Pinky and Yard; One Fine Day Photo Shoot

For the latest issue of IN Magazine, opposing Nang Aeks’ of CH 3 and CH 7 get together for a photo shoot.

Yardthip Rachapan and Pinky Sawika get together to probably reminisce about the days they used to work together. If Yardthip had fringes she could pass off of Pinky fraternal twin. We just think Pinky is the prettier twin while Yardthip just looks .. ehhh.. to us

[Images via Magazinedee]

11 responses to “Pinky and Yard; One Fine Day Photo Shoot

  1. wow the 2 child star. both are looking good there. im not surprise to see them in a shoot since they are really close..yard is turning 24 this year. how about pinky?

  2. The last time I saw pictures of Yardtip, her boobs were huge! So I thought she got a boob job. But here, they look average. Anyways, they both do look alike. Especially from the sides. If Pinky didn’t have bangs, they would look even more alike.

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