Tangmo will not be overtaken by newcomers because; “I’m already in a floating position”

Lately it seems like work for leading actress “Tangmo” Pattarathida Patcharaverapong is slowly dissapearing, compared to her work flow in previous yearss.

With so many newcomers entering the biz, some people are concern about Tangmo’s future with channel 7.

But Tangmo on the other hand is not at all worried about her lack of work. She explained to Manager that she was the one who approached “Khun Dang” to ask for only 2-3 lakorns per year. Tangmo said, in the past she used to accept over 5 lakorns a year and it was detrimental to her health.

“My lakorn plans for next year? Honestly I don’t know in advance how many lakorns I will get but my average is 3 lakorns a year. I think that’s a good number, I can’t do anymore than that. I only want 2-3 lakorns, that’s all. I honestly can’t handle anymore”

“I had a bad experience from accepting too many lakorns, in the end, I didn’t do well in any of them. I approached Khun Dang and asked her if I could just do one lakorn at a time and so she gave me that option. Sometimes I might have two lakorns at a time, but one would be almost done and another one just starting. I don’t get given two new ones at the same time”

“Khun Dang will give work to all the Nang Aeks because it’s good for all of us. Before maybe some nang aeks might not get enough work but now the channel has a new system where they try to give work to everyone all through the year. Which is a good benefit for all the newcomers as well”

Tangmo tells manager eventhough there are a lot of newcomers but judging from the number of work per year, no one outshines anybody. And personally for her, Tangmo said, no one can replace her because she’s already in a floating position where she’s stable enough to not have to compete with anyone.

“If you ask if there are a lot of newcomers, I think there are a lot but it’s a good thing because it will make our actresses more famous. In a lakorn there may be a lot of very famous actresses staring in it, and that can be like a magnet for the lakorn. It makes it better than a lakorn where only the leads are famous and everybody else are unpopular and no one knows them”

“I think the viewers will want to watch a lakorn with a lot of famous people. I think this is a good thing for actors. Good thing to have a lot of people to share the work around. Before I used to have to accept 5 lakorns, but now that there are newcomers coming in, my work flow is getting better and not as hard as it used to be”

“As for our character, that will definitely not be touched because they have already determined who plays what role. I feel I’m in a position where I’m already floating and I don’t need to compete with anyone because I’m old already, you can ask the young ones that”

“The newcomers still have to compete and it’s quite competitive out there but in my generation. We don’t need to compete anymore, there is not that many of us. The senior generation consist of P’Kob Suvanant, P’Aump Patcharapa, P’Noon Warranuch and P’Yui Jiranan”

“My generation consist of me, Cheer Tikumporn, Kwan Aussamanee and Pinky Savika, there is not that many of us. We’ve passed the phase where we need to worry about that kind of stuff”

8 responses to “Tangmo will not be overtaken by newcomers because; “I’m already in a floating position”

  1. Good answer. She is right…
    The newcomers are the ones who need to worry the most because the audience will be more judgmental of their acting abilities than Tangmo and her generation.

    BTW…she forgot Pancake lol.

    • Bwahahahhahahahaha man. that made me laughed.
      Yeah she totally forgot about pancake…so did me. Lol.
      but that’s alright.

      What she said is true. i agree. (:

      • pancake is not in the same generation. she didnt’ come at the same time pinky, mo, kwan, and cheer came in. she came later, so she’s not considered a part of their generation although she is around their same age.

  2. i agree that her answers are good! tangmo dont have to work too hard like the new generation cause shes admired by many already and still is! . 😀

  3. Although I’m not a fan of Tangmoe and I don’t watch her dramas, I think she sounds like she knows what she’s talking about. I think it’s the newbies that will have a lot more to prove and to compete with. But to me, it seems like ch7 doesn’t even have many newbies…it’s just always the same people over and over playing nang’eks.

  4. I’m sorry. I don’t see any beauty or n’ek material in her at all. Did she get plastic surgery? Because I’m pretty sure she was prettier when she was a new generation n’ek a couple of years ago.

  5. ^ thats bcuz she got into an accident..

    i love mo’s reply..

    aniwaise there are lots of ch7 newbies.. its just that.. theyre not known or seen >_<… lol xp

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