Punch revealed Jeed cheated on Ananda with her boyfriend

Fluke Kirkpol’s younger sister “Punch” Choonamart announced the real reason why famous model “Jeed” Saengtong ended her romance with actor “Ananda” Everingham. According to her story, Jeed stole her boyfriend of eight years Socialite “Klui” Tanah.

Punch admitted she discovered her boyfriend’s unfaithfulness when she read messages on his blackberry where Jeed and Klui were calling each other ‘tee ruk’ {darling}.

Fluke’s sister revealed she is not mad at her boyfriend nor Jeed, she is just upset about the ordeal and wish for Jeed to come forward and admit the truth.

“The reason why I’ve decided to tell people about this is because the press have contacted me and I feel Jeed should tell the truth

“In my interview I just want to talk about my relationship with P’Klui. I don’t really want to talk about another person but it just so happens that Jeed is involved in this too”

“This will be the only time that I will give an interview on this, after this one I will not discuss this again. I’m not talking aboit this out of hatred for Jeed or for P’Klui. Both of them are good people. I heard Jeed is a nice person and P’Klui has been a very good boyfriend to me”

You caught them from reading his BB messages?

“The fact that they are together now is a good thing. I’m happy for them but I’m upset that P’Klui lied to me. He told me there was nothing going on between him and Jeed but I see them go out for dinners all the time. When I asked him he would say she’s just a friend and I believed him. But then I caught him to talking her on BB, they call each other ‘tee ruk’ {darling}. How could he call her that if he claimed he didn’t love her, I’m a little bit upset”

Jeed hooked up with your boyfriend before she broke up with Ananda?

“I’ve broken up with my boyfriend for 2-3 weeks now. The reason for the break up was because I caught him red handed so I asked him to choose between me and Jeed and he said he couldn’t so I felt I should be the one to leave”

“Before I broke up with him. I called Ananda to ask him if he has broken up with Jeed because Jeed is seeing my boyfriend now and Ananda said to me he hasn’t broken up with her yet. Then two weeks later I saw news that they broke up”

You want them to tell the truth?

“I want to tell both of them, if you guys are seeing each other then there’s no point denying it because it’s the truth. When I was dating P’Klui I was honest and I told everyone I was dating P’Klui because it’s the truth. I think people should just admit to their own actions. I don’t feel that Jeed stole my boyfriend because it takes two to clap but I just think P’Klui should’ve broken up with me first before he went off with Jeed”

Source via Siamdara

18 responses to “Punch revealed Jeed cheated on Ananda with her boyfriend

  1. I like Punch interview. She is very up front. Like Punch said. It takes two to clap. It better to say it now then later.

  2. dang! so thats the real reason for the break up! thats just wrong! hope they come up forward with it! i like punch’s answer! she says it straightforward! she can find a better guy!

  3. Hmm, I’m a little iffy on this. Because according to Ananda’s response as to why him and Jeed broke up is totally different. He said that there wasn’t a “3rd hand” involved and even said that there’s a chance of them getting back together. (According to iheartlakorns.com) But if what Punch said is true, Klui is a little pussy. And like they say “what goes around, comes around.” ( :

    • I gotta agree with you, doesn’t really make sense to me.
      Yeah she was totally up-front about it, but I don’t have a good feeling about this. Seems like it’s about fame, just an opinion.
      But who knows I might be wrong or not, we’ll see for more about this. Thank you.

    • maybe ananda was trying to protect jeed by concealing the truth (if it is the truth). him and jeed have been together for a while and had a good relationship while it lasted. perhaps he didn’t want to tarnish her reputation and be a gentlemen about the whole thing. i’ve seen so many people get nasty and turn on their exes after a break up so maybe ananda just isn’t that type.

      • That could be true. But just because you admit that your ex cheated doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting nasty and turning on your ex. Plus there’s no point of “protecting” Jeed, because (being a celeb) things are gonna come out sooner or later.

  4. Good for her! I’m glad she came forward, but as much as that girl is saying that she doesn’t hate the two cheaters, she is LYING!! You know why? Because if I was her, I’d hate both of them. Besides they’re been dating for eight years. I can tell that she might be a bit bitter because I would. If what she says is true, then I’m glad she’s not letting the two cheaters go off as if nothing happened.

  5. Poor Ja for getting drag into it first and people seeing her as a third hand, of being a homewrecker. So now the truth comes out. People can stop bashing Ja now.

  6. This better not be true…although her story does sound convincing.. I can’t believe Jeed would do this to Ananda!!

  7. Her interview was very intellectual although I believe she does hold a little grudge against them (if her statement is true) and it is buried very deep inside of her. Let’s see if the two “cheaters” will admit it. =D

  8. who could ever leave ananda? he’s so awesome!!! i will take ananda any day! if this is true…jeed’s gonna look like the bad one.

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