Big D2B’s Father Denies His Son Has A Secret Family

Big D2B‘s father denies that “Big” Apichet/Panrawat Kittikorncharoeun has never had a secret wife or child.

On the 14th of February Mr. Udom Kittikorncharoeun, aged 63 years old (who is the father of the late “Big” Apichet/Panrawat Kittikorncharoeun) revealed to Thairath online to clear up the rumors that him and his wife are caring for his late son child. Mr. Udom denied the allegations of the rumor and that his family were or on the verge of struggling to the point where they have no where to live and eat. He admits his health isn’t doing so well due to prostate cancer and that since Big has passed away it’s been him and his wife, Ms. Yupha Kittikorncharoeun.

So Big does not have any hidden family and his parents are not raising his child. His father states that they are not struggling because they have a dorm building that they rent out and from that the money from rent is enough for them to live daily on.

“We aren’t struggling and we can get by. We have a dorm/apt building that we’ve built out on Thepirak in Samut Prakarn, but my health is a little bad. It’s old people symptoms. My knees are weak and I go to the doctors on a regular basis. My wife is sick every now and again also. She’s around 60 like me also. The rumors about Big having a secret wife and child is not true at all. We would like to thank everyone for thinking/remembering him. Every year we go to the temple to make merits for him.”

19 responses to “Big D2B’s Father Denies His Son Has A Secret Family

  1. How heartless can people get? They are seniors citizens. They lost their only child. WHY are people spreading around such rumors? Let Big rest in peace, and just let his parents be.

  2. OMG!….just reading this news makes me teary…I miss him so much…..and gosh ppl need to stop making up some stupid stuff……

    awies, i feel bad for his parents…their doing okay but kind of sick…hope they get better

  3. Those who made this story up are an…assssss

    Can’t they leave Big in peace even now? And what about his parents? god.. don’t they have enough stars to gossip about, but have to live on a person who’s not here anymore?

    go to… ..thai reporters

  4. OMG OMG I got sooooo angry reading this. Haven’t these people been through enough? Some people jus don’t have a heart spreading rumours about P’Big and his parents.

    On a side note: I miss P’Big so much. R.I.P.

  5. God that’s pathetic, why the hell are reporters even bringing this up, let him rest in peace, give his family peace. That’s just disgusting to even bring up when he’s no longer living. I guess the media has no boundaries, they’ll do anything for a cent even when it means bothering the family of a deceased entertainer, I feel sad for the family, hope they feel better.

    Miss Big and D2B

  6. OMG whether the rumors true or not, leave the poor family alone. They lost their only son, alone child and they are senior citizens. This just brings tears to my eyes, leave them alone damn medias!!!

  7. i think half of it might be true. as to his parents are struggling, might be true because they are old and of course it kind of hard for them because there is no one to help them out. but to really think of it, it actually a good thing if he did have a child because that will give his parents someone/something to hope for and a reason to live on… but too bad it just a rumor 😦

  8. what about if he has a child , im glad , there’s nothing wrong, and please why would people talk about a dead person , they are gone for good. I FUCKIN LOVE AND MISS BIG, LEAVE HIM ALONE. ” sitting here thinking of him” im a dreamer LOL.

  9. Big is gone already, can’t people leave him alone? Does anyone have respect for the deceased these days?! Assuming he did have a secret family…and? What’s it going to matter now? What, are paparazzi going to follow him into the afterlife too? I’m a huge D2B fan and I miss Big all the time. It hurts to see these rumors flying around and to see Big’s dad whose sickly having to clear them. It’s completely ridiculous.

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