Make Way For Rome in 2010

Attention “Gai” Warrawuth and Rome fans! According to the latest star prediction by Dara Daily via Bluegy, the year 2010 will be the year for actor “Rome” Patchata Nampan.

This year his fame will be exceedingly hot! There will be romance on the cards, but love will go down in March and August. However, at the end of the year he will be at his hottest stage. His fame will continue to rise from the month of April and romance will make his fame even better. But love could also put him under pressure and have a negative impact on his work.

From July onwards, it’s going to good luck all the way through. He just needs to improve his acting skills because he will be bombarded with many work opportunities.

Rome will also need to be more humble and polite. To maintain his popularity he will also need to work harder to keep his fame long lasting.

At the end of the year he will be flying high with enough fame to make him hot till the year 2011. And Rome will be the one to replace……Ken Theradeth.

25 responses to “Make Way For Rome in 2010

  1. Let’s not say right now who can replace Ken, because that’s not realistic.

    But I’m sure Rome’s fame will rise, he has Chaleuy Sak airing soon, it’s one of those biggest projects.

  2. Yeah right now nobody can replace Ken’s place in my view.
    Ken is still gonna be “Hot” to almost everyone
    but everyone is as good each other though.
    Well, Good luck to Rome! 😀 He is still so handsome ! ♥
    I Wish&Hope that there should be a lakorn between
    him&Rita. I really want one. Lol.
    Rteam ~ ♥ Love ja ! ehehehhe ;D

  3. Oh hell no. Rome is hot and all, but no one can replace THE Ken Theradeth. He’s freaking Ken Theradeth. That is all.


  4. Agree that he can’t replace Ken. No freakin way. I don’t like Rome too much…look wise or actor. He’s just ok in my book. No offense to his fans….we all have diff taste.

  5. noone can replace ken!! ha. but rome, i see his fame coming. his new movie with ann thongrasm look good..

  6. Replace Ken? Oh no. I super duper love Rome but how can they say that. I mean he could be as popular as Ken is but to replace… no. Actually no one can replace one another.

  7. why not? have one great big hit and you will be the next big thing in thailand. if it wasnt for oum ruk, ken wouldnt be THEE ken is he to everyone. he had great lakorns before that, like rang ngao for one. when they talk about lakorns he did with ann, they always forget that one. why? because no one cared for ken at that time.

  8. Ken is always Ken and Rome become bigger than he is now, then he will just be a Super famous Rome. They can be both famous, but don’t replace my Ken. He’s just super good and all his lakorns are amazing.

  9. OMGOSHHHHH ROME ROME ROME!!!!!! he’s SOOOOO HOTTTT!!! i hope that all that come true! LOL ken is a very good actor, but i think rome is gonna be the next ken SORRY ken fan 😦 i like ken to but ROME OMGOSH he’s a good actor and did i mention he’s HOT lol, but seriously i think he’s really talented so hopefully i will see him in more lakorn!!! hehehe this is my opinion so plzzz dont bash on me ken fan!!!

  10. I don’t think anybody can replace Ken. What’s up with all this “2010 replacement” bull?? Why does somebody always has to replace somebody?? I’m not a fan of Rome. (Don’t strangle me), but I just don’t think Rome is all that in a bag of chips. He can be as hot as he want this 2010 year, but he can’t replace Ken. It’s dumb for someone to work their butts off just to be at the top, then once their looks and age starts to deteriorate, then they get replaced?? That’s lame.

  11. EW EW EW, He’s so ugly and not to mention his acting suck really bad, I think everybody can replace ken because he suck too

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