Aon Sarawuth “I’m no angel”

Actor “Aon” Sarawuth Marttong is estatic to receive his 5 million baht condominum prize from Superstar Awards Show. In an interview with the press the actor talks about his most recent hardcore photo shoot with Lips Magazine.

“I see it as just a job. In my life, I’m still the same, people who have watched ‘Superstar’ would know that I’m capable of carrying out all kinds of roles, even playing as Beyonce. I could play that”

“The concept of the photo shoot might be a little rough, but it’s about fashion. I’m an actor, when I’m done with a job, it’s finished”

How long did it took you to make the decision?

“Not long. I like to work with talented people and I saw the photoshoot that Opal did with him. We can’t all stay young and beautiful forever and when he asked me if I wanted to work with him I said okay. The concept might have been strong but it’s not like I dress like that walking around the street”

“It’s like sometimes I play as a murderer in lakorns, but am I like that in real life”

Are you happy with the photo shoot?

“Yes I am aside from, when I looked at it on the internet there’s a naked picture wrapped in leather. I just want to say, that is not me, that’s some other white guy. Other than that, it’s okay”

Has P’Nong (Broadcast Executive) called you in to her office?

“When I saw her I apologized to her because the photos were a little bit revealing. But P’Nong understands that I’m just doing my job as an actor and P’Nong has seen me for a long time and she knows that acting is something that I do”

The photoshoot is a contradition to your image on TV Show “Taewada Satu”

“I believe most people don’t follow all of my work. But those who does follow all of it they will know my decision. As for my image as an angel (on Taewada Satu),  I’m no angel. My name is Aon Sarawuth and I portray the character of an angel and it so happens that I made that character very believable because I’m a good actor right. And this is just a job, when I take off my white outfit, I’m just Aon Sarawuth”

If you get asked to do another photoshoot like this, would you?

“Let me tell you now. I’m beyond the stage where I see money as important. From now on, I just want to accept work that I want to accept. I’m just an actor, not the kind who’s head is up in cloud nine because he’s famous. I want to work with talented people, anyone who has a good idea, I would be willing to work with them. Income is negotiable”

Source via Rakdara

16 responses to “Aon Sarawuth “I’m no angel”

  1. I think he’s good looking, but I don’t like the whole fetish photo shoot. He has a great looking back side, but I just don’t like the shoot. It was lacking in taste. He might call it art, but I call it TASTELESS and CREEPY!!

    • It’s tasteless and creepy art, then. XD

      If I was a model, I wouldn’t take anything like that because I know which one is art and which one is fetish.

  2. There are many forms of art and you either like it or you don’t. In this case, many people don’t, but it doesn’t mean it’s porn. He has a good point about his personal and professional life. Some people can’t distinguished between the two.

    • That was just what I was about to say. He has a valid point but his choice to do such photoshoot was not a wise decision.

  3. he’s sooooo HOOOT, like he said he’s just doin his job!!! his answer were well said!!!! I think he’s a GREAT actor he could play any role!!!! Plus he’s hot LOL 😀

  4. Okay, why are we judging this man? It’s not like he killed someone. It’s his body, his career, and his decision. His pictures did come off with a bad start, but who cares? People need to just be mature about it. I didn’t like the pictures, but I do love Aon. I think he’s a good actor and he stands out. ( :

    • Also, did they photoshop his back? Because I remember his drama with Noon, he had a pretty visible tattoo on his back.

  5. i admire this guy for being not hyprocrite. plus this guy has got a lot in between his ears. and those are rare gifts here in thailand.

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