Celeb Stars Look-A-Likes

[Chow Yun Fat & Ken Theeradeth]
Have you ever wondered if celebrities have a twin of their own or at least someone that looks like them that it’s creepy?

A netizen on Pantip tried her best to find the comparisons of various Thai celebrities with other celebrities. Let’s find out if some of them really do look a like.

[Anne Tongprasom & Julia Roberts]

[Chompoo Araya & Hilary Rhoda]

[Pinky Sawika & Aishwarya Rai]

[Pei Panward & Ayumi Hamasaki]

[Smart Krissada & Pa Philip (Thai Magician)]

[Tata Young & Mandy Moore]

[Paula Taylor & Liv Tyler]

[Pai Pathit & Rain/Bi]

[May Pitchanart & Shu Qi]

[Kim Tae Hee & Poy Treechada]

35 responses to “Celeb Stars Look-A-Likes

  1. Ken looks nothing like Chow Yun Fat! But we’ll just have to see how he looks when he’s older. I’d say Ann and Julia looks similar but not twins. I think Chompoo and Hilary looked more like twins.

    • OMG!I totally agree with you.Ann & Julia do looked alike
      same goes to Chompoo & Hilary.But Ken & Chow Yun Fat
      That’s a NO they do not.hahaah.Ken’s look cute on those
      photos. =D

  2. hmmm.i think these looks nothing like them nor alike in any way .. there are many other who look like twin but not the one on these pictures (for me)

  3. i always thought Anne Tongprasom look like Sandra Bullock, maybe its just me LOL i think that Paula Taylor & Liv Tyler look alike the most hahaha!!!! as for ken idk about Chow Yun Fat?!?! hehe 😀

  4. I think out of all of the lookalikes the one that stood out to me was [Pei Panward & Ayumi Hamasaki]. Except that Pei’s eyes are smaller, they are almost identical.

  5. lol Pinky is not even close to looking like Aishwarya Rai. Ken and CYF lol I don’t see any resemblance. Ah the only one I think they look similar is Tata and Mandy.

    • I know! I was like “WTH?!” Just because they’re Indian doesn’t mean they look alike. Their looks are wayyy off! How lame.

    • WHO in the mother of god, wrote this? comparing hotass Ken to that guy is insulting to him and I’m sure that homewrecker PInky WISHES she could come close to ever looking like Aish (with those ugly fake colored contacts of her).

  6. OMG!! I like Pinky, but you can’t compare Pinky to Aishwarya Rai!! Well, that is to say that they kind of look alike because it’s like comparing the two. Aishwarya Rai is a goddess and Pinky is just a little teeny-bopper!! Those two are on two whole different levels.


  8. what the hell? they look nothing alike the hollywood celebs, whoever did this is STUPID and thinks to highly of thai stars to compare with hollywood stars.

    • Yes because Hollywood stars are so almighty and untouchable, how dare she compare them to the unworthiness of Thai stars!

      It’s all in good fun folks, loosen up a bit.

    • Whats so bad with comparing? Are Hollywood stars God or Goddesses? And what are you doing in here anyways? Since it seems like you don’t like Thai stars. Weird.

  9. This is really stupid. Anne looks nothing like Julia (because Julia has a bigass mouth/smile), Ken looks nothing like Chow young fat (that’s kinda like an insult to Ken. lol), and same goes for everybody else. Whoever did the comparisons did a bad job and must have been VERY BORED with lots of time on their hands! ( :

  10. i would say…….. Anne, Chompoo, and Pei. 🙂 yeah i think anne would look more like julia is she smile showing her teeth.

  11. I totally disagree with anne and julia. Julia is SO not beautiful and gorgeous like anne!!

    Btw, is that a recent photoshoot of Anne?? It kinda shocked me!!! Its so sexy and hot with a little of her flesh showin off. The most daring shoot she’s done so far. Pretty as always 🙂

  12. I know you guys might not agree with me but for some reason, I think Aff Tucksaorn looks similar to Kim Kardashian. They have the same smile.

  13. I don’t think any of these are really accurate.
    Except…Paula Taylor and Liv Tyler could pass for sisters. That’s about it.

  14. Ken, Ann, and Chompoo definitely do not look like them. Ann reminds me of Reese Witherspoon and Chompoo looks like Miley Cirus.

  15. OMG…these Thai stars look nothing like their supposed look-alike. Like pahleeeeasee, they wish they look like them.

  16. Ann goes from looking like Halle Berry to Sandra Bullock. In Soot Sanea Ha she sometimes look like both in some scenes. Tata and Mandy do look alike.

  17. I don’t think the people that are comparing these stars mean to say look the SAME or IDENTICAL, they just comparing the similar look in the pix. Of course they don’t look exactly alike, but I can see the similarity in some of the comparison. (initially speaking on the pix comparison). For the others, how come these thai stars can’t be compare to the American stars? As I am looking at these comparison, All the Thai stars look better than the others.

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