Jeed Claims she’s not a 3rd hand

As a follow up to the cheating/boyfriend stealing allegations made by “Punch” Chonamart Massayawanich, model “Jeed” Saengtong Kadeautong stepped forward to deny all claims.

Jeed said, with my face – I don’t need to steal other people’s boyfriends.

Here is her clarification via Manager:

“Honestly, I didn’t steal from anybody. Everybody has their own problems and they need to accept that. I confirm I didn’t steal from anyone and I met him after they broke up. Did they broke up before or whenever I don’t really know, but I am definitely not a 3rd hand. I feel it’s wrong for her to accuse me of being a 3rd hand. She should’ve discussed everything with him before making accusations”

“At this stage me and Klui are friends with each other

“Punch said I talk to Klui on BB. Honestly he is a friend in the group so it’s normal for me to see him. And as for the allegation that we call each other ‘tee ruk’ {darling}. Anyone can say anything because some things are personal and the fact that she came out to expose her own personal information, well then that has nothing to do with me”

“Honestly I want to thank the person who leaked this kind of news. But can you please expose the truth. Don’t expose news that’s going to impact other people”

“This news has an impact on me and I don’t agree with it, please tell the truth. Stop gossiping, it’s pointless”

Jeed revealed Punch did not confessed the truth and her next boyfriend will definitely not be Klui.

“Everything she said, it’s not it. It’s not the whole truth and it’s impacting me. It’s causing trouble for someone else. I don’t know what her intentions are but thank you. However next time don’t bother”

“I want to say right here that Klui is not an object, he is not a vegetable or a fish. Therefore no one can steal him from anybody. And with a face like mine, I can open up the opportunity to a good person right? It’s better than living with the accusation of stealing other people’s man. I am not a 3rd hand”

“Am I angry, at first I was a little bit. I have my own problems so I have the right to feel angry. But after thinking about it for a while. I suppose everyone has the right to feel upset and think too much and misunderstand. However, people shouldn’t put the blame on another person”

“Will I be sorting everything out with her? Well I don’t know her and there’s no point because I haven’t done anything wrong”

“I do talk to Klui every now and again. And he wants to come out to deny the news too but I told him there’s no need, she is the one thinking it so there’s no point”

“My next boufriend will definitely not be Klui, I can confirm that”

Jeed revealed she is still heart broken and she did not break up with Ananda because of Klui

“My problems only just passed not long ago. My emotions are still not stable so of course when I saw this I didn’t feel good at all. We’re friends with each other and I still want to be with myself. I just broke up with my boyfriend so why should I rush into a relationship?”

“Honestly me and Ananda we have sorted everything out with each other. We understand each other and our break up had nothing to do with this. He never asked me about it because we trust each other”

27 responses to “Jeed Claims she’s not a 3rd hand

  1. It’s Punch’s words against Jeed but I choose to believe Punch more. Jeed sounded so defensive and angry at Punch for labeling her as a man-stealer. She denied being a third hand but didn’t denied calling him ‘darling’

    She said that at this stage he’s still a friend but somehow ended with knowing for sure that her next boyfriend will not Klui.

    “Everything she said, it’s not it. It’s not the whole truth…” Does that mean there’s some truth to it?

    • I have to agree with you. I don’t know who to believe at the moment but I am leaning toward Punch. Punch didn’t say anything bad about her or her being a third wheeler.

  2. I don’t know that Punch girl… I like Jeed, it’s hard for me to believe Jeed would do something like that…hmm..gotta wait and see!

  3. I believe Punch more. What she think she is. She said” with this face of mine”. She even said they text. But why leave the tee ruk part out. And why Jeed don’t want to straighting thing out with Punch. When the reporter ask. This whole story. I will definitely leaning toward Punch. I hate when she said with this face. With that face. She can be the third hand. But don’t want to accept it. GO PUNCH GO.

  4. I think they both sound fake (interview-wise). Punch busting them out but saying she’s “not” mad at them (yea right! deep down I’m sure she is.) Jeed on the other hand, admits that she IS mad but she sounds so snobby. I don’t know who’s telling the truth, but for some reason, I believe Jeed (just a tad bit more) because although she sounds snobby, she also sounds pretty confident. Also because of Ananda’s interview about the break up as well. Ananda’s side of the story seems to correlate more with Jeed’s side (than it does with Punch’s).

    • I gotta agree with you, both have it own sides to the story and don’t know which story is the truth but like you say I believe more into Jeed story. There’s still more bickering on this, so I’ll wait and see again. Lol. Thank you.

  5. Is she complimenting herself? As in she looks good so she can get anyone she wants? Cuz if so, she ain’t hot at all in my opinion.

    • Lol. Yea, they look pretty bushy. But every time I see her she always looks different. Overall, I think she’s pretty as a model. I think that’s just a bad picture of her. ( :

  6. I think what Jeed meant by “with a face like mine…” was with her status, pride, etc., she doesn’t need to steal other people’s man. It’s a figure of speech that has different meanings to different people and when it’s translated into english, it sounds a little snobbish. Anyway, I don’t know who to believe either. I don’t like any of them.

  7. Punch basically called Jeed a third wheeler. She didn’t exactly say the words, but she implied it. Punch, in my opinion sounded like the fake one. She says she isn’t mad and doesn’t have any hard feelings against them, but she obviously does. She sounded bitter. And it is nobodies business if Jeed and Punch’s ex-boyfriend have a little something going on, it’s their life. She was basically out to ruin Jeed’s reputation and it was somehow successful seeing that Jeed had to defend herself. She basically implied ‘Jeed called my man darling when i was still dating him, and they had dinners together too, but they are good and nice people’, it’s bullshit of her to do that. She’s obviously mad and she is obviously still in love with Klui, and the only way she could get back at them is to reveal “HER STORY.” And the only reason why she is talking to reporters is because she wants them to reveal the truth to the public, kind of stupid. Jeed doesnt need to do anything, it is her life, and she can do whatever she wants. Why does the public have to know? It is her relationship not the publics. She’s a bitter girl who is still in love and the only way she could feel satisfied is to try and ruin Jeed’s reputation.

