Anne Alicha Slams Paparazzi for bad manners because they took pictures of her at a police station

Actress “Anne” Alicha Laisatrooglai is furious after a paparazzi took pictures of her at Chokechai police station while paying a fine. The actress claims her crime was nothing serious and the paparazzi had no manners for taking photographs.

Anne paid a visit to the police station to pay a fine for talking on her cell phone while driving. However, due to an unfortunate timing, there were a crowd of reporters & paparazzi on the scene waiting to do follow up news on another case.

One paparazzi captured snap shots of Anne as she paid her fine. The actress turned to asked the paparazzi “Why are you taking photographs” before putting her hand over the camera lens and fled the scene.

In a report by Manager. Anne tells her story to the media and denied allegations that she tried to avoid giving interviews at the police station.

“That day I went to the police station to pay a fine for using my cell phone while driving. I didn’t know that I could get other people to go pay the fine for me. But I’ll remember for next time so I wouldn’t have to go to the police station myself”

“I was doing my job as a good citizen because I’ve done the wrong thing by the law, I was on the phone while driving and the police fined me so I went to pay the fine but perhaps I was unlucky, I ran into reporters”

“I feel it’s a little bit..because I didn’t run off like they wrote in the media. They said I ran off from reporters. But I waited 10 minutes to pay the fine and I saw reporters outside, they didn’t formally ask me for an interview, they secretly took pictures of me and I asked them why are you taking pictures but they wouldn’t answer and I walked off and that was what happened”

“I don’t even know if that person was a reporter or not because I’ve never seen him before. All I did was asked him “P’Ka, why are you taking pictures of me?”. If they can’t give me a reason then I don’t see why they should take photos. All I did was asked but they didn’t answer so I left. Besides I don’t even know what to give them an interview about and no one asked me for an interview”

Anne reveals she was furious they took pictures of her – the paparazzi had no manners and what she did was not serious enough to be photographed.

“If you ask if I was mad, honestly I was. Because the reason why I was using my phone while driving is because I was lost. And now that this has happened, I’m feeling a little…like I’ve lost my privacy. I think people should know their limits. I felt the paparazzi had no manners and okay I did the wrong thing by covering their camera lens with my hand but I felt what they did was wrong. I haven’t done anything bad enough for them to have to photograph me”

“Should I be more careful with using my cellphone in the future? Well I understand that it’s the law now but I believe nowadays everyone is still using their phones but it just so happens that I don’t have any other hands free gadgets”

“I suppose I might have to be more careful. But there are so many other reasons that can cause an accident. But nevermind, since I did the wrong thing, I’m going to accept. I want to set an example for others to see that people have to pay their fines accordingly”

11 responses to “Anne Alicha Slams Paparazzi for bad manners because they took pictures of her at a police station

  1. Her testimony was GREAT!…Alicha pointed out her story professionally and good. She made it clear that she didn’t run off, because if you ask someone a question and they didn’t answer i am sure you’d run off too! (i she did the right thing by even walking into the station to pay her fine. Celebs now a day hire people to go or ask their managers/assistant to go for them. I understand Alicha mentioned she didn’t know she could have done that but still, she went there to pay a fine like a normal citizen and then get snapped at by reporters. I would be just as angry as Alicha if some reporters did that to me.

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  3. Getting ur pics snapped by reporters comes with the title celeb. I’m not saying that it’s ok but just stating the fact.

  4. Um, is it a crime to walk away from paparazzi? .. is there some kind of law that states that people HAVE TO yield and talk to them if they have questions??!! Ann is entitled to her privacy like everyone else.

  5. well, what do you expect from those paps?? some manners?? i’m sure it’s annoying as heck being bothered by those paps, but that’s the celeb life, if you don’t like it, get out of the entertainment business!

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