Sirita Jensen Goes Out Of Town for Sudsapda

Can Rita not get anymore beautiful?

There are times when Sudsapda will disappoint us, but most of the time they will grace us with photo shoots that we just love and one of them is being these that we admire of Sirita Jensen.

[Images via Magazinedee]

19 responses to “Sirita Jensen Goes Out Of Town for Sudsapda

  1. I like Sudsapda shoots more than other magazines….tends to be great shots, hair, clothes, makeup, the whole package. Rita looks cute with the shorter do….a change is always nice.

  2. I think the shoot is pretty her mouth looks a bit weird sometimes, like who said maybe she should try to smile or something

  3. Wow, I think all these pictures look amazing! Everything looks incredible, such as the background, the lighting, the clothing’s, shoes, body movements, etc…the only thing I dislike is Rita’s face. (She very gorgeous), but I just don’t like how her mouth is sorta open and it looks awkward. Her mouth looks the same in every picture. Other than the awkward mouth, Rita looks stunning. ( :

  4. I love her dress on the 2nd big picture.
    Wow she’s everywhere in magazines.
    This is my third time I saw her on the
    cover magazines.

    • lol. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m lost because last time I saw Rita on a talk show, she had a short, stylish hair cut. Then in her recent drama (with Andrew), she has long hair. And in other recent 2010 magazines that I’ve seen so far, she had long hair too. Then now she has short hair. So I’m guessing she just chopped it all off??

  5. Sririta looks so gorgeous! I haven’t seen this photoshoot before! I love the scenary too…where was this photoshoot?

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