Jakajun Says She Has Someone Already!

Jakajun Akumsiri says she has someone looking after her heart already! She loudly says Aof Chanapol and Chakrit Yamngarm are like brothers!

There are a lot of rumors that came out, but she has never had the chance to clear them. Jakajun finally did so on “Jun Pun Dao” on CH 7 this Monday to finally clear the rumors all at once.

“As for my rumors with Aof Chanapol, we’re like brother and sister. Truthfully, we’ve never kissed (หอม/hom – loosely translated) or had anything intimate with each other at all. I admit that he did by me a Blythe doll for my birthday because I was pestering everyone for it. So when his birthday came around I bought him a watch as a gift. This you can say we are like best friends that can look in each other eyes and know what the other one is thinking.

I do have someone that I’m talking to. There is someone and he’s not in the Entertainment Business we are learning from each other and not in a rush to move on quickly. I want someone who will understand my job and has to truthfully understand it. I know it seems like I’m asking for too much, but I believe that one day, I’ll meet someone who is right. As for Chakrit and I, we’re over with each other and all I have left for him are the good feelings of a brother and sister.”

[Source: Kapook/Thairath]

12 responses to “Jakajun Says She Has Someone Already!

  1. awww that sucks they look so CUTE together 😦 in there lakorn they have so much chemistry, that sucks, hahaha but whatever its good aof is SINGLE hahaha and he look’s HOT AS HECK AT THE TOP AWARD 😉

  2. I’m annoyed with the pee/nong, brother/sister thing too.

    How do they go from “siblings” to lovers and then back to “siblings”.

    Stick to FRIENDS…or if you can’t stand each other anymore, ACQUAINTANCE!

    • yes they did. they even GOT engaged. however, like others i believe; failed.

      i dont dislike jakajun or hate her but ever since she annouced that she wanted to become “international” or something like that, it made me like back off from her. you know?

      • Wow?? Seriously?? They got engaged? Dang, well (for some reason) I’m glad they didn’t work out.

        About Jakajann going international, she’s okay, but I don’t think she’s that talented to go international. I’m not trying to be mean but I don’t know what she was on when she said that. I think her status right now is good enough for her and should just stick to it. But then again, what do I know about her, right? lol. I don’t know anything about her. ( :

  3. I thought that Aof and Jakajun had something going on because seriously in lakorns they are usually acting in the same one and they are seen together many times… Oh well… Then but I really did like them together because you look good together

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