Andrew Cronin moves to channel 7

Former channel 3 star “Andrew” Korrasek Cronin announced at his latest function that he has officially moved to channel 7.

“I’ve signed a contract already. It’s officially my new home now. I’ve signed with a 3 year contract with Dara Video”

“I left channel 3 on good terms. I still think of them as my siblings, I don’t have any problems with them at all. It’s just that my contract with them ran out and I had the opportunity of talking to channel 7 and we clicked instantly, so I wanted to work with them. I want to grow as well”

You left because channel 3 didn’t give you enough work?

“Hmm, honestly maybe that wasn’t really where I was meant to be. I want good things too and no I’m not upset, channel 3 has given quite a lot of work in the past”

Have you been given anything by channel 7 yet?

“Yes I have, a lakorn “Nuer Manut”. I didn’t move to channel 7 to be a leading actor, I want to change and I’m taking on a villain role. I want to play the bad guy. I guess my face is not made to play as a good person. I know that about myself”

Louis (ch.7 Executive) is fond of you?

“Yes, I’ve known him for a long time, even before I signed with channel 3 and I’m glad he waited around for me for 3 years”

People are comparing your move with Poh Nuttawuth

“I can’t be compared to P’Poh because I’m considered as a no name and P’Poh is a veteran. I feel under pressure that people are comparing us. P’Poh is famous and the channel is…it’s his personal business. I don’t really know the story”

Source via Khaosod


14 responses to “Andrew Cronin moves to channel 7

  1. noo why??…i wish hoping to see him as a ch3 pra’ek one day. for some reason i knew he was eventually gonna switch channel cuz he was giving much work but i thought maybe he’ll still stick around with broadcast. i guess its good for ch7 since now they have a cute actor in their channel lol

  2. well it’s a gain for ch.7 and a lost for ch.3 personally i think Andrew is pretty good and he should pra’ek!! just my opinion! 🙂

  3. No! I can’t believe he moved. I really wanted to see him grow to be a pra-ek on CH.3 plus he think he matches Ch.3’s genre of lakorns more than any of Ch. 7’s

  4. I’ve never seen him before, I think he’s cute guy. Maybe DaraVDO should pair him up in a lakorn with Kob Suvanant, that would be cool.

  5. NO!!!WHY?! I Love him!He is so damn CUTE!!!!
    I don’t want him to play the bad guy!He’s match
    playing the good guy here b/c he is FINE!

  6. he doesn’t match as bad guy. i like him being good. hopefully ch. 7 will make him pra’ek cuz they do need more of those.

    all the channels have no variety. even tho ch. 3 is not that bad as ch. 7 but still, theyshould give other guys a chance and take chatchai out. yep the old guy. they should also not just give all the roles to por t. either.

  7. I just love him!! he’s gorgeous!
    i hope they give him lead roles ’cause channel 7 seriously lacks goodlooking lead actors that can act…

    channel 3 should’ve hold on to him…i think he can be a lead actor…he has that potential…unlike some lead actors out there who can barely act to save their lives…yet given lead role…tsk,tsk

  8. i dont think him moving to ch7 will make a big difference cuz they are too busy concentrating on vee, vier and stephen. plus, andrew said he wanted to be a bad guy so it’ll be funny if he end up accepting a pra’ek role. now ch7 could actually have 1 good looking actor to pair up with their actresses lol

  9. Damn, Ch 7 has a some unattractive leading actors such as Vier, Stephen, and more(don’t know their names)… that’s why I don’t really watch their Lakorns. Ch 7 is lucky to get Andrew because he looks cute and can act. They should give him a leading role. Love him in that lakorn with Noon, Rita, and Rome. Andrew reminded me of Sam Kavy, the old actor form the 90’s. I though Andrew was Sam’s son.

  10. yay! everyone is going to ch3. lol. its like a party there. 🙂 ive never seen him before.. looking forward to his movies. hopefully he can make a debut on ch3 big! 🙂 him and yui and maybe Por??? Finally i can see my favorite stars act with different actors

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