Nat gets a hand bag from Aum

“Nat” Myria Bennedetti gets a new tailor made bag from close friend “Aum” Atichart Choonanon on her birthday.

On the 6th February, Nat celebrated kindly by giving lunch to disabled children at a home in Klong Toey, then later went out to dinner with Aum and Anne Tongprasom.

In a report by Siamdara, Nat talks about her birthday celebration.

“On my birthday I went to a children’s home in Klong Toey. I’ve been sponsoring a child there for many years and I went there discreetly to celebrate without telling the media”

“I went to give the children lunch and gifts. The kids are so cute, they danced for me too. I’m sponsoring a 9 year old, I’ve been sponsoring the child from the age of two and I visit to see how my child is doing”

Did you invite Aum?

“I did invite him but he couldn’t make it so we just went out to dinner instead. I went with a lot of people. Anne Tongprasom and my family went to dinner with us too”

Did Aum give you a special present?

“Yes he did. Something small and I like it but I won’t get to see in for another 3 months”

What is it?

“It’s a bag. I really wanted this type of bag and you have to get it made”

Your name will be engaved on this bag?

“No it’s not like that. And no I’m not surprised. This is normal, if someone buys me something, I can acvcept their gifts. And you usually ask people what they want before you buy it for them because it’s always better to give people what they like”

What’s your relationship to Aum now?

“Just normal. No progress, still the same. I have good feelings for him. He is a good person and I don’t want to rush”

29 responses to “Nat gets a hand bag from Aum

  1. Man if they start dating i will fucking scream, i’m not the person who is happy for people that they don’t match Nat is like his fucking mom. Please don’t reply to my comment becasue this is just my personal opinion and if you don’t like it ignore it!

  2. I don’t mean to burst your bubble but I think Aum and Nat are dating but like all celebs they won’t admit it. I just don’t get that.

  3. Is it just me that aum is not finding someone around his age or at least 2-3 younger than him. I think that aum isn’t taking his time to know what he wants. There is a difference between want and need. This aum here is having the mentally thinking that he can get any women just because of his looks. Looks sell and it will continue to.

  4. LOL of course they are dating. “Having good feelings for each other”, “brother-sister relationship” those are the signs of dating for celebs.

  5. I don’t see the problem of them dating here, nat is a nice person and pretty too, she is 35 so about 5 yrs older than Aum,,,,,,,Look at Ken and Noi they have 7-8 yrs different nobody complain about that plus Nat looks way younger that Noi…..Why can’t we as a fan base let them date whoever they want, it real life not on screen,,,,,Aff is with Songkran, she is 29 or 30 and Song is 25-26 so be it, if they happy let them be…sorry if I affend anyone

    • I agreed with your comments. I am ok with Nat dating Aum because she seems like a decent nice lady. And she and Aum doesn’t seem to flash about their relationship, unlike Songkran and Aff. They are everywhere now., and now they are doing a show together. i am getting tired of them. Why would they want to do such thing, when many people don’t even care about these two? As it becomes annoying to us all.

    • Yup, totally agree with you, this is real life, age doesn’t matter, if they like each other for who they are and not age or looks, then good for them.

  6. I’m a little bit surprised by many comments in this website. If you read this topic in Thai webboard, most of the comments would say that Aum doesn’t deserve Nat at all!! She’s one of the sweetest “dara” and I can totally understand why Aum’s falling for her.

    • Haha it’s sad that people out of Thailand doesn’t know what a sweet lady Nat is, all they think about is her age, but she has the best personality 🙂

        • nicely said. and like what me and my sisters always say “she may look old now but eventually he will catch up to her” or “she will catch up to him” as in looking younger as she still age. its possible. like when noi wasnt pregnant and to now. they match. 🙂 one of my favorite married couples. X] beside willy

        • If you meet Umm in person,you’ll just feel the same as towards Nat. Both Nat and Umm are talented artists and very nice person.They deserve each other.(Of course Umm still needs to improve himself to catch up with Nat) If they keep on doing things in the right way, the prediton for their relationship will probaly go true:) Give my best wish to them.

  7. A good man deserved to be with a good woman.

    Both Umm and Nat are low-key person, they keep their relationship quiet, it’s a mature attitude for love.

    So I wish them happy forever if they really love each other and meant to be together.

  8. guess bcoz nat is not really a lakorn actress (eventhough she began her acting career in lakorn like what..15+ yrs ago?)…so ppl. outside thailand don’t really know her well in the lakorn genre….now she’s more of a singer and is considered to be a very talented actor/singer in the thai musical plays..(if you have seen any of her plays, you’ll know what i mean)
    and if you would ask the thai ppl. what they think about nat? that’s a totally different story…i hardly hear ppl. say bad things about nat…..really.

  9. I love Nat and Aum individually. As much as I am oppose to “their relationship” they will still receive my love and support.

  10. They’r nice people. Nat is a typical proper star in Thailand. She’s never had any scandal.
    Aum is a nice actor too. He’s from a good family, never have bad news never seen him in night club or something like that.

    But honestly, they don’t match. I hope Aum goes back to pinky but it’s impossible now.

  11. Nat still looks good even if she’s in her mid 30’s.As for her and Aum dating, i love Aum but he can date who he wants!

    Guys date older women all the time (cougars, they are called).

    Age is not a factor as long as they love each other. Aum is not even bothered by their age difference, so why would other people? lol..

    Take Ken and Noi for example, they are sooo in love i’m happy for them 😀

  12. aum is the lucky one to be with nat myria. shes very pretty & is a sweetheart. i guess the people against this relationship are the ones who just started watching the thai entertainment (& does not know who nat myria is) or got hooked on jumleuy ruk… aff&aum… blah blah blah. lol. um, this is reality, not lakorns.

  13. couldn’t agree with you more…
    nat’s like the ultimate thai entertainment sweetheart.
    IMHO…..she could do so much better than this..

  14. a celeb gets a purse for a present and it makes news…lamo!!!!! ok ok but yea I don’t mind them two dating…their both adults…

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