“Dome is not a gentleman” Says Pam

Previously “Pam” Panpim Taechathanachaipat came forward to say she’s chatting to “Dome” Pakorn Lum on blackberry because Dome asked her for her number. However, when the news surfaced Dome was quick to deny all affiliations with Pam. He claimed, he doesn’t know her and never asked Pam for her number. Dome revealed Pam was the one whom added him on her blackberry first and he deleted her number instantly because he had no intention of pursuing romance with her.

Pam is irate by Dome’s interview and came out again for the second time to say “Dome is not a gentleman!”

Although this is not the first time Pam has been humiliated by another fellow celeb – in the past, Pam has been involved in 3rd hand saga with Ploy Little voice. Later she was dubbed as third hand again in the relationship between Mod 3G and DJ Krit. The most recent headline would have to be her romance news with Film Rathapoom. However, both DJ Krit and Film have denied her.

Here is Pam’s interview via Manager

“It’s not true, I can confirm that. I took one photo with P’Dome because I know P’Zank’s girlfriend. On that day P’Dome was performing at the pub and I was sitting in the performer’s room with my friends”

“When P’Dome came out to talk to P’Zank, I took one photo with him. As for my pin number on my blackberry. I can confirm 100% that P’Dome asked me for my number first so I don’t know why he said to the press that he doesn’t know anything about it. I’m upset that he wouldn’t admit to the truth, he is not a gentleman. It’s just a blackberry pin number

“In my interview I never said P’Dome was hitting on me. I just said he’s just a brother in the industry and he already has a girlfiend. And as for me I’m talking to someone too”

“It seems like he is over reacting, thinking that I’ve given an interview to say that he’s courting me. In his interview he said he has never spoken to me and he said he deleted my number on the first day that we met but my manager can confirm that P’Dome and I were exchanging messages at Top Awards ceremony. He deleted my number after we made news so I’m confused with him, why does he have to delete my number?”

“Honestly it’s nothing. When I see other stars in the industry, I want to take pictures with them. When I go to functions and see other seniors I take pictures with them. I think it’s normal and in the industry, I have so many other numbers belonging to other male celebs in the industry, it’s not just P’Domes’. I take a lot of photos with female celebs also but those pictures don’t make news”

“When I took a photo with P’Dome I didn’t think he knew me but when we sat down to talk he said he remembered me from Gossipstar aunction, where I bought his photograph”

Apparently Dome drove you home one time?

“(laughs) I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I don’t want people to say I’m trying to create publicity for myself. I don’t want to answer this question because most people will only read P’Dome’s interview and they will think that I’m responsible for leaking the news”

“What happened was not just one photograph that I put on face book. The media were asking me how I met him and I answered the question. They asked me if I exchanged numbers with him and I told them we exchanged BB number. I also said in the interview that there’s nothing going on between us because he has a girlfriend and I’m also talking to someone”

“And did you read P’Dome’s interview? If you ask me if I’m mad at him, I don’t really want to say but take a look at his old news with P’Mangmoom. It’s a similar story. When I first read about his news back then I thought P’Dome couldn’t be that type of person judging from the outside but now that this happened, I’m like oh, this must be his true personality”

“But whatever people will think I’m trying to become famous because I’m not as popular as P’Dome who’s been in the industry for longer and is much more famous than me so it’s normal for people to feel that way”

17 responses to ““Dome is not a gentleman” Says Pam

  1. Pam is actually my cousin-in-law. Incredibly sweet young girl, though unfortunately the media has painted her as a dirty. I can confirm 100% what she’s saying is true. Dome is a womanizing ass.

    • Since I posted this a few people have told me he’s actually a really nice guy. I haven’t met him, so I can’t say he’s a womanizer really. Just another case of the Thai media blowing things out of proportion I guess. Price you pay for being a celeb…Apologies to all you Dome fans out there.

  2. I believe her, whoever she is lol. Because Dome has a habit of falling into news with the sexy type of girls and I’ve seen him since he first started the ET. Therefore I’ve seen his acts for many years and whats for sure is he has a big ego, especially with his looks. He basically thinks he can get all the girls he want. But sorry, he’s not even hot to me in my opinion. I always felt like there was something wrong with him since I first saw him.

  3. I met Dome when he came out to study in SF bay area.. I have to say that he is a very good looking guy in person.. there were a lot girls hitting on him, especially Japanese girls…and he seemed very friendly with everybody.. his looks can come off as being cocky, but he is actually a cool guy! I just watched Dome on Ratrisamsorn, and he did mention about Pam but it wasn’t bad..

  4. gossip news
    most of the time i just read and laugh off
    cuz if i don’t know them in person
    i don’t really care what the press said lol

    my fd took a photo with P’Dome once before (while he was still sitting inside his van)
    and he joked and said…
    “another gossip” (since the photo was taken “inside the van”)

    that just proved how many gals love attaching to him or taking photos with him (and somehow becomes “gossip”)

    being handsome i’m pretty sure caused him tons of problems lol
    and if he’s a playboy …well that i cannot comment cuz it’s his life – and if he sure really is – I’m pretty sure those gals are “willingly” to be with him

    • Ya I agree with you. I think nowadays girl dunt mind if they even noe that he is a playboy. Cos he has the stuffs of a perfect person. When I saw him in tuat vampire movie , there is nothing to comment except he is fucking good looking. Lol…

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