Waii Punyarisa’s Teaser to New Album Play Girl

We can’t help but to think the songs on her album were for Junsu of 2PM. (insert chuckle here)

With her first single (to 2nd album), “Love you no more” which was released  at the beginning of the year made hits around radio waves and became an instant hit amongst teens. Now her latest single is in the form of an R&B style which Waii said that “Haang Gun Suk Paak” (Break) hit her heart. People who will listen to this song will know or have felt what it’s like to have taken a break from a relationship hurts a lot.

I’ll admit I like the sound of the song. I actually like listening to her without having to see her face. Let’s hope that this song isn’t really about Junsu!

12 responses to “Waii Punyarisa’s Teaser to New Album Play Girl

  1. LMAO you’re right. It sounds best if you don’t look at her lol… the song is alright- not too bad not good either. so-so.

  2. ok it her frist…but she need to work hard on her other song..because this is the best i hear….
    how old is she??? she look like 23 or 24 well to me …

  3. It actually might not be Junsu at all. The guy in her MV, Tomo of K-otic, is her ex-bf. Most fans see the connection to Waii/Tomo from the song and MV. Thai fans haven’t mentioned Junsu at all.

    • I was also thinking that it could be about her and the guy in the mv because as far as I know, they dated in real life.

  4. Just give her a break and chances she had improved alot and so far both of her singles are addicting,also shes pretty shes just trying her best

  5. i think waii is a cute little girl 🙂 and you don’t usually see this style of music in thailand, well.. coming from a girl and actually dancing along 🙂 best of luck to her! her and tomo looks cute together!

  6. ugh, there was a news on the NINE ENTERTAINMENT saying how this song “mai rak ter laew AKA love you no more” is like mariah careys song “we belong together”.

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