Songkran’s daddy prefers Pinky over Aff

To Songkran Taechanarong, between “Pinky” Savika Chaidech and “Aff” Taksaorn,  there’s no doubt “Aff” is the chosen one.

But to Songkran’s father, the situation is reversed.

In an interview published by Star News Magazine. Songkran’s dad “Praiwong Taechanarong” made the following comment about his two potential ‘daughter in law’.

Pinky Savika Chaidech

“Pinky is a cute girl. When Songkran brought her to our home she was very well mannered. And from what I know about her history, she’s a good kid. She’s been working ever since she was a kid to help support her family. When she was treated with injustice from the news I felt sorry for her. I feel it wasn’t very fair because she’s a cute kid”

Do you regret the fact that you won’t get to have her as your daughter in law

“I can’t say anything. It’s up to Songkran to decide”

“Aff” Taksaorn Paksoukchareon

“I’ve only seen Aff a few times because Aff and I are like in two different worlds. And Songkran is the one who spends time with her, not me. He can choose anybody, he has that right. But whether or not she will be a good daughter in law, I feel we shouldn’t be thinking that far ahead”

Source via: Starnews1 & Starnews2

71 responses to “Songkran’s daddy prefers Pinky over Aff

    • go for Aum Artichart….forget about songkran guy! too much drama…that Pinky so freaking fake cant stand her….

  1. This interview by his das just show how big of an a-hole he is. This whole time he’s been denying that he and pinky use to date but from his dads interview it sounds like pinky was stating the truth about their relationship. I wonder how Aff feels right about now. If you read in between the lines is almost sounds like his dad prefers pinky over aff. But that is just my personal opinion. I like aff, so if she is really into this guy I hope all works out well for her.

    This guy is such a douche bag.

    • i just want to point out that how is it that Songkran is a douche bag when he brings in lots of business to his company .. if he’s a douche bag, he would have live off his parent but he’s not .. so on this, i have to defend him and say, no, he’s not a douche bad, his business deal prove it LOl ..

      anyway, whatever rock their love boat, i’ll accept and move on, what matter is that i get to see AFF onscreen and PINKY on screen so it’s all good!

      • i completely understand your perspective. he works for his family instead of living off of his parent’s wealth and income which shows that he is a good son.

        however, the douchebag part comes in when he denied having any association with pinky. that hurts a girl, especially when pinky came out saying that her and songran were a “thing”

        • Agree. Songkran may be a good son and helps out with the family business. But he is a DB when it comes to how he treated Pinky. The dad said that he has brought her home before, so I’m guessing it was true that Songkran and Pinky did at some point of time “see” each other. Otherwise why would you bring a girl home if you weren’t serious? —Oh wait, that’s right, he’s a player. I forgot. LOL! (:

    • Agree…I would take Aff over that Pinky in a heart beat…Pinky is like JLo in USA but Pinky is JLo made in ThaiLand ….omg…I prefer Aff would go with Aum Artichart they look so good together, this is 2010 for goodnishake his dad will lucky to have a beautiful girl like his son…

  2. I will say what I said before….what the hell is so good about this guy?!..he’s what, he’s not even a little attractive at all, I don’t really understand what the fuss was all about!!

      • I agree w/ u. Songkran’s dad was indirectly saying he likes Pinky more. Sorry to all Aff fan but Aff is not as good as u think she is. The elders are very good in judging people, most of the time.

        • it almost seems like the dad favors pinky more because she is cute. wat the hell is that?!!??!?!? thats all he kept mentioning is the fact that she is cute. yes she is cute….. but is that it????? oh and for all those ppl who r against aff and like pinky….. wat if pinky and songkran were a couple???? i dont think ppl would have this much shit to say.

          • Actually, the dad said more like “she was very well mannered. And from what I know about her history, she’s a good kid. She’s been working ever since she was a kid to help support her family.”

