Aum Athichart will sue Hiso Praew

Jan 14th, star of “Soo Yip Tae” Aum Athichart Choomnanon announced at Spring Summer Fashion event that he will be taking legal action against Hiso Praew for an incident where she gave a misleading interview late last year. Aum confessed, the Executives are supporting him on this lawsuit.

“I have spoken to the executives and I will be taking this up with our legal department. I feel in this situation, I have been taken advantaged of and as for her apology and everything I felt it wasn’t sincere enough. She didn’t apologize from her heart”

“Many of the Senior Execs have told me to take legal action so I could set a good example and warning for other cases too”

Aum was asked if he is feeling stressed by the situation, Aum revealed he is not stressed but rather annoyed by the ordeal. The actor felt, he was just minding his own business but someone forced him into this and now he has to deal with the impact.

Aum admits at this stage he is still in the process of liaising with his lawyer and gathering all the necessary documents. The rest will be determined in court. He will let us know about further updates.

Source via Khoasod News

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24 responses to “Aum Athichart will sue Hiso Praew

  1. Why Aum….you should let it go. It’s going to be a bigger deal now. She is rich and powerful. I feel that it is uncessary to take legal actions. People are going to think you do this for money. Whatever suits you Aum . Will still a big fan of yours. Love all your interviews, you have always been so professional.

    • I agree with you. I don’t think Aum A. should even bother suing that lady, just let it go and move on. Obviously Aum is not goint to get a sincere apology from the old stuck lady, so just let it go.

      • I agree with both of you. But she need a lesson too. When you have money. That does not mean you can buy people off. And at this point. She was using his fame to get what she want. That whatwver that is. ATEAM for me all the the way.

  2. in my opinion, i don’t think he’s doing it to get money. i think it’s great that he’s doing it. that way, people will know that you can’t go around doing stuff like this just bc you are rich and powerful. this will teach her and also show us that she was lying all along.

  3. I don’t know if he’s doing it for money or not but I’m glad he is taking legal actions.the hiso strieght out lied and than when she got called out by Aum she turns her story around and blamed her second for it. To me that is just low. May be now her second will get her chance to speak her side of the story.

  4. its a good thing that he is taking legal actions. this will stop her from doing this to anybody else. 😀

  5. Okay, I think Aum is being a bit too harsh on this chick. She may have been crazy, but just forget about it. It’s not that big of a deal is it?? Aum can do whatever he wants, but I just think it’s unnecessary. He’s a man and he’s already said his truth (and most believed him) so what else does he want? We all know it wasn’t true about him and that lady, since she already got busted. If it’s just for pride, it’s not that worth it to me.

      • Yea, and since he’s a man, I think that looks bad on his part. It makes him seem “unforgivable” and “inconsiderate”. Like you’re gonna seriously sue this lady (who had a huge crush on you) just because you felt her apology wasn’t sincere enough. Oh well, whatever. I’m tired of hearing about Aum and this lady. Get this mess together and over with.

    • I agreed. And you know in Asia, people with money can do anything. She can keep on lying and people won’t listen to her stories anymore. I don’t care so much about her but the people that she may know and stuff could get him into bigger problems. The laws there is not as strict as here.

  6. it sounds like he’s doing it for money or he may not and just doesn’t want to be taken advantage of who knows. but i say he should just forget it. he’s a guy and she gave an “apology” even tho he didn’t feel it was sincere. it made her look bad already. it was just an interview. if she does it again then maybe do something but since it’s the first time.. a lot of people make false statements about other celebs too.

  7. Go Aum! Set an example out there. Just because you’re hiso rich, don’t tarnish other people’s reputation thinking you can get away! I fully support you on this decision!

  8. GOOD!..It’s about time Aum stops being nice. I think the old ladies taken things too far. Hopefully this does sets an example to other HISO not to do the same.

    I don’t beleive he is doing this for money also!. I mean come on, the guy is an actor who works and models and GETS paid. Im sure not ALL stars are that money hungry but just wants to take legal actions for what is wrong.

    Aum was really patient about the whole thing at first. Now that the hiso is taking it too far, if i were him i’d be ANNOYED too.

    • i agree with u has nothing to do with him being a man and should be a gentleman about it ,because this is not high school gossip.

      it not about what he said she said..that lady come out and made up lie that can ruin his image and maybe who knows he can lose his job later in the future with all her lie.

  9. There is a pro and con to this issue. Whether Aum is doing it for money or not, he has ever right to. But then again, the problem isn’t as such a big issue when knowing there greater problems that needs to be solve. So I am sort of neutral whether he take her to court or not. It seems right to do so yet why bother- we already know the truth (well at least it’s been somewhat clarify that the woman has been lying)

  10. It is not suprsing that most of the comments here are in support for Aum but let’s be fair. Don’t support Aum just because he is your favorite actor. I am supporting neither of them but i do think that we cannot simply jump into conclusion that that lady is wrong. Who knows probably the faults lie on both Aum and that lady. Only both of them know better on this subject, not the reporters and definitely not us.

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