James And Ae Reveals They Are 80% Sure They’ll Get Married

At the end of the year, James and Ae are 80 percent sure that they will marry!

The long lasting couple that have been dating for nearly a decade, James Ruengsak and Ae Sasikarn reveals that if nothing changes or comes up they will marry for sure at the end of this year.

How are the wedding plans progressing?

“I think that if everything goes well accordingly we will marry at the end of this year, but if not then it will be at the beginning of next year. If the house is not finished, that’s not a big problem because we can live together. We can rent a condo and live there, but the house developments are taking a bit too long. We want the house exactly how we like it.” says Ae.

Is the house what’s costing a lot and putting you on a budget?

“Of course it is because it’s our house. When we invest in a house we want it to be perfect and something where we can have over our heads for a very long time. If not then forever.”

Is this the reason why both of you are taking on lakorn roles now?

“No, that’s not it. With the lakorn “Malai Saam Chai” that I’ve accepted is a period lakorn that has drama in it. This is the first lakorn role I have ever accepted and I get to play as a royal. She comes out as flirtatious in that era. ”

James accepts a role as a gay guy, does that have anything with him showing his trueself and holding your relationship on hold for the wedding?

“No that’s not the reason at all. He will joke about it, but James is a real man. If he wasn’t he wouldn’t be man enough to accept the role then.”

[Source: Siamdara/Kapook]

12 responses to “James And Ae Reveals They Are 80% Sure They’ll Get Married

  1. whatsup with the last question? urghhhh. thai reporters, its something called acting… like its not reality you idiot. lol.

  2. why did Ae say that malai sarm cha is the only lakorn she “ever accepted” when in fact she’s been in a couple of lakorns already

  3. James is tall & very gorgeous off screen…I never thought he was good looking until I met him in person. I guess he’s just not photogenic..
    These reporters need to learn how to come up with better questions! So annoying especially the last question!

  4. I never liked her. I always thought he can do better. I remember that nude photo she took and said its for charity towards the temple.

  5. hahah .. this one is so random “If he wasn’t he wouldn’t be man enough to accept the role then” .. but i like ^^ Congrats to the couple, their dating relationship sure last a long time and i hope if they are to be marry soon, to pls stay together forever too ..

    Leela, you’re so lucky, i wanna meet him too 😛 — i love him since his day in RS — so good at singing, however, i wanna choke him as Phipat in TOMORROW, I WILL LOVE YOU.

  6. Haven’t really pay attention to both of them, but all along I thought they were already married.
    Wow, it have been a decade that they have been dating.
    Hope it’ll come soon.
    Thank you, 😀

  7. i thought james was cute back then but actually he is still cute but no lakorns to follow for him though. ae, she’s rich right?

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