Aff and Songkran Get All Lovey Dovey For IN Magazine

It didn’t take them (Aff Tucksaorn and Songkran Taechanarong) long enough to avoid the limelight, but it seems like the lovey dovey couple are trying to rake in the money as well.

Even though Songkran has weird facial expressions in most of the pictures, but we just can’t help but wonder how much they were paid for this. Does anyone think it’s for the money or just for show off? We think it’s the latter.

As an add on bonus! Songkran’s TVC for Nivea Men

[Images via Magazinedee]

42 responses to “Aff and Songkran Get All Lovey Dovey For IN Magazine

    • Me too.I’m also tired of them.
      Wow.Can’t believe she’s dating him
      now. I think she can do better than that.

  1. wow. she’s so pretty in here and songkran looks nice too. whatever rock their love boat, i’m fine with it. as for what this shoot is for, i would agree on the later half too – SHOW OFF.

  2. Honestly, if i was her I would date him too. He’s rich and ok looking.. actually he’s pretty good looking. Maybe he has the nice personality that none of us know. 🙂

      • He looks better in here becuase of the airbrush. I dont think Aff is pretty and I don’t think he’s hot so they make a cute couple. Aff always have way too much make-up on her. I know it’s supposed to be nude and neutral makeup but you can totally see it on her face.

  3. Aww finally some nice comments. I am a bit disappointed because she said she wasn’t going to do this, or I think she said she doesn’t want to. However I do remember Songkran being very ok with it and even want to. So yes I agree with cecilia, they’re doing show off and to tell people without saying it directly that they are very much together.

  4. Songkran does have weird facial expressions. lol. He has good body gesture and poses though. If it weren’t for Aff’s smiles the pictures wouldn’t turn out so good. I know for a fact they didn’t do this for money. They’re very much for show off. Overall, these pictures does look quite well, thanks to airbrush. But hey, if it’s airbrush that makes Songkran look better, I can live with that. haha. ( :

  5. Uh more Songkran and Aff. Yeah and boo!!! lol

    Anyways lets focus on the theme of the photoshoot. It is decent but reminds me of Aum and Aff photoshoot together… don’t they have any new concept/idea?

    • Actually, I thought they were too similar to Pancake and Weir’s. In Magazine has really nice photos, but same concept over and over. ( :

  6. i love aff and songkran i’m sure he’ll be great to her she really deserves to be happy i love them both together so cute

  7. they look quite cute together and AFF is always gorgeous. Maybe it is only me but they kind of look alike now, esp. their nose. This couple is warming up for me. 🙂

  8. hahaha you people hate him and/or them together huh? i don’t care for them, but seriously, i don’t think he’s an ugly guy. nor would i consider him hot. compared to her previous boyfriend, i think the current one is a huge upgrade.

  9. Agree, just to show off.
    No need though, because it’s well understood by announcing that they’re an item; Lol.

  10. Yeah it’s pretty much to show off.
    But like P’Ceci said, whatever floats their boat. I just think it’s funny that they already are doing mags but whatever. Aff looks soo pretty!

  11. seriouly.I think Songkran goes better with Pinky.They share something inside.I mean something about personality and the way they deal with things.Aff is too good for him.Well,this seems the start of her fall now

  12. I agree with what someone said above. I remember her saying she didn’t want to do anything like this that is dealing with her working with him. But what is this that we’re seeing? I was whatever with her before but now I’m getting annoyed of her.

  13. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! My aff wit songkran AGAIN!!! Even tho i dnt like his face if he makes aff happy im fine but wen he hurt aff i wil get kik him!!! Lol!!! Aff is so pretty!! Shut up 4 those ppl hu hate aff!!! Stupid losers!!!

  14. hahaha who cares about them…i’m kind of sick of hearing about them…gees we know they’re TOGETHER…but nehoo, the shoot is too photoshop

  15. Awww they wore the same plaid shirt. Look at the picture of him and her with the truck and the picture of her with the horse.

  16. Why are people hanging on to what she said before about not wanting to work with him. People change their minds all the time. Move on folks!

  17. i would of dated him to if i was her, you cant find a rich person with looks like him these days, he might not be as good looking but his the best you can find for someone rich. most people with not that good looks is most likely to have a better personality then people with good looks.

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  19. I do believe that they really love each other. Aff and her family are wealthy. Her dad and mom have many types of business in USA. Her whole family is well educated. So, she is beautiful, rich, and well educated…. if you don’t understand love, then don’t judge others’….. people like different things. In my opinion, Songran may not be handsome, but he is very tall, muscular, and seems to be a nice person. After dating the same guy for 14 years and being cheated on, I think Aff looks for something more than just looks. She wants someone who understands her, love her, and treats her nicely. And she found that in Songkran…. that’s all. A woman with high quality like Aff can get guys far richer than Sonkran, so stop talking about money!

  20. Let me tell you again… Aff is very rich. She makes more than 10 million baht each year from being a presenter of products + Lakorn + events.

    What’s more? Her family own a lot of business in America.
    There is no reason why she date Songkran for money.

    If she is so hungry for money, why did she dated a poor police man for 14 years?

  21. go aff…no matter he’s not as hot as aum…..or ken or tik….but if he’s the one that makes you happy we have your back and his money man i think she picked him coz he’s not insecure about HER MONEY…….she’s rich, well educated, beautiful and down to earth…who wouldn’t want her

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