            And I’m happy that Songkran and Pinky didn’t work out because when I first heard about them I was like “NO! Eww!” lol. Then when he moved on to Aff, I was the same way. haha. I guess I don’t like the idea of Songkran with Aff nor Pinky. And plus, when Songkran moved onto Aff, I didn’t like how people were bashing on Pinky saying she’s a liar, big mouth, etc…when Songkran denied her. Because obviously as time goes by, more and more are being unfold.

          • naruk doesn’t only mean cute as in appearance only. it can also mean, sweet or lovely, attitude and personality wise.

      • yeah and again…. he keeps mentioning how cute she was…. i hope he didnt want his son to be wit her because she is cute.

        • Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the term “cute” in Thai refers to personality rather than the looks. I think the dad is referring to Pinky having a cute/sweet personality.

  3. oh well, i like both Pinky and Aff. This guy is just so-so to me,lol.

    If the dad likes Pinky good for him, i thinks Pinky’s cute too 😀

    If the dad doesn’t like Aff, well, hellooooo your son has many haters already because they don’t like Aff with him 😀

    Overall, whoever Aff is happy with, i’m happy for her.And the dad’s right too, it’s TOO soon to think about “in-law” thingy…lol

  4. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so if Aff likes Songkran, don’t be hating on him (although he’s a well known player)

  5. What the dad is saying is he did not know much about Aff. He did not say that he likes Pinky more. I think the newsreporters are taking his words out of context.

  6. Well at least Songkran’s dad has enough guts to defend and feel sorry for Pinky when Songkran just denied her coldly. The dad sounds like he actually knew and cared for Pinky, then when it comes to Aff, he sounds like he doesn’t even know her. That’s how I read it based on the black-and-white interview. Overall, I’m glad Songkran and Pinky didn’t hook up. Aff can have him.

    • well it seems to me that songkran RATHER have aff over pinky thats why he was so quick to deny her. i think the dad only felt sorry because of his son’s actions. im sure he could careless otherwise. and this is also how i am reading the situation

      • I’m reading it that way too. How can he prefer Pinky to Aff when he admits that he hasn’t spent much time with Aff?

        This is simply damage control. He’s cleaning up Songkran’s mess with Pinky because the bad publicity has embarrassed their family so much.

    • im glad u knew wat i was gonna say because then that goes to show u were thinking the same thing. so THANK YOU for understanding. honestly i REALLY wish that reporters can LEAVE them ALL alone because for all we know this could all be made up just to stir up problems

      • I just know that Aff fans were gonna say that Songkran’s dad just pities Pinky. But yea, I do wish reporters would stop digging for stupid news and have some good news about people for once.

  7. u ladies are funny. im not a fan of either aff or pinky but songkran’s dad was being very clear in the interview. im sorry to all aff fan but really songkran’s dad can tell the diff. between the two. he did say that he met aff a few times and that was it, but when it comes to pinky he said he likes her b/c she was well mannered but he did not say that about aff. remember ladies, the elders are very good at judging people.

      • I understand if you prefer someone over another person, but seriously. SAYS WHO? Let me think…says many proverbs in different places around the world. And -sorry to say- but you’re too ignorant to actually “understand” it. Yeah, sure sometimes elders can be a bother. But the fact that that DO know more -experience wise- is something no one can deny since it somehow IS actually a proven fact: almost, anyways.

        And NO, I’m not trying to defend anyone but you being stubborn and naive doen’t actually bode well with my standards and viewpoints. Sure, you have nothing you can say anymore that could potentially go against Pinky and you start saying ELDERS -in which you should respect and NOT question- do not have clear judgement.

        Is it just me, or are YOU running out of arguements?

        …anyways, I feel like the dad understands everyone at the moment. Yeah sure, he pities Pinky for what his son did and is being all nice. That doesn’t mean he actually wants her to be his daughter-in-law. But what he says about Aff kinda HINTS that he doesn’t actually care to bother about IF he likes her or not. It’s like he’s…ignoring her.

      • SuzieNa, you need to calm down. Nobody is talking shit about ur aff. we’re here to analyze wat songkran’s dad says in the interview. I think I understand wat kate meant, b/c the elders have more experiences in life, therefore, they are better judging people.

