Rome & Yard wins at Asia Model Festival Awards, Seoul

Good news for channel 3 when actor “Rome” Patchata Nampan and “Yardtip Rachpan” wins “Star Awards” from Asia Model Festival Awards in Seoul, South Korea.

Siamdara reports that at the ceremony, famous stars from 12 different countries attended the event. The “Star Awards” were given to celebrities from different countries – Rome and Yard were the winners from Thailand.

Interview by Rome-Yard;


“I’m so happy to be chosen for this awards. It’s like a New Year’s inspiration for me. There were nominees from over 10 different countries and I got chosen. I’m so happy because there were so many celebrities in Thailand who were nominated but their prerequisite was that they wanted someone who’s done good work and some modelling too”

“I’m happy they chose me, I was so excited because this is not an award from my home country. When I went on stage I was so excited and shy but I tried to control my emotions”

“When I was on stage, I could see all these Korean celebrities sitting at the front of the stage, it was like stars from Korean dramas, practically from every series (laughs) When I saw their faces, I recognized them. But when I sat next to them, I didn’t talk to them or take pictures”

As for Rome, the actor whom has been predicted to over take “Ken” Theradeth Wongpuapan this year revealed;

“This is a good New Years Award for us because it’s an Asian Award. I hope things will keep on getting better. As for the pyschic’s prediction, I should just thank him first. I like to accept good things and improve on the bad. Every opinion is an inspiration to me”

13 responses to “Rome & Yard wins at Asia Model Festival Awards, Seoul

  1. yardtip’s answer about the korean celebs was funny… they were basically all stars from korean dramas… she must have star struck… lol

    • Lol. I know! haha. If I was a star from a different country and was sitting next to a bunch of Korean actors/actresses from dramas, I would be the same way too. (shy and excited) haha. ( :

  2. Journalists should just stop mention the prediction thing, it’s ridiculous enough, although I think Rome is a good looking guy and has a strong X-factor, but Ken won’t be over taken in at least two years.

  3. Wow, I’m surprised they were chosen. (Rome, not too surprised, but yet still surprised) But Yardtip? Hmm, that’s weird. I guess she “is” well-known then. I’ve always thought she was just an average, every-other, actress. But I’m glad they won. ( :

  4. wow big congrats to the two! thats a good way to start off the year for both of them. yards so silly hehe. i would probaly feel the same way especially since she dont see them often or at all

  5. ROME!!!!! no suprise there rome is talented,and SEXY person, Yardtip is super pretty to but i thought maybe pinky would had won LOL, but hey good for yardtip i like her too 😉 ROME so HOT he deserve this!!!

  6. So, this award is about model right? not about talents like acting? I didn’t know there a model award giving out to models… weird.. i guess.
    Anywayz, congrate to yard and rome 🙂

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