy. People have different opinions and there’s always gonna be people who hate, replying to all those hate comments isn’t going to change anything about their opinions, and her name is ploy, not poly.

  5. The old ones look so much better. They look easy-breezy, and the backgrounds go with the look. But the new ones are ugly. The colorful, pueblo-looking designs/colors are ugly. Why would you take a bikini picture behind backgrounds like that? It doesn’t even look right. And the swimming suits are all ugly. Ploy looks pretty, but prettier in the old ones.

  6. its probably the concept of the magazine. since alot of people are already talking about aump. lol. shes not sexy, shes skanky. shes not ugly, but shes not hot. she looks like a drag & i wouldnt be surprised if she was born a boy. in my definition of sexy, you dont hafta show skin or have bones. its the way you carry yourself. aump always slightly opens her mouth, tilt her face up a lil and shows her bone sitting on her right shoulder. but again thai media is kinda wierd on their sexiness. bee matika was considered sexy at one point cuz she did a bikini shoot.

  7. Beautiful beautiful photoshoot, that girl just got some nice curves that some doesn’t have.
    The bikini were okay, but I wish it was more cuter/sexier bikinis.
    Thank you.

  8. Her old photoshoot was 10x better. Her poses were more natural and she had a nice smile. Now, it seems like she’s trying too hard to be sexy, stiff poses and face, ugly swimsuits, scenery and hair. It’s a bikini shoot gone wrong.

  9. I really dont understand people…She isn’t way to flabby…Wow…No wonder stars are anorexics…Pressures of fans and antis constantly saying these type of stuff. Okay…If people think she’s flabby then I wonder what those people look like. She looks fine to me. She’s like sunisa Jett when I saw her bikini photos except the fact that I think sunisa Jett is sexier in her bikina photoshoot…They are women with curves in the right places…And I am glad I don’t see bones popping out of their skin. I do like the old better because it’s more natural looking, but still sexy nonetheless. Thai entertainment needs more types of bodies like Ann, sunisa, Rita, ploy, etc. I hate to see stick skinny…You can have stick skinny all you want but that doesn’t make you sexy…Women with curves like the women I mentioned is what I find sexy…Curves over skinny any day…And I still don’t find ploy way to flabby…if so then I guess I am way too flabby too and I am pretty sure some readers here are too.

    • I don’t think she is flabby either. I wonder how would someone know she is unfit? What a coincidence, yesterday I went to get a health examination, I am way thicker than Ploy and I am healthy and fit. I guess I am unfit according to others lol…

  10. Just an observation…I haven’t seen so much comments being made on a post in a long time. I guess people are really passionate about Ploy, Aump, flabbiness, etc. As for me, I think both ladies are beautiful and have great bodies. They have different body types but both still look great.

  11. Like the old… But LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE the new one. Yes she has curves !! She’s not skinny & scrawny… She has a bod.

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