The real reason why Aump & Todd broke up?

“Aump” Patchrapa is busted for being unfaithful, surprise anyone? No, not really…

A week ago, Aump came forward to announce her “unpretty” break up with boyfriend “Todd” Sina – claiming their horrible split is a result of on-going issues between the two of them and most importantly she stated that “Todd” doesn’t appreciate her.

Aump also dismissed rumours about about Socialite “Note” Wises being a 3rd hand. She said;

“I’m very upset”, “No one can replace Todd” and “Note is not my boyfriend”

According to Aump – their official break up happened on December 14th, the day after Todd’s graduation.

Since the announcement, the media has been making speculations about the real reason that ‘broke’ them. People were not convinced that Todd is the problem. Netizen are saying Aump is just trying to pass the blame on to her ‘low profile boyfriend’ who doesn’t speak to the press.

In Aump’s most latest interview, she was asked if Todd had tried to call her to reconcile, she simply said that he hasn’t called and asked the media to please don’t mention the name “Todd” to her ever again. [ Manager ]

“Since the news came out (break up news) Todd hasn’t called me to try and reconcile. I haven’t spoken to him since and I haven’t called him either. We’ve discussed everything already. My relationship with him right now well we can probably still be friends but today I really don’t want to talk about him. My photos with him at his graduation will be our last photo together. We had a fight after that day and I really don’t want to mention his name ever again”

“I’m not mad at him, but I don’t want to say his name ever again. I don’t want people to say “Aump-Todd” or “Todd-Aump”. I’m not upset but I don’t talk to him anymore so I really don’t want his name to be affiliated with mine anymore”

[ Todd barely smiled for his graduation photos ]

The bitterness between them is stiring some hot debate in the gossip column. One source claim – Todd ended his relationship with Aump after hearing about her rendezvouz in Hong Kong with Note.

On the latest issue of Gossipstar Magazine, photos of Aump & Note’s sweet getaway in Hong Kong was published on the front cover, exposing pictures of Aump kissing Note on the cheek.

The photographs were taken during Aump’s birthday and before Todd’s graduation. So technically it happened while Aump and Todd were still “dating”.


 Photos from Gossipstar

25 responses to “The real reason why Aump & Todd broke up?

  1. Chick needs to take a chill pill. im guessing shes been around the block of cinema? lol i just wanted to say that. oh well, better off on their own. Especially if shes going to wack someone with her heels. lol

  2. the guy Todd looked really sad in his graduation i guess they broke up before his one looks that miserable on his graduation without a reason,lol…

  3. It’s weird…it seems as though Aum & Todd broke up a long time ago, but she just recently came out to confirm it not too long ago after Todd’s graduation.

    I’m pretty sure they broke up a long time ago, before Aum & Todd’s photoshoot came out (from In Magazine) because u never see them around together anymore.

  4. 1st- Why would you go to your bf’s grad then break up with him the next day?? That’s stupid and kinda messed up.
    2nd- Why can’t Todd’s name be affliated with yours? You guys dated, and it’s on record. It just makes her seem like her name is too high to be associated with Todd’s.
    3rd- According to those pictures of Aum and Note, it does seem like Note was the 3rd hand. She looks happier in those pictures with Note, then the ones with Todd at his grad.
    4th- And yet, she had the nerve to say “No one can replace Todd”

    I used to think that although Aum looks trashy and flaunts her body all the time, maybe she was a sweet and genuine person on the inside. But now I’m just like “whatever.”

  5. Maybe she doesn’t want Todd’s name to be attach to her cus they’re not married and it’s not a good thing to asian people. Maybe she’s trying to repair her face.

    Anyways, Aum have always been scandalous. Is anyone really that surprised at anything she does anymore?

  6. I for one can’t stand her at all, from her acting to her attitude. She has gold digger writen all over face. She stay relevant because of gossip not because of her work…

  7. I think most people already know she’s been cheating on him..Todd was probably one of the few people who didn’t know that lol

    Well, now he knows…

  8. oh I forgot to add..

    I think they probably broke up after his graduation, like she said, because judging from most of the grad pics I’ve seen. Todd looks pissed off with her about something, but Aump looks like she “yung mai roo tua” she’s like parading around with a video cam all excited lol

    At the end, they probably had a fight and broke it off. Now they can’t talk to each other anymore..

      • u r so stupid…u know what she mean..dumbass..if not then i will elaborate..obviously she meant that aum sleep around alot and probably get around…meaning she has a higher chance of getting the swine flu through fluid transaction..or some sort of liquid transaction…if you get my gist..loser

  9. im hate aump and never liked her she seems like a bitch and i cant belive that people still like her and when there have been so many rumors that are real

  10. dont worry people, aum will get her turn. I believe in karma, wat goes around will eventually come back to hunt her. i hope she’ll feel the same pains or worse than the pains that she made/put other people thru. i hate it when she put the blame on todd when she was the one who cheated on him. i’d like to see her face/reaction when this ugly dude (note) dump her ass for a younger and prettier girl.

  11. i agree with alot of you here, i mean i just never like aum, she just scandales!! i mean i dont even got to say much the picture with her and note [the other guy] say’s it all!!! POOR TODD he could do better then that, aum is just a cheater!

  12. man she’s all over note. why is she so skanky? i think she’s not right in her mind. she’s gotten worse over the years lol

    but i do like her new lakorn with noon. actually, it’s been awhile since aum has got a good lakorn.

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