Kwan has a new fling

TV Pool reports that actress “Kwan” Ausamanee Waitayanon has a new fling.

Cosy photographs of Kwan and a mystery ‘university student’ has been published. His name has not been identified, but according to gossip – this man is a scret fling and Kwan is so smitten, she calls him every 5 minutes.

Check him out;

20 responses to “Kwan has a new fling

  1. This is certainly not her fling. I don’t understand why people have to take photos off stars facebook and publish them. I feel bad for the celebrities.

  2. Yeah right, they don’t look very lovey dovey, my friend and her boyfriend they look very lovey dovey!

  3. they look like friends just having fun! i do that to my guy friends too…

    calling every 5 minutes?? that’s just exaggeration (too much)

  4. .kwan looks so pretii here.
    .love her eyes&&hair.
    .i think they are more like friends.
    .come on.
    .when friends play around like that.
    .doesn’t mean they have to be dating, right?.

  5. Wow these pics are old! LOL like 2 years maybe and it’s her friend from school. TVPOOL, you really need to update your sources lol.

    • Okay, because I was sure gonna say “Uhhh, this isn’t how Kwan looks like now….?” These pictures don’t look up to date. Besides, who cares if she did have a new fling? ( :

  6. This is retarded…this looks more like a friend than fling. I agree, why does Thai reporters always steal stars pictures off facebook or their sites and make it into some dumb scandal. ridiculous.

  7. Kwan is very pretty! I like this look on her better…they seem smore like friends. I pose like that with my brother all the time…lol…

  8. Come on gosssips people.I’m not a Kwan fan at all but give her a break…for EVERY guys that she hangs out with doesn’t mean they’re dating. And in that picture she is just playing with him..Can anyone understand the friends?

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