The Definition of “Boy” Pakorn Chaatroprirak

Having slowly rising in  his status as Phra Aek for Channel 3, “Boy” Pakorn Chaatroprirak has fans all over screaming for him and breaking down his name to find the true definition and background of this handsome Phra Aek.

“My name Pakorn means manual, book, holy book and my last name, Chaatroprirak means “Being protected by Buddhists.” I’m a native Bangkokian, but my mother is from Angthong. I’m the type that is easy going and anything goes type.”

“When I was younger I was a mischievous and stubborn child (from what my mother told me.) I wasn’t afraid of anything and wasn’t afraid of getting hurt also. I’m a Phramacy major and when I started off my first couple of years, I was the type that wanted to focus on school and not hang out with friends much. Everyone thought I was stuck up, but I just wanted to be focused. The 2nd year we would have to do more group projects together and most people already knew how I was and didn’t bother about my behavior.”

“The first time how I felt with taking on as Phra Aek was in “Fai Rak Asoon”. I’ve heard that Ah Bpiak (Director) was a very a brutal person, but in reality he was a really nice person. His exterior appearance was different from his interior. In the beginning I wanted to back out, but I was afraid to speak of it. I couldn’t take it anymore so I had to say it. Ah Bpiak didn’t tell me off, but he actually took my feelings into consideration and helped me through it.”

“In my next role I will be in “Hua Jai Song Paak” and in this lakorn I will be playing “Don”. He is the supporting actor and friend to the Phra Aek played by “Por Thissadee.” “

“In the future I’m just living it daily and I feel like I need to work on myself more until I can’t better myself anymore.  I think that a job in the entertainment business has a lot of jobs out there that I can try out, like hosting, an MC, or something like that. I like how things are everyday, but if one day if another offer comes in I’ll take it just to try new things out.”

[Source: Thaitv Ch 3.]

9 responses to “The Definition of “Boy” Pakorn Chaatroprirak

  1. He seems like a nice guy, but he isn’t really that good looking, to me personally he looks like a hobo, i know many people will not agree with me but please don’t reply to my comment because i don’t want to be arguing or offending anyone!!!

  2. Wow..he was focused on school, nice to know. Most guys don’t do that much, this is different of what I thought he might have said about himself in school.
    Anyways he’s a sexy scrubby looking man.

  3. judging from his family name, he might be from a rich fam and I read somewhere he graduate from chulalongkorn university which means he’s kind of smart too.

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