      • lol SuzieNA, we all understand that you are a big fan of Aff but why get soo defensive all of a sudden? Let others have their own opinion and judgements without you questioning every bit of it. You had your opinion so what is wrong with other people having theirs? Sheesh.

  8. The press needs to stop with this aff, pinky, and songkran news! it’s getting old. I mean i was really shocked at first that aff dumped her 10 yr. relationship and went on with songkran so quickly. But i am tired of hearing the news about them. Oh and i am also tired of people comparing aff and pinky. It’s like a freakin’ competition for Songkran, who obvioulsly is not even worth it. It’s all getting really old. New Years is coming and so should all the better things in life not some evening news about aff, pinky, and “HI-SO” Songkran. I don’t understand what makes ladies so attracted to him when he obviously doesn’t respect them.

    • he is 3 years younger than aff. aff is 29 so that make he 26.

      and for your above comment. yesterday my co-worker said that “boys are good for nothing beside their money” so i guess that might be the reason why too 😀
      i’m just saying cuz my coworker said said that to me yesterday. i dont know, some guys are jerk. i’m caring less about them since i dont plan to get marry anyways.

  9. LOL…I don’t get how saying Pinky is cute and not Aff is an act of favoritism of one over another.

    The questions asked regarding the two are different in the interview. The video of his interview is more clear because magazines can twist words to interest the readers. He was asked what does he think of Pinky in light of what has happened. While the question relying to Aff is whether or not she’ll be a good daughter in law. Obviously it’s too soon to even ask that because their relationship is still premature. Different questions therefore different responses so it’s silly for people to think that he prefer Pinky over Aff from his answers there.

    Even if he was asked who he prefer his response would probably be it’s not up to him it’s his son’s choice.

  10. this guy getting popular without trying song,no lakorn,no movie..just himself and his girl..what the lucky guy..haha~

  11. This goes out to SuzieNa, nobody is trashing talking your Aff so just calm down. I am basically saying in my personal opinion that it sounds like the dad prefers Pinky over Aff.

    As for Ceilia, so you make lots of money and is not living off your parents but if you treat females like their another piece of clothing and change it out when ever you want with on regards for the females than that to me makes him a DB. Granted he is being open about Aff which I think is a good thing but who’s to say that when he finds another girl he likes more than Aff that he won’t diss Aff like the girls in the past.

    I am a fan of both Aff and Pinky so there for my opinion is not against one or the other. I feel like the way Songkran handle the situation about Pinky was not all that great. To save himself from looking like player he makes it seem like his relationship with Pinky was all in her head. To me if you’re going to be a player than you need to be man enough and admit it. Look at Num Gunchai he is the king of all players but I don’t dislike him like I do Songkran and I think that is due to the fact that he doesn’t always put all the blame on the girl. He is actually man enough to accept some of the blame.

  12. Douchebags come in many forms and in Songkran’s case it comes in the form of a successful business man. This guy can seriously learn something from Oil Thana on how to treat and respect women. Though it’s difficult to interpret someone’s true feelings from written words alone, Songkran’s dad’s comment about not thinking too far ahead when asked about potential daughter in law Aff does sting. Regardless of who the dad prefers it does ultimately comes down to Songkran and who he believes is best for him. And at this point in time it happens to be Aff.

  13. Well who cares about what songkran’s daddy thinks, what really matters is songkran liking aff alot more than pinky, its really his opinion anyway, plus i love aff way more than pinky, pinky was cooler when she was younger, now she’s well… she’s pinky!

  14. There are lots of parents who prefer one over the other but in the end, it’s not the parent’s choice. For example when Tui cheated on Aom with this current wife and ended the relationship, his father came out and said he prefer Tui to make up with Aom. Now fast forward to today, Tui’s family adores his wife now. My sister’s mom hated my brother in law in the begging and prefer her ex. She even told all her friends that, even told my brother in law. Well today, she has a lot of respect and even starting to really like my brother in law cus in the end, it’s the happiness of my sister that matters, not hers.