    And if i were Jeed, I would be even more angry. Not only would i be defensive, I would fuck the other girl up in anyway i can even if that means badmouthing her to the press. Why wouldn’t jeed be defensive when Punch said the reason they broke up was because of Jeed. Was she suppose to act like she didnt care and say nothing at all. HELL NO! She had every reason to be defensive and mad when she was accused of doing something she might not have done. Once again, Punch might not have said Jeed was a third hand but she very much implied it. She told her bf to choose between Jeed and her, what was that suppose to mean, that Jeed was just a friend, no that meant she was basically a third wheeler.

    I dont know what the truth is but from what I read, Punch had a motive and that was to ruin both jeed and klui. I dont like Punch, never knew her, but from the interview, it made me mad, just to say she had no hard feelings but wanted them to tell the truth to the public, kind of a lame excuse because she wanted to do something else. Jeed, dont know her, not that pretty in the picture, but i believe she did what she had to do. She was defending herself and that is what you do when you are attacked. I am leaning more toward Jeed even if she was a thirdwheeler. Punch just makes herself out to seem like an inncent girl, but from that interview, she’s coniving in my opinion.

    • I totally agree with every word. She already know how the industry run also, so of course it was out for fame. But who knows, we’ll see.

  8. simple!! u can tell in the interview, Jeed doesnt make any sense and Punch had more reason in her interview. Jeed didnt help herself by saying “with this face blah blah” wtf was dat.

    To me her face is UGLY, so all in all I reckon Punch should really Punch Jeed in the face and den we can see what her face can do lmao.

    • Punch needs to punch herself in the face for being so stupid to talk to the press. Why does the public need to know the truth? As long as she knows the truth, she should be fine and move on, but she had to be a coniving bitch and talk to the press and say Jeed was calling her man, but she’s nice and a good person. She tried to play a nice girl and say she’s not mad but if she wasn’t, then she wouldn’t have to turn to the press and talk all her bullshit. She’s bitter and she knows it, that’s why she’s supposedly exposing them for the public to know when she knows damn well she was ou to ruin Jeed.

      • I totally agree with you.. That Punch girl didn’t need to turn to the press and make herself looked like a victim, but yet she is such a conniving bitch..can’t stand her!

      • ofcause Punch is bitter @ LPK…she felt someone just stold her man ,ofcause she gonna want to ruin them i would be to..

        your defending jeed by saying punch is acting all innocent while she know very well she is bitter.

        but jeed is doing the same she saying she not the reason for their break up she’s only talking to punch bf and (maybe or maybe not call him her teeruk).but she can’t deney that she is the reason for punch break up .

        and she’s is also playing the dumb game i dont know anything am innocent. so i dont know what your trying to defend jeed for if anyhting there some truth in punch words.
        you would not come out to ruin someone if they didnt hurt you, even if she putting on a face that she not bother by it we all can see it through her
        and at the end what matter is who’s telling the truth…:D

        • Of course Punch had the right to come out with the truth, dont forget Jeed is a celebrity and being a celebrity your life belongs in the public eye.

          Ur asking for it if u become a celebrity, why not be truthful to the public. What if Jeed is a real bitch and still misleads the thai public as a nice person. So theres nuffin wrong dat punch came out to say what she did.

          • You make I sound as if the public owns her, it’s so absurd to even think like that. Being a celebrity means you will always be in the public’s eyes, yeah you’re are right on that part but it doesn’t necessarily mean they need to know every single thing that happens on their own private time. So if Jeed had sex with her boyfriend, does the public need to know that too? Nothing is in the public eye until someone puts it out there, that’s what punch did even when she didn’t even have too. It’s her words against jeeds and I obviously believe jeed. Punch sounds like a bitter scorned woman…Yeah sure, it’s her job to put out the truth to the public because it is something that really needs to be known and everyone deserves to know her truth.

            Punch was outright wrong to even come out and say something about someone else. What was Jeed lying about, nothing. She said her and ananda were over with eachother and that’s it, she doesn’t have to tell the public the reasons why they broke up and obviously her and ananda left eachother on good terms. Punch just side busted out of nowhere and started to try and play a nice girl and call someone a third wheeler…She could have said her and her boyfriend broke up because of a thirdwheeler but she went way out of line when she revealed who it supposedly was. It was none of the public’s business, why do the public need to know what happened behind her closed door. She’s mad and needed sympathy from the public, that’s why she did it. It was a publicity stunt on her part, she’s a celebrity so she should know there is a thing called privacy, and some celebrities need it, she just didn’t know how to respect someone who is also in the public’s eyes, she just basically tarnished someone else’s image just because she wanted “her truth” to be known everywhere.

  9. I am not defending Punch but if Jeed was really the third wheeler, Punch go ahead and punch Jeed. If not, there must have been a misunderstanding that made Punch believe that she was the third wheeler. Why are we bashing the girls when we haven’t heard Klui’s story. Maybe he is the reason why these two girls are at it with each other. Either way, he did not break up with Punch prior to seeking Jeed. If Punch’s word are true then Jeed is pretty smart by saying she will not be the future girlfriend of Klui-OUCH. Whether who’s lying or not, let’s see if Klui will have a say in this. It will be Klui’s words against Ananda, Jeed and Punch. I would love to see how this all plays out but at the same time, like c-indy mention who cares.

  10. I have to go with Jeed I think Punch is like her brother who is always trying to make news for fame and attention.

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