Bad Publicity For Ken & Noi?

“Ken” Theradeth and his wife “Noi” Boussakorn Wongpuapan are not the most scandalous couple on the market, but still – they are in the interest of the media press and have always been regarded as one of the most cooperative couple in the biz, until recently…

The latest headlines reported that “Ken & Noi” did a runner from a group of swirming press at an event.

Here Thairath News asks “Ken – Noi” to clarify;

Is is true, Ken you pulled Noi away from reporters?

Ken: “Noi told me about this news actually”

Noi: “Reporters have been asking me about this and I’m a little confused too. We weren’t running away, we didn’t even know it. The crew didn’t tell us there were reporters there waiting for interviews. I went out for a modelling event and Ken usually doesn’t go anywhere. When people approach us for photographs we would always let them. And that day we were the last two to leave”

Ken: “We can’t tell who’s a reporter and who’s not. When I saw the news I didn’t feel anything. It’s normal and honestly, it’s not the first time. Being in our position, we understand everybody and we try to talk to people and approach as many as we can but I believe we can’t please everybody, it’s impossible”

There’s a rumour that Ken, ever since you became famous, you’ve been throwing some tantrums to reporters and lakorn crew

“Reporters? No, never. I always see reporters but with my lakorn crew I probably do a little bit..huyyy!!! (laughs) I’m just kidding. I don’t want to deny anything but I feel ever since I started working I’ve started to talk to people more than I use to. Before, people ask me a question and I will give them like a one word answer. Talking more helps improve my social skills but of course I can’t please everyone so I’m not upset by this rumour”

Noi: “When I told Ken about this, I told him it wasn’t true but it doesn’t matter anyway”

Where are you going for New Years?

Noi: “We’re definitely staying home (laughs) and raise our baby, we’re going no where”

Don’t you want to go out? You’ve been working hard all year

Ken: “Honestly I want to stay home. New years I plan to clean the house, I’ve been working a lot and haven’t spent much time taking care of the house. I want my house to be clean for the new year so good things will come to us”

15 responses to “Bad Publicity For Ken & Noi?

  1. The reporters are putting too much into this. I like their answer, you never know whose a reporter. Heck, what’s so wrong with dodging the reporters some time.

  2. Umm, okay? These rumors are shitty. Can’t the dumb reporters come up with something better than this? They made it seem like there were some big scandals between the two. Good job Ken and Noi! I love you both. Everytime I see them they’re always together, holding hands and looking happy. They’re always lovey-dovey. Just because they weren’t being cooperative at one press event doesn’t mean anything. Get over it dumb reporters. (:

  3. Umm…so Ken and Noi ALWAYS have to allow reporters and other such people into their lives?! This is ridiculous and stupid…if you’re trying to defame a beloved couple like them…try something else..not this bullshit.

  4. THis is a stupied news to report… There nothing scandal about them… I saw the headline, I thought “oh shit, something bad happen to them” There nothing.. the reporters r making a stupied fuss about them running away from the reporter… they need to come up with better ideas or yet, better news than this… 😦

  5. those damn reporters should just leave the couple Alone. Com’on now they have a little family to take care of. Not just that but they have to worry about what ever the heck the reporters are going to make up too? give them a break PLEASE!

  6. this is a bad publicity?? lol…i think the reporters are making a big deal out of nothing probably because they have nothing bad to write about this couple…

    they are the sweetest Thai celeb couple…and i read somewhere that both of them are nice in person too 😀

  7. Well well, it seem like everyone here is a fan of Ken and Noi. Myself I am a fan of Ken, but not Noi. I have to agree with you guys on the issue withe the reporter. But what about. He’s ordering the crew or demanding when he shoot a lakorn. Famous or not. It is up to the people. The crews are people too. Maybe it just me. Oh well

  8. I agree that ever since he became” famous”, he have been throwing some tantrums to reporters and lakorn crew, He seem like he think he’s too good when he was nothing

    Im not a fan of ken before or now, his acting is not good and not even good looking

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  10. tell the reporter to go to hell.. it must be slow day for them!!!!!! they k now people will read anything about ken so they are just trying to create bad news about him to make him fall. .. before ken fall, you reporter will fall first!! urgh.. hate them.. leave ken alone!!!! im serious or else i “”mimi” go beat you up in thailand..haha

  11. I know rite. Some reporters just dont have a life and just go writing rubbish about other peoples family. I love Ken’s work and his family and they certainly do not deserve this type of bad attention. I totally agree with amphone vong! Yeah go give them a hyding in Thailand!

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