Pictures from Top Awards 2009

[Golf & Mike takes time to pose for the camera]
Last year we brought our readers pictures from Top Awards 2008 with the help of our sister site, Interthaiment. The awards ceremony was held on the 22nd. Let’s see who did an upgrade from last year and who made a fashion faux pas this year.

Lyn’s Lakorn blog has the list of winners that you can view here.

To view more pictures head on over to our Facebook Fanpage.

15 responses to “Pictures from Top Awards 2009

  1. Whooaahh it’s a PERFECT couple ,they match too much together !!! BEE Nampthip & KELLY ! ! Love them too much together and i love Kelly spook to Bee in Top Award that he love her so much ….So CUTE and so SWEET !!!LOL

      • i rather that then a ugly dress because it’ll probably look better
        i think these thai think there to innocent when in reality there is no such things

        • It’s probably true that there’s no such thing as innocence, but Anne has been doing a pretty good job of showing mainly her ‘innocence’ so far…well…at least for 15+ years in the entertainment biz or so, I’ll say that’s a pretty good job of her…or maybe she does have some innocence in her or else she’ll be using her looks and not her talent to be famous.

        • I’d rather wear an ugly dress and win an award, rather than wear a slutty dress and not win an award, and still look slutty…Well, I guess it depends on what kind of attention you want, do you want to be known for your acting skills or your sex appeal? hmm…

  2. Wow, Anne looks stunning as always!

    I super love her ivory gown, it’s one of her costumes from Chaluey Sak, she has a great taste on fashion.

    Congrats to all the winners, especially Anne, she is such a great, talented actress and she did a wonderful job in Soot Sanae Ha.

  3. congrats to the winners.. oh my… chin was there.. eek.. he looked good.. ^_____________^ g-m looks good as well.. awwwe.. Gao was there too..

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