Tangmo Says She Didn’t Curve Her Price

Tangmo Pataratida said she did not ask for more money, but if it’s a couple event or photo shoot that involves her and boyfriend, Thank Pongsakorn then you’ll have times that by 2!

Ever since she  and boyfriend Thank Pongsakorn had gone public with their relationship that they are asking for a higher rate to appear together.  With this Tangmo came out to defend herself and said that if you want to hire both her and Thank then asking for more is just a normal procedure and whatever rate she has been asking it’s been the same and sometimes it depends on the job also.

“Truthfully we don’t accept work with each other often, but we do go places together all the time so people might have mistaken it that we were paid to go to the events. We will sometimes switch and go with each other as friends so they go off thinking that we’re out at events being paid to be seen together.”

There are rumors that you two accept work together and then your rate goes up that it’s too high that they pay you less?

“My rate in the beginning is at a setting price. If it was me alone then it’s another price and Thank has his own setting price, but when they want both of us they will have to take that and times 2. Everyone who hires us already knows that the price is different from the beginning already. If you ask that there are less people who hire us? I have to say that it’s because of us that doesn’t want to go out to events with each other that often so we have to deny it. We don’t want to go out often to show off our love. “

So there are a lot of people that talk like this often?

“Thank and I feel like it’s an interest to the citizens that they want to know what’s going on when rumors like this come out. It makes it seem like it’s a lot even if we try to avoid it we still can’t avoid it.”

[Source: Daily News/Kapook]

3 responses to “Tangmo Says She Didn’t Curve Her Price

  1. Okay that is dumb. Just because Moe and her bf work together for something, they’re expecting a higher amount for it? They can always ask another couple to do it for cheaper. To me it’s like they’re selling their public relationship. I don’t know about other people, but I can care less about their relationship and don’t think they’re worth the money.

  2. i actually like moe/thank couple compared to some other couples.. i like how they dont go to every single event together…

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