Netizens criticized Gybzy for her outfit to Nanny’s Graduation

13 Feb, “Nanny” Pattaranant Derassamee of RS Promotion Girl Band “Girly Berry” along with actress “Pat” Napapa Tuntrakoon graduated from university.

At the graduation ceremony – fellow celebrity friends attended the ceremony to congratulate the graduates. One of the friends were “Gybzy” Wanida Temtanaporn and the above outfit was what she chose to wear to the ceremony.

Netizens at Pantip set up a topic to criticize the young starlet. “Is this fashion? Gybzy’s outfit to Nanny’s graduation, what was she thinking?!”

More Photos;

Some comments from Netizens;

“A graduation ceremony is not a night club or a shopping centre. It’s so inappropriate of her, she should at least respect the venue. She is not a young girl, she should know better”

“Maybe she’s in a hurry and forgot to put on underwear”

“What do you expect from someone like her?”

“If she wasn’t a celebrity, I would have mistaken her for a hooker”

“The new trend for fashion – no more bottoms, just tops”

“It’s inappropriate, but I like it!”

“Just take your clothes off little girl”

“This is a new fashion, can all girls please dress like her from now on. Thanks krup”



……….What’s your opinion?

22 responses to “Netizens criticized Gybzy for her outfit to Nanny’s Graduation

    • that’s what i though too! i was staring at that pic thinking is it really dress? it looks more like a t-shirt.

      “This is a new fashion, can all girls please dress like her from now on. Thanks krup” <—- Whuhahahahaha!!!!

  1. ppl wear stuff like that all the time in LA .. a super long shirt with booty shirts … its fashion …

    was it inappropriate ?? yea .. what can you do about it now .. nothing but criticize her on it

  2. I understand if that was what she wore to the beach but this case, uh oh, someone forgot to put on a pair of pant. A short will do too at the least or a longer dress (if that is really consider a dress lol)

  3. oh who cares about her!
    probably just trying to get some attention.

    Pat looks waaaaaaaaaay cute and she has clothes on!!!
    someone needs to give Gybzy a memo. a BIG ONE. (that could is big enough to, barely cover her, since that’s her style LOL)

  4. hey the 2nd pic is from a different day right? bcus it looks like her short ass shirt is green. So she wore just shirts to 2 graduatuion ceremonies? oh wow… I think she’s just trying to get attention, bcus if they werent slutty then their songs wouldnt sell since they cant sing at all. theyre quite annoying.

  5. What the hell was she thinking?!!!
    Why is she wearing a shirt to one of the most important days of her bandmate’s life?If I was Nanny,I would have been so embarrassed.It reminds me of that dress she wore to the Cannes Film Festival.


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