    Fans can gloat that his father likes Pinky more, and the other fans can gloat that the actual guy chooses Aff instead. Either or it doesn’t matter. We can trash bash and argue about it all day long, in the end the only one that matter is the guy and the girl. If family cares, they would accept.

    • well said Cindy.

      Honda, if you would have emphasize more on the douche bag term, i would have not argue on that case but b/c you just left it there, db is open for opinion. what i’ve stated up there is what i consider a douche bag. A man who don’t work and live off their parent, that’s what i called a douche bag.

      i suppose i’m not use to the slang word that’s why i forgot that he’s one for being disrespectful of PINKY but it is also Pinky’s fault for jumping too fast in conclusion. It is always best to save face to have the GUY do all the talking when we know that in this world of human, woman will always get look down so if she have not starts anything, then neither one of them would look this bad. In my eyes, both are at fault — pinky for opening up too soon right after she broke off with aum and songkran for denying it and move on with Aff. Ppl have their own conclusion on their cases but for me, whatever rock their boat, i’m cool with it. I just thought i need to step up and defend him b/c he’s not a douche for lying there and doing nothing.

      • ah, i suppose if he finds another woman who suit him better, he can say all he want about aff, however, i can’t make any judgment on him b/c i do not know the guy personally but from reading and watching a few interviews of his, he probably won’t do that, especially when he’s this open about the relationship . As for pinky/songkran — i think that if pinky have not open up too soon and wait for confirmation as to whether they are an item or not, perhaps, things wouldn’t’ be this ugly in the end. In a way, it is Pinky’s fault for adding more damage to Songkran’s name b/c she starts all these to the media.

        • Cecilia, I totally agree with you.. people are just way too harsh on Songkran…give him a break! he’s not that bad.

      • Good point and I’m glad you brought up Pinky Aum and Songkran. I’m not sure on this but did anyone bash Pinky over and over for jumping right into Songkran right after she and Aum broke up? Or is it only wrong for Aff to do that cus her relationship with her ex was longer? Pinky was harsh about Aum while she was praising Songkran. She called her “relationship” with Songkran something SHE herself pick as if hers and Aum were a forced one. Now I’m not picking one over the other, but like what Aff said, be fair.

        I think if people would stop seeing Aff like a princess who could do no wrong, then things would be better for her.

        • I AGREE .. we know no one is perfect in the world of entertainment, even the most hideous person still create troubles and crimes. What matter is that we need to look at this issue in both perspectives instead of being close mind and pick one other the other. What i’ve seen in here are argument of FAVORITISM .. i for one do not favorite Pinky over Aff or Aff over Pinky as I love both ladies equally for their loves and talents. if i see fault in both, i definitely step in and argue — whether ppl accept or not, Pinky starts it all, which affect Songkran and Aum, later affect Aff ..

          All in all, like Cindy said earlier — “Fans can gloat that his father likes Pinky more, and the other fans can gloat that the actual guy chooses Aff instead. Either or it doesn’t matter. We can trash bash and argue about it all day long, in the end the only one that matter is the guy and the girl. If family cares, they would accept.” — we’ll let time define this problem .. my suggestion, tighten that cap and let the elements mix all they want inside that container. —

        • Actually, people did criticize Pinky for moving on too fast. Many were harsh on her too, but a lot also believed that the PInky-Aum relationship was more of a cover up and for publicity so when they ended I don’t think anyone was one bit surprised.

          Anywho, Songkran is a douche bag like someone had mentioned, he’s not man enough to own up to his actions – douche bag.

  15. Hey,let’s just stop bashing on Songkran or defend him.Leave them alone.That’s their life not ours.For some girls here,guess you guys need to have more experience in relationship,then you will get to understand more………..something is just obvious…….Anyway,time is the testment.

  16. even though i really like aff…i feel like she’s going down since she started dating songkran. i don’t even know if i like her as much as i did.

