Sorry Nathan, Dan only lends money to girls..

Now of ALL people, why would “Dan” Warrawech Danuwong lent money to a renowned liar like “Nathan Oman”? We don’t know, but that is the latest gossip on the cards for the former singer of “D2B”.

As stated in one of the latest gossip mags – Dan is one of Nathan’s many victims whom had been conned by the phony Hollywood Star into lending him money.

In an interview with Thairath news (via Gossipstar), Dan denied the claims.

“Nope, never happened. We have joked about it but it was never serious. Was I ever close to him? He was a senior at the company and when I knew him back then, he was a good person”

So you didn’t get conned?


Are you confused by this rumour?

“Yes I am”

Has he ever asked you for money?

“No, but if he does ask I will have to consider it first, see if it’s appropriate. But he has never asked me for any money. Maybe he knows I’m a tight-ass (laughs)”

Has anyone approached you to tell you that Nathan was going to ask you for money?

“No, not at all. I don’t know how this made news”

So you’re only willing to spend money on girls?

“Yeah, that’s about it”

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