Poh is leaving Channel 7?

The opening ceremony for upcoming lakorn drama “Lui” was scheduled to be held on 24th January 2010, but the event was suddenly put on hold when rumours circulated the biz that leading actor “Poh” Nuttawuth Skidjai is about to bid farewell to channel 7 and moving on to the arms of channel 3.

An inside source tells Daradaily that Poh’s contractual agreement with channel 7 is about to expire and the actor is planning to move to channel 3, hence the reason why Poh does not wish to take part in upcoming lakorn “Lui”.

Poh’s decision left channel 7 in a state of turmoil – running around chasing for a replacement to take over the lead role. In the end, they settled for talented actor “Cee” Siwat Chotechaicharin.

However from this incident, it seems Poh is about to follow the footsteps of former channel 7 star “Chompoo” Araya.

18 responses to “Poh is leaving Channel 7?

  1. OMG NOOOO 😦
    Wait, Poh is like one of the number one p’eks in that channel.. so i don’t think he’s going anywhere. lmfao. Plus, he’s been there for so long. I think he’s comfortable where he’s at. 🙂

  2. Hmm.. If he did. It would be interesting to see who he’d pair with at Ch3 but I highly doubt it cause he’s been with Ch7 foreverr! Lol.

  3. It’s untrue. Daradaily tend to give false information and plus what reason does Poh have to leave ch 7? His last lakorn brought in really high ratings and he has no problems with ch 7, he’s still getting pra’ek roles unlike Chompoo who ch 7 won’t cast her in nang’ek roles.

  4. I don’t think Por is leaving either. You’re right Cindy, he doesn’t have any reasons for leaving ch7 because ch7 hasn’t lowered his status. He still gets pra’ek roles and he still has his talk show so why would he want to leave when he has all this work? But I do think that Por is one of the best pra’ek in ch7. It would really sux if he leaves.

    • hahaha as for you responding to what Cindy said…..I don’t think you understand what she meant. Read her’s and your comments again.

      • Well, I don’t know if her name is really Cindy or C-indy but I don’t think I misunderstood what she said. She’s saying she thinks Por isn’t leaving and I’m just agreeing with her or is that not what she said?

  5. This is probably untrue. Poh is a leading actor and I am sure even if his contract with Ch. 7 ended he would not sign a contract with Ch. 3. If anything Poh would probably be a free agent because he is probably at that state where he can pick and choose what types of roles he would want. I am sure many people would like to work with him because from what I hear Poh is not only a good actor but good person and treats all his co-workers with much respect. That is why he is a leading actor in the Thai industry.

  6. I think Poh is leaving Ch. 7 because honestly, Ch. 7 only favors the newbies now. How many lakorns did Poh release last year? Not much for someone of his status. And look at the list of lakorns lined up for Weir, beyond too many. Ch. 7 doesn’t really promote nor keep actors/actresses who reach a certain age. The majority of veteran/old actors/actresses who stil act in Ch. 3 used to be Ch. 7’s top rollers. That’s just how Ch. 7 run their show.

    • I know. Weir has lots of lakorns. Also its because of cuteness and if the elders adore them 🙂 But Im happy for Weir 🙂

  7. omg.. i wonder if this is true or false.. i like Por ^_^.. hehe i actually wouldnt mind him in either channel.. wait.. nvm.. i want him to stay.. so he can pair up with aum them again.. but omg.. if he switches then.. yay for cee.. i miss cee dearly.. lmao.. im not even sure if im for or against it now.. lol..

  8. I hope it’s true, he is a good actor and there are more talented actresses at Ch3 whom he can work with. And better scripts too. If true, will he have to quit Jun Pan Dao?

  9. i totally agree with you, jo. por only had 1-2 lakorn last year versus the newbies who has like 3-4 lines up. I wouldn’t be surprise if he did decide to move to Ch3 or become a free agent. Ch7 cares more about their newbies rather than their older gen..if he goes to Ch3 im sure he will get better roles and more work even hough hes older already..

  10. CH7 doesn’t have that many top pra’eks (Cee, Weir, Aof, Stefan, Win, Vee, Arnas…am I missing anyone) I think he’d still have a greater chance of more work if he stays, plus he’s still considered their top guy in CH7. Stay, CH3 is as cluttered as is already anyway lol.

  11. i don’t believe poh would leave ch7, it is true that he doesn’t have much lakorns but all the ones he has pull high ratings anyways. And unlike chompoo he is always casted as pra’ek.

    Lol but if it is truee, let him star with kwan first then he can go

  12. Ok so CH7 stars are moving to CH3 either because they dont get the n’eak or pr’eak roles or they dont get as many jobs?? wth? not loyal to who you’ve worked with for so many years! I would stay.
    And also some old pr’eak and n’eaks do look like the evil ones likeChompoo but they wont accept it.
    Like Weir, Cee, New, Pancake, Kwan, Win, Pinky, I’m sure they’ll never move. They’re amazing just where they are! 🙂

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