12 Handsome Guys Take Over Sudsapda

For the latest issue of Sudsapda, 12 handsome guys take over to show off their hotness.

There are a few I’m glad that is on there, but then there are some that I wish that wasn’t on there. What’s up with Dan and the freaky looking animal? He’s already hot, he doesn’t need a prop!

[Weir Sukollwat]

[Pong Nawat]

[Lt/Colonel Wanchana Sawatdee]

I don’t know what it is about Lt. Wanchana, but when I see him I get a warm a fuzzy feeling inside. I guess men in uniforms are really heartbreakers.

[Pae Arak]

[Nadech Kumigiya]

[Beau Thanakorn]

[Por Thissadee]

[Bie Sukrit]

[Mario Maurer]

[Aum Artichart]

[Film Rattapoom]

[Images via magazinedee]

37 responses to “12 Handsome Guys Take Over Sudsapda

  1. Only pick that turn nice is prob Por (bad background setting), Lt Sawatdee (strong message and cute), and I agree Dan’s pix is nice…the animal’s f*ing scary. Most of the bg setups are so generic and cheap.

  2. Lt/Colonel Wanchana Sawatdee, his arms remind me of Willy with Anne lol. pretty much almost everything else on the photo 😀

  3. Por, Aum, Pong looks cute in their pixs. But, where is Chakrit, Rome, Andrew G., Por N., and of course Ken. Where r they??

  4. I like Dan’s and Lt. bird’s pic.. it looks more natural thoguh.

    the other boys are good looking too.. but looks too much of photoshop -“-

  5. Dan is so freaking cute. Not sure why they picked such a strange prop for him. He doesn’t need anything else to boost his hotness.

    I like Film’s picture too. It shows that the photographer doesn’t care about him compared to the others and just threw him against a solid colored wall w/ no props what-so-ever. LOL

  6. there all cute but i agree with sheesa where’s ken?!?! Oh not to mention my ROME Patchata where’s he!!! Rome Patchata should have been on here LUV ROME<33 😉


  8. oohh Weirs first! 😀
    Pong, Bie and Weir, the rest,,, ehhhhhhh
    but the animals and pros make em look so kiddiyish!! cute.

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