Pei Panward Shows Off Her Fake Breasts

We all know Pei Panward Hemanee has no shame when it comes to showing off her body, but seein the cover of Pooying just had us wondering…

Why won’t she just do a nude photoshoot and get it over with? She may be a cougar/puma (whatever you want to call it) on the prowl, but seriously at least let it be her new beau be the one she’s rubbing her fake tittays all over.

[Images via Magazinedee]

32 responses to “Pei Panward Shows Off Her Fake Breasts

  1. Those are some awful names she is being labeled as. Pei Panward Hemanee is a beautiful woman who has the “authority” to do whatever she want with her body. So stop with the cruel comments and remarks.

  2. I have to give her credit. She has a nice body and she’s cute, but all that is just a little too much for me.

    That guy reminds me of a young Tik J. but that girlie bikini bottom looking thang he’s wearing killed it for me. Just my two cent and then some, carry on LOL

  3. LOL! that is one funny and funky looking boobie!! all of these photos are so fake now. i mean all magazine photos. it looks way fake and not real looking at all. come on ladies, we can look just as great if we have some really good photoshop skills or in this case, some really bad photoshop skills.

  4. yup she did a Wonderful job at it however, that’s a bit too much. Shes teasing us. lol exactly, why dont she just show the whole plastic package? If im one of her coworkers or cast that’s working with her on a movie, id feel uncomfortable especially if im an elder.

  5. just disgusinting. even here in America, we don’t see this photoshoot of a couple posting like this for the front page, except for playboy. These people have no moral values.

  6. hey i dont know what kind of magazine is this but what are they trying to advertise exactly there..playboy or bikini fashion..if it is bikini they better wear it right cause the outfit ain’t displaying well.

    • lol it makes me think… is the economy so bad over there that they need to resort to these types of photoshoot to sell there magazines??

  7. Overall, I think Pei is really cute and pretty. I just wish she’d stop portraying herself in a provocative way. She has a well personality, but just a fetish for skanky looks. I think Pei looks so much like Poy Treechada. I tend to get them confused. lol.

  8. she can do whatever she wants i just think its funny that she has a bigger package than her boyfriend! hahahahahaha

  9. thailand’s media censorship is so contradicting sometimes…they banned one of the of MVs of 2005 Tiwa Hula Hula because their outfits (shorts and tank tops) were too revealing, although the setting was at the beach. BUT not banned any of this or any of the Girlyberry MVs

  10. thailand is so hypocritical so the leo calendar girls get slammed for having body paint where u can’t see anything on their photoshoot but pei is free to parade her breasts all over this magazine.

    pooying is supposed to be about women. so in order to get women to buy their magazine they have pei do and almost playboy photoshoot? wtf?

  11. like wtf , why don’t she just go naked brahh, rofl , please real pretty girls don’t go around taking picture of themselves half naked. why don’t she just go and be a pornstar, im not being rude or mean ,but i just can’t help it, it just disgust me. i use to like her but …… she over board now.

  12. The massive photoshopping in this photoshoot is blinding me. This is less sexy than a photoshoot with clothes.

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