    • What made you like her before and not now neena? Was it because she was seen soo innocent and pure? Something that does not exist in reality? I don’t think anything really changed with Aff then and Aff now except that she’s in the news more that’s all.

      Would Aff get criticize like this if it was Aum instead of Songkran?

        • At first, i thought about this but after awhile, it’s better to see them being good friends, giving of that HOT chemistry when they’re eon show together .. Friendship last longer and for that, i do not want to see an ugly mess for them especially when they are this happy around each other .. long lasting friendship is better than abrupt romance — if they are meant to be, they’ll be together in the end, no need to pressure or push them to do this or that .. fan services here and there on show is good than not seeing them together at all ^^ I’ll keep the ATEAM together on FANFICTIONS lol –

  17. so FINALLY the truth comes out!! I’m honestly not bashing on songkran but i’m kinda piss now that he would say that they were never together, and now his father came out and WOW!!! LOL but it’s done and over with now!!

    • Did his father said they were together or did he just say that he think Pinky is a good person? Just because Pinky visit the ranch doesn’t mean they are together. Remember lots and lots of girls that aren’t even in Songkran’s crowd visit the ranch. Plus Songkran never denied that she never visit the ranch, he only said they were never in a gf/bf relationship. I take all my guy friends home to meet my parents, especially during the holiday when they can’t go home. Does that mean they were all my bf? My family is really traditional, they have to meet all my friends (guys and girls) to approve or disapprove.

      • i kinda agree with gabeechoeun. when pinky said that she saw his parents before he sounds confused. and later come out to said they hadn’t “seeing each other”? awwww, why are you taking a girl that you just know home if you aren’t seeing her?
        i dont know about other people but i will NEVER visit my guy friends’ house. and if i talk to a guy thats a friend of a friend and they wanna come to see me. i will only let them come to visit me once. i will never ever go to a guy’s house if we are dating and serious about each other. thats just wrong if you are really “traditionally”….

        • Don’t tell me it’s wrong. Maybe you guys are mixing traditional up with snobby? If not then I apologize. If you want to go all “if you’re really traditional blah blah blah”. Then you guys shouldn’t be talking to or even shake the hands of ANY guys at all. You shouldn’t be wearing skirts or short pass your knees or tank tops that shows any part of your upper body. That is if you really are traditional not a water down to fit your need type of tradition.

          But anyways, as for visiting friends that are guys, well if you think good, then it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s only a problem when your mind aren’t innocent. It’s friends, people can have both guys and girls as friends. But to each it’s own, people think and believe differently.

          • yes, we can’t wearing short or skirt that pass our kneel and not wearing tank top when we are out. we can’t call our boyfriend they have to be the one to make the call all the times. it is fecking annoying but that is how tradition is and if you want to call yourself tradition i think that is how it work. i didnt say that i’m traditionally because i dont do much around the house beside base cleaning and cooking…..

            and i have to agree with you. this is 21st century and as long as you are thinking good it should be find to if you are visiting your guy friends but some parents are just… whatever you are calling it and it just annoying me. but i respect my parents so i have to do whatever they said and try to not make them regret for giving birth to me. even sometime i do disappointing them because i’m not perfect…

  18. I juz need 2 stop finkin bout aff n songkran atm kuz its pissin mi off!!! He doesnt deserve aff n i will b waitin 4 da dae dat aff ditches his ass n b with aum!!

  19. So let me get this straight…… This guy use to date Pinky & IS dating Aff right now? It’s just kinda weird cause they look alike. He’s a lucky guy to had dated Pinky and date Aff… BUT WTH i don’t see nothing attractive about him girls. What is wrong with you girls! LOL

  20. Oh ! I forgot to say the most important thing…… I choose Aff over Pinky if I was a guy! 🙂 I don’t think Aff and Aum should date in real life…. Didn’t he use to date Pinky?? Wouldn’t that be too much of a copycat? LOL Just a joke people! I love Aff and Aum together! KICK THIS RETARDED Songkran to the side and get with a hottie like Aum or Rome 🙂

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