Photoshoot Surprise from Aon Sarawuth!

Late last year “Aon” Sarawuth Martong revealed to the press that he had a surprise instore for us! The former sex video clip participant hinted something along the line that the ‘surprise’ is going to be in the form of a “sexy” fashion.

This week the surprise has finally been published and Aon calls this photo shoot ‘a form of art’. Thai netizen on the other hand are calling it ‘a suicide attempt’.

Preview photos from Pantip;

Interview from December 2009 [ Gossip star ]

“I was very determined to pose for this photoshoot. Usually magazines tend to contact the celeb to ask them to pose for their magazine but in my case, the magazine didn’t contact me”

“I saw Opal’s bikini photoshoot on Volume and I know P’Nutt the photographer. I’ve been following his work for so long, I like his style and I thought to myself, why do we sit around and wait for an opportunity? So I called P’Nutt and told him I wanted to work with him”

“I exercize regularly so I sent a picture of my body to him and arranged a meeting to discuss the concept of the photoshoot”

Is your photoshoot going to be as sexy as Aum Athicharts’?

“Aum wore pants in his photoshoot, but I wore underwear in mine. It’s a tight leather one, very rough and beautiful. I was ready for this photoshoot in body and mind. I’ve come to the stage where I feel I’m strong enough for this. My body is mature enough for this kind of fashion. I want to do something artistic. I want to cherish photos of myself when I’m still strong and beautiful”

“This will be one side of me that no one has ever seen before”

40 responses to “Photoshoot Surprise from Aon Sarawuth!

  1. Ewwww! this guy is disgusting. remember wat he did on stage to that girl ( i can’t remember her name), not too long ago.

  2. For some reason the whole thing just sort of screams S&M.
    Now I’m off to cleanse my eyes with holy water. T_T

  3. Ha…Ha…Hee….Heeeeeee…. I just can’t quit laughing from all the comments… Yeah I was shocked as everyone else too… Has this guy gone crazy???? O..M..G… I didn’t see anything nice about this shoot… Wow what a shocker..

  4. I don’t want to see any side of him so can he just go away. SMH. He is just plain wierd and annoying! I think he has issues. I LOL’ed @ hardcore hooker.

  5. OMG!! I’m just as shocked as you guys are. at first i was like…. oooohhh some eye candy and then i was like wtf??? a “form of art”?? oh goodness, he’s delusional!!

    LOL I love all of the posted comments. it’s freaking hilarious!!
    “hardcore hooker” – good one!! lol

  6. In what kind of parrallel universe is this considered sexy? It looks more like a S&M porn-scene. :S
    My poor eyes…. they burn 😦

  7. when he meant ‘sexy fashion’ it’s actually called bondage, fetish…bdsm. seriously, he looks hot there.

  8. I like it. He is a dare devil. These photos are not disgusting. Well, he only showing his ass not his penis. So can’t call this porn. I like it. Coz it interesting. Not many Asian men want to do this. They all scare of ruin there reputations. This is very manly. LOL

  9. … what kind of real man would do shit like this… these dumbass actors and actresses who wants attention… yaup this dude is a fag!

  10. The pictures aren’t to my taste. But I really like Aon. Plus, I think he has a nice body. lol. The pictures just looks kinda horrific and freaky.

  11. Nice ass is the only good thing that I can come up with lol… Yeah anything can be call art but this is definitely not something tasteful.

  12. I never liked this guy ever since he first stepped foot in the biz. He was never pra aek material and I just thought he looked weird as well.

  13. sexyyyy. *lick *lick *lick

    LMFAO. nobody said anything like that beside nice buttocks. lol ofcourse i was like “EW” iquickly scroll down to the comments. quiet, disturbing pictures….. 😦

  14. wut i think about this openyoin …is that he have that bad reputation of his scandle pic , that he have with his ex girl friend r something last year, i think…but for him he unberes of it… i think that.. now he not couse all that rooomer he have.. that y i think that he want too take a pic like this too b on magazein…he not scare wut pple think…but for me he ok ..if that wut he want too take pic like that him.. i bet he go throuw alot of all that roomer he had….but i stilll game him thum up for all thing he do at list he comforont too the reporter ….dont hate couse that my opion …

  15. Nice ass. LMAO. Whatever he wants to do is his choice. The first picture is decent the other two are real WEIRD. Like wtf? Lol.

  16. umm.. GROSS.
    i like this guy as an actor. i’m quite disappointed w/ him as a person.

    he really needs to grow up. and shave too.

  17. According to the Asian industry. This is not good photo. But to Hollywood. This is nothing wrong. As for me. He is a guy. There is nothing wrong with it. But for women. That a whole different story.

    • Hmm, I think if a Hollywood actor were to take these kinds of pictures there would still be the same reaction. These photos aren’t something you see everyday, it’s not of the norm so the shocked response from the general public is expected.

      • I have seen the ex president of the USA taking these kind of photo. But worser then this. I don’t see anyone down graded her. But it just the Asian Industry. Look Michael Jackson sister did it and Madonna did it. It just Asian Industry period. His body. His decision. Just support him if you are a true fan. I just wanted to support the Asian Industry. I am not into American movie too much.

  18. once i saw the pictures, i quckly scrolled down incase my parents think im looking at porn or something. LOL its something very daring to do after all his scandles, and alll of them to do with sex or something like that.

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  20. This is not something that I like but I have to give him credit for having the balls to do a shoot like this.

  21. wtf? this bondage gear does NOT work on him…I don’t know, but aon gets more and more revolting in my opinion…the sex tape is fine — it’s personal and it was an accidental leakage (I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt) — but molesting his dance partner on stage and now this? tsk tsk.

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