Tangmo’s BF Plans to take legal Action Against an ET website

Private video clip of “Thank” Pongsakorn Mahaparaya and ex girlfriend leaked on a public website and Thank is not too happy about it.

Thank, now current boyfriend to actress “Tangmo” Patarathida revealed he will be taking legal action against the media for publicizing his personal photos.

“I have a present for her for Valentine’s day but I can’t tell you about it yet because if I tell you then it won’t be a surprise. It’s nothing too overly expensive, it’s not a 6 digit figure but it’s worthy enough for her to cherish”

We heard at your dad’s function you and Tangmo were super sweet with each other to the point where you tried to avoid the media

“Honestly the reporters were pretty happy on that day. Mo and my parents were very happy. We didn’t try to block the media at all. I think they’re just teasing us and I admit if people want to criticize I can accept that. I can’t make people like us”

“However there is one thing that I can’t stand and that is false news. The other day a website published a leaking video clip of me and my ex girlfriend. Now I’ve gone to discuss this with my lawyer and I’m preparing to sue because it’s not even a clip. It’s just photos that they used to advertise as ‘Thank’s leaking clip’. I think that’s very inappropriate for them to lure people into their website that way”

How much have you prepared for the courtcase?

“Right now I’ve consulted my lawyer and I should be taking legal action very soon. I feel celebrities are often afraid of the media so they’re not brave enough to get up and fight. In my views I feel, I’m never going to starve in my life time so maybe I should get up and fight on behalf of everybody else”

Have you consulted Mo about this?

“Yes I have and she has given me the green light because right now we have to admit that magazines nowadays are publishing news that are inappropriate. Some of them are fabricated so I feel I should sue them through Civil law and criminal law”

Source via Entertain Teenee (Dailynews)

Photos of Thank and ex girlfriend from hunsa via Gossipstar;

5 responses to “Tangmo’s BF Plans to take legal Action Against an ET website

  1. You know it seems like he brought up the allegation himself in this interview. He mentioned the problem without them asking him about it.

  2. Agree WP, Thank did bring up the mater himself without them asking him in the interviews. LOL.

    i believe what he is doing is right. Its to show people out there that just because they are celebs doesn’t mean that they can’t take charge and press charges. Yea, they might have a little more advantage in their rights than us regular citizens cause we aren’t celebs like them, haha. but still GOOD FOR HIM